Saturday, October 31, 2020

Brenda Lee - Let's Jump The Broomstick

Brenda Lee - Let's Jump The BroomstickBrenda Lee - Let's Jump The BroomstickBrenda Lee perhaps most famous for her Christmas songs, brings us this Halloween Hit entitled Let's Jump The Broomstick. On the original single front cover artwork, we just see Ms Lee singing into a microphone. On the remix we find a babe who seems to have attempted jumping over a broomstick but has got stuck half way. Either that, or she wasn't trying to jump it at all but is actually a witch who is about to ride away into the sky. That seems less likely as she is not wearing any clothes, but then again perhaps that is how witches dress. Spooky!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Pretend We're Dead - L7

Pretend We're Dead - L7Pretend We're Dead - L7What shall we do today, L7? That's a good idea, let's Pretend We're Dead. How do we do that L7? What's that you say? We need to paint pictures of the hands of a skeleton on our calves? That makes very little sense. What about you, AllBum.Art, how do you think we should pretend we're dead? You say we should hang around with a scary looking naked babe in a graveyard? Let me think, which should I do? Maybe the graveyard option would be my preference, but only if the scary looking nude chick is going to hang out there too. Remix!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

How To Be Dead - Snow Patrol

How To Be Dead - Snow PatrolHow To Be Dead - Snow PatrolIt's an interesting question, isn't it, How To Be Dead. Let's turn to Snow Patrol for some advice on this. According to the original single front cover artwork, to be dead requires an old chair, a lamp-stand and an old television sitting on a creaky old cabinet, all in an icy mountain pool. It's an interesting take on the notion of being dead, but on the remix, how to be dead is illustrated by a woman wearing a latex dress, lying down in what looks like a coffin. This is a very different view on how to be dead, but maybe more realistic. Gloves!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Dance With The Devil - Cozy Powell

Dance With The Devil - Cozy PowellDance With The Devil - Cozy PowellDance With The Devil, is what Cozy Powell tells us that we should be doing. On the original single front cover artwork, Mr Powell helps us visualize this by smoking a cigarette in black and white. On the remix we find a devil who is dancing, tempting us to join in. Beware though, because it's know that dancing with the devil can lead to boogieing with Beelzebub and you wouldn't want that now would you? Lucifer!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cemetery Shoes - Johnny Dowd

Cemetery Shoes - Johnny DowdCemetery Shoes - Johnny DowdWhat, you may be asking yourself, are Cemetery Shoes? Let us turn to the infinite wisdom of Johnny Dowd for an answer this question. If the original album front cover artwork is to be believed, it seems to be something to do with sweeping up leaves in a graveyard with an electric guitar. An alternative view is that of the remixed cover which shows a babe standing in a cemetery in a pair of high heeled shoes and her lingerie. Oh, and with an umbrella for good measure. Those kind of shoes, that is what. Misty!