Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Girls - LFO

Summer Girls - LFOSummer Girls - LFOLFO (or the Lyte Funkie Ones as they sometimes moniker themselves) missed the point with the original cover artwork for their single Summer Girls. Why? It doesn't show any girls. In fact, the rather blue-green color scheme doesn't even look very summery. On the remix are three summer girls who, it's possible, might be those that the band were referring to. It does look like summer with the blue sky and sparkly sea. And it must be warm, as the girls haven't even bothered to wear a bikini, let alone anything else. Scorching!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Take Off Your Colours - You And Me At Six

Take Off Your Colours - You And Me At SixTake Off Your Colours - You And Me At SixYou And Me At Six have both an album and a single entitled Take Off Your Colours (note the cute British spelling!) As it's the sixth of June (the sixth month of the year), we thought it was the ideal date for a remix. The original cover artwork shows some colored powder which has been thrown over a letter 'O'. On the remix is a babe who is undressing. She is already topless, however her panties are multicolored, so to ask her to take off her colors would be a logical next step. Rainbow!