Saturday, November 16, 2019

Wild Thing - The Troggs

Wild Thing - The TroggsWild Thing - The TroggsWho doesn't know the opening refrain of this The Troggs' song Wild Thing. You make my heart sing. The original cover may make some people's hearts sing, but the remix, we feel, would do a much better job. On it we find a babe enjoying the big wild outdoors, sprawling by a river and next to a waterfall with a picturesque forest beside her. Not only does she like being in the wild[/wild], but her clothing (or lack of) suggest she has a wild attitude too. Thing!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Skirt - Kylie Minogue

Skirt - Kylie MinogueSkirt - Kylie MinogueSkirt is both an album and a single by Kylie Minogue. The original single front cover artwork shows Ms Minogue standing between a sunny window and a billowing curtain in a short dress and high heels. Is that a skirt she is wearing, that much is not 100% clear. On the remix we find a young babe who is definitely wearing a skirt, as opposed to a dress, as you can see. Mind you, with a skirt that short, it might be better called a belt. Narrow!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Sea Of Love - Phil Phillips

Sea Of Love - Phil PhillipsSea Of Love - Phil PhillipsYou have to wonder about the sanity of a parent who decide to call their son Philip, when their family name is Phillips. But here we have Phil Phillips and his lazy love song Sea Of Love. On the original cover artwork we find Mr Phillips (Philly to his friends) filling out a space where the backdrop is of a strange combination of an underwater scene and a smiling face. The remix is filled with a babe who is also smiling, and who it might be hoped would find a sea of love of her own. Philtration!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

China Girl - David Bowie

China Girl - David BowieChina Girl - David BowieDavid Bowie and his China Girl, what can we say about that? Let's examine the original single front cover artwork where a chinese girl is telling Mr Bowie to keep quiet by 'shushing' him with her pointed fingernailed finger. On the remix is another chinese girl, who is sitting on what appears to be a bird waterer. No doubt her ass is going to be wet, and it seems to have dribbled down her legs and soaked her shoes too. Thankfully no others of her clothes are likely to get wet as she isn't wearing any. Bowl!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Jean Genie - David Bowie

The Jean Genie - David BowieThe Jean Genie - David BowieAnother remix for David Bowie. On the original single cover artwork for The Jean Genie you will find Mr Bowie in a flowery shirt, white boots and what look like white trousers. These might have been classed as jeans in the 1970s but they looks suspiciously unlike any jeans we have seen. On the remix is a babe wearing jeans, or what's left of them. She seems to have been mauled by a goat, or perhaps a genie, and as well as ripping her jeans, she seems to have lost her shirt too. Torn!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Walk On The Ocean - Toad The Wet Sprocket

Walk On The Ocean - Toad The Wet SprocketWalk On The Ocean - Toad The Wet SprocketLet's Walk On The Ocean with Toad The Wet Sprocket, as it's such a lovely day. The sky is light gray, the sea is white, the beach is dark gray, and we are joined on the beach by two boys. At least that is what the original single cover artwork depicts. On the remix, a similarly gray-scale scene, but gone are the boys replaced by a curvy babe. Now do you fancy a walk on the ocean? Foam!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Walking In The Rain - The Ronettes

Walking In The Rain - The RonettesWalking In The Rain - The RonettesApparently The Ronettes have been, or are, Walking In The Rain. Somehow, having done so, they have remained completely dry and their beehive hair-dos intact, at least that's how they appear on the original single cove artwork. On the remix is a babe who is walking in the rain. Unlike the band members, she does appear to be soaking wet, and whatever hair-do she had is now ruined. At least she has had the sense to remove her shoes. Or is that nonsense. Clingy!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fisherman's Blues - The Waterboys

Fisherman's Blues - The WaterboysFisherman's Blues - The WaterboysFisherman's Blues was both an album and a single for The Waterboys back in the late 1980s. The original front cover artwork shows the band members playing their instruments. Maybe they are playing the blues. Maybe they are fishermen. On the remix, a babe wearing a blue bikini stands at a fishing dock. No doubt the fishermen who have to to to sea get the blues that they can't stand around and ogle. Cast off!

Friday, November 8, 2019

To The Sea - Jack Johnson

To The Sea - Jack JohnsonTo The Sea - Jack JohnsonTo The Sea is both the name of a single and an album by Jack Johnson as we keep the seaside theme going. On the original front cover, someone has made a strange construction which, it is just possible, is some kind of mechanism for getting to the sea. On the remix, no contraptions are necessary as we find ourselves already at the sea, sharing a splash of water with a bikini clad babe. Wave!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Seaside - The Kooks

Seaside - The KooksSeaside - The KooksContinuing the nautical theme, here is Seaside by The Kooks. On the original single cover artwork we find the band sitting around playing their guitars, and the drummer in the background. Are they at the seaside? It's impossible to tell. On the remix is a babe who is standing in the sea, by some rocks, so is definitely at the seaside. It seems she may have taken a dip in the ocean in her dress, as it's gotten all wet, though her make-up appears oddly intact. Beachballs!