Thursday, November 18, 2021

Julie's Sixteenth Birthday - John Bult

Julie's Sixteenth Birthday - John BultJulie's Sixteenth Birthday - John BultThere is something distinctly creepy about the original single cover artwork for Julie's Sixteenth Birthday by John Bult. This stems from the fact that some old bearded dude is holding the hand of what can only be Julie across a table. Maybe he is here pop, but maybe not. The remix just adds to the creepiness as we find two old bearded dudes, one with beer, who seem to be swimming with Julie who is now devoid of clothing. Eww!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder

Happy Birthday - Stevie WonderHappy Birthday - Stevie WonderHappy Birthday to you, that is what Stevie Wonder is singing, over and over again, in this 80s song. On the original cover we find Mr Wonder and his beaded dreadlocks. On the remixed single cover we find two buxom mature babes, whose idea of a happy birthday seems to include one of them holding a frankfurter to the ass of the second one. Sausage!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Shaddap You Face - Joe Dolce

Shaddap You Face - Joe DolceShaddap You Face - Joe DolceA one-a, a two-a, a three-a, a four-a, ah Shaddap You Face. You-a see-a that-a is-a (OK, enough-a with the fake-a Italiana) what Joe Dolce sings in this dreadful song of the 1980s. The original single cover artwork is not much less dreadful, showing just the singer's face. On the remix we find a babe whose face has been shaddapped (is that a word?) by means of a ball-gag. The fact that she is tied to a tree may also help to keep her quiet. Quite!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac

Gypsy - Fleetwood MacGypsy - Fleetwood MacPoor Fleetwood Mac. When having a bit of a brainstorm about what to put on the front cover artwork of their single Gpysy, they could arrive at nothing more exciting than two people dancing, and one looking on jealously. It's a good job that AllBum.Art is here to help. On the remixed cover is a gypsy. We know that she is a gypsy because of the bandana she is wearing and her oversized earrings. Everyone knows those are gypsy hallmarks, right? Hoopy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Angel Of The Morning - Juice Newton

Angel Of The Morning - Juice NewtonAngel Of The Morning - Juice NewtonNothing beats a good angel-based remix and Angel Of The Morning by Juice Newton (real name Judy and not Juice, obviously) is just such a song. The original single front cover artwork shows Ms Newton looking anything but angelic. And whether it is the morning or not is debatable. On the remix an angel is sitting on a rock warming herself in the morning sun. She will need to, as other than her wings, she hasn't got much to keep her warm. Lizard!

Friday, November 27, 2020

In Too Deep - Genesis

In Too Deep - GenesisIn Too Deep - GenesisGenesis are In Too Deep. This is very evident from the original single front cover artwork which shows the band deep in… erm… well, not that deep really. If anything, they seem more to be flying high than sinking deep. On the remix we find a babe who is in deep, whether it is the depth of the water or the fact that she is swimming with the fishes without any breathing apparatus, she will surely find herself in deep something or other at some point. Goggles!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Letter From America - The Proclaimers

Letter From America - The ProclaimersLetter From America - The ProclaimersWhen ye goo, will ye bring back, a Letter From America. That is what The Proclaimers sing. They illustrate this on the original single front cover artwork with a drawing of a tall man in a derelict warehouse, which must be how they. On the the remix is a babe sitting on a desk with a US flag behind her. Oddly, the nameplate on the desk seems to says 'President', despite the blackboard in the background suggesting that this is a classroom and not the Oval office. Use your imagination as this is a great remix, really good, the best. Trump!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Breakout - Swing Out Sister

Breakout - Swing Out SisterBreakout - Swing Out SisterIsn't it obvious that for a single whose title is Breakout, the front artwork of the single should show someone trying to breakout of something or somewhere? Not to Swing Out Sister, who decided that the original cover should show the lead singer winking. Yes, that was winking. On the remix is a babe who is trying to breakout of a prison cell. She has a couple of problems to contend with. Firstly the bars of the cell. And secondly the dog collar around her neck which is chained to the cell wall. Escape!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Footloose - Kenny Loggins

Footloose - Kenny LogginsFootloose - Kenny LogginsWhat does Footloose mean? Let's ask Kenny Loggins. Oh, wait, on the original single front cover artwork there is just a picture of Mr Loggins and an inset of the cover for the movie of the same name. It seems he is too lost in his own ego to answer the question. Let's remix the cover. Now we find that a babe who has been walking in very high heels has decided to take one off. Or maybe the shoe was loose. Or her foot was loose. Do you see how that works? Arch!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm - The Style Council

Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm - The Style CouncilLife At A Top Peoples Health Farm - The Style CouncilWhat does Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm look like? According to the original single front cover artwork for The Style Council, all that is required are straw boater hats and a propensity to make a thumbs-up sign. Oh, and a long gold chain or two. On the remix, the health farm looks a little different as we find three babes in a gym, and they are wearing some gym gear. For some reason, not all of their gym gear, only their trainers and tops. Bottom!