Thursday, August 31, 2017

Four To The Floor - Starsailor

[img=images/starsailor-four-to-the-floor-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][img=images/starsailor-four-to-the-floor-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right]
[img=images/starsailor-four-to-the-floor-rem1xx.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][img=images/starsailor-four-to-the-floor-rem2xx.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right]
Starsailor are Four To The Floor. And to mark the end of the month, we have not just a triple-play but our first ever quadruple-play. The original single front cover shows the four members of the band standing on a deserted beach. There are four of them, and their clothes are on the floor, so that's a good start. On the first remix we find four babes who are also on a beach but are also close to the floor.

The next two are what we call Remi-XXX-es which are those remixes that cross the Triple-X threshold. The first of our X-rated remixes shows four women stacked on top of each other, and on the floor. Start at the top and work your way through the four, to the floor. The final remix shows four babes who have got off their bikes and are sitting on the floor. Quadrangle!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Family Affair - Mary J Blige

Family Affair - Mary J BligeFamily Affair - Mary J BligeLet's have another remix from Mary J Blige, and take a look at the original front cover artwork for her single Family Affair. It shows Ms Blige in a fur coat, standing next to someone who may or may not be a family member. So what family combination should we show on the remix? Father/Daughter? Mother/Son? Grandma/Grandson? Brother/Sister? How's about twin sisters, because that is the family affair that is illustrated on the remix, cheating on their partners. Incest!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I'm Goin' Down - Mary J Blige

I'm Goin' Down - Mary J BligeI'm Goin' Down - Mary J BligeJust stop for one darn minute and think. What did Mary J Blige really think that people would insinuate from the title of her song? Is it, as the original single front cover artwork for I'm Goin' Down shows, Ms Blige in a red hat? Or is it, as the remi-xxx-ed (our term for an X-rated remix) cover shows, a babe goin' down in a far more obvious way? The thing is, she has already gone down, and is not in the process of goin' down, so maybe this is as bad as the red hat she is sucking on. Ankle-strap!

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Bed's Too Big Without You - Sheila Hylton

The Bed's Too Big Without You - Sheila HyltonThe Bed's Too Big Without You - Sheila HyltonThe Bed's Too Big Without You, that is the problem that Sheila Hylton is facing. It looks like the bed is completely missing as on the original single front cover artwork, other than Ms Hylton, there is no evidence of a bed. On the remix is a babe sitting on a big bed on her own without you (or anyone else). She has very long legs, and very high heels, though it could be the camera angle, but no other clothes. Perhaps the bed is especially big for those reasons. Lonely!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Shake It (Move A Little Closer) - Lee Cabrera Featuring Alex Cartana

Shake It (Move A Little Closer) - Lee Cabrera Featuring Alex CartanaShake It (Move A Little Closer) - Lee Cabrera Featuring Alex CartanaLee Cabrera featuring Alex Cartana have one simple instruction Shake It (Move A Little Closer). They don't have much of an imagination though, when it comes to the single cover artwork which seems to give credence to a green C. On the remix a babe is shaking it, and the crowd watching her would no doubt be very happy if she moved a little closer, though she is quite close to begin with. And for some reason, only wearing boots. Dance!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bounce With The Massive - Tzant

Bounce With The Massive - TzantBounce With The Massive - TzantHere we go, there they go, it's Tzant (you knew that already, right) and their song Bounce With The Massive (you knew that too). The original single front cover artwork shows a basketball player (as was obvious from the picture), which kinda connects with the title of the song. On the remix is a babe whose massive is definitely very bouncy. Her, playing basketball… Either a perfect combination, or maybe, just a little bit too dangerous. You could have your eye out, or so could she. Tight!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Bride Stripped Bare - Bryan Ferry

Bride Stripped Bare - Bryan FerryBride Stripped Bare - Bryan FerryCould there be any album title more obviously set up for a remix than Bride Stripped Bare by Bryan Ferry? On the original cover artwork we find Mr Ferry standing in a leather jacket. Come on now, surely the designers could have done better than that. Something like that which is shown on the remix in which a bride is being stripped bare by her bridesmaids, who, it would seem, have already been stripped bare themselves. Corset!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fuzzy Logic - Super Furry Animals

[img=images/super-furry-animals-fuzzy-logic-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/super-furry-animals-fuzzy-logic-rem1x.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/super-furry-animals-fuzzy-logic-rem2x.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150]
Let's take a look at what's going on here. The Super Furry Animals decided that the best artwork for the front cover of their album would be some bad passport photos of various 70s throwbacks. Maybe that is Fuzzy Logic to them, but not to us. Our logic also failed us which is why there are two remixes, making this a triple-play. On the first remix there is a babe whose logic is definitely furry and fuzzy. On the second remix a more mature babe is cupping her tits which, if she is trying to hide her embarrassment at being naked is silly as she is neither hiding her nipples nor covering her own fuzzy logic. Slamina!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Against All Odds - Phil Collins

Against All Odds - Phil CollinsAgainst All Odds - Phil CollinsThe interesting thing about Against All Odds is that it is not just a song by Phil Collins but also a movie. The original single front cover artwork shows two of the movie's characters getting it on, on a beach. The remix shows an almost identical scene, it is just that the getting it on part is a little more explicit. It may even be the same beach, isn't it though? This is what remixing covers is about, don't you believe it though. Dangler!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Best Years Of Our Lives - Modern Romance

Best Years Of Our Lives - Modern RomanceBest Years Of Our Lives - Modern RomanceWhich were the Best Years Of Our Lives? According to Modern Romance, if the original front cover artwork of their single is our guide, it is sitting around wearing white and pastel shaded clothes, with one person having a brass instrument. On the remix we find three babes enjoying a sunny day on the beach, with their inflatable ring. The fact that they have no bikinis on means that some of the people watching might also be having the best year of their lives. Annual!