Thursday, September 3, 2020

Locked Out - Crowded House

Locked Out - Crowded HouseLocked Out - Crowded HouseSilly old Crowded House. They've only gone and gotten themselves Locked Out. This is immediately apparent from the original single front cover artwork in which the band members are standing around looking clueless. Perhaps if they were less clueless they might not be locked out. On the remix a babe is locked out of her car, but is at least making an effort to get back into it. We can't help but thinking that there might have been easier ways to unlock the car than the approach she is taking. Climb!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Four Seasons In One Day - Crowded House

Four Seasons In One Day - Crowded HouseFour Seasons In One Day - Crowded HouseCrowded House are supposedly experiencing Four Seasons In One Day, however on the original single front cover artwork there is only one backdrop to the band's picture and which season it represents is very indistinct. On the remix are four pictures of babes, each representing one season. Spring is top left, summer top right, fall bottom left and winter bottom right. Kinda four seasons in one remix. Sinshine!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Storm - Vanessa Mae

Storm - Vanessa MaeStorm - Vanessa MaeWhen Vanessa Mae was thinking about what could go on the original cover artwork for both her single and album, both titled Storm, she obviously thought that a picture of her with some red lighting was somehow evocative of bad weather. On the remix is a babe who is actually enduring stormy weather out at sea. She had better be careful as she is naked (at least from the waist upwards) which is not the right clothing for when the weather is inclement. Umbrella!