Friday, June 30, 2017

Borderline - Michael Gray Featuring Shelly Poole

Borderline - Michael Gray Featuring Shelly PooleBorderline - Michael Gray Featuring Shelly PooleThe original single cover artwork for Borderline by Michael Gray Featuring Shelly Poole takes as it's source, the video for the song in which several scantily clad babes wearing black lingerie and white blouses dance around on the roof of a building. The remixed single cover does little more than take a more macro shot where we can see two of the babes in more detail. The odd thing is that they are no longer on a roof but seem instead to have decided to go inside. Maybe it was too hot on the roof. Blazing!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

She's A River - Simple Minds

She's A River - Simple MindsShe's A River - Simple MindsAnother remix for those Scottish songsters Simple Minds and today it is the turn of their single She's A River. On the original cover artwork we find two of the band members but no river, and no 'she'. On the remix we find that the reason that she is not in fact a river, but has just decided to bathe in one, and in the process her blouse has gotten all see-through. She may not be a river but she's definitely in the flow. Rapids!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sittin' On A Fence - Twice As Much

Sittin' On A Fence - Twice As MuchSittin' On A Fence - Twice As MuchAs we often say at AllBum.Art, sometimes our remix of original single or album cover artwork is inspired by the name of a track, and sometimes by a picture. This one was inspired by a picture of a bootisome babe Sittin' On A Fence, and luckily there was a single by Twice As Much that did the honors. The original cover needs a remix too, as it just shows the band members looking sad. Cheer up and go join the babe sittin' on the fence. Windbreak!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

British Hustle - Hi-Tension

British Hustle - Hi-TensionBritish Hustle - Hi-TensionHi-Tension sang about the British Hustle, which is presumably something like American Hustle but with a Dick Van Dyke accent. The original single cover artwork suggest that this may be the case. The remix tells a different story and we find out exactly how the British like to hustle, which seems to be by having a cute English babe wear Union Jack shoes and a t-shirt and flashing her ass at us. Go Britain!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Rocket - Def Leppard

Rocket - Def LeppardRocket - Def LeppardWe really like the original front cover artwork for the single Rocket by Def Leppard. Not only does it show the name of the band, and the title of the song, but the title of the song has been deftly changed into the shape of a rocket. Clever! The remix adds very little other than a cutesy babe riding a rocket of her own wearing a latex leotard. And she can't hear very well because of her space helmet. So she is a deaf leotard riding a rocket. Clever!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Love City Groove - Love City Groove

Love City Groove - Love City GrooveLove City Groove - Love City GrooveLove City Groove with their self-titled single of the same name are, so we are told by wikipedia, Britain's entry to the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest which is some kind of annual European event where countries compete to win a prize for having the worst song. Anyhow, the original cover artwork is little short of anything as it only shows the band's name (or the song's name as these are interchangeable). On the remix we find a babe sitting down in Love City (wherever that happens to be) and she is definitely groovy. Sidewalk!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Yellow River - Christie

Yellow River - ChristieYellow River - ChristieOn the original single cover artwork to Yellow River by Christie, do we get any indication what the nature of this river is? No, we just find the band members who look as puzzled as we are by the nature of this saffron stream. Well boys, our remix helps understand the nature of this amber flow. It is caused by some helpless babe who has got caught short and has had to release her golden shower onto the nearby pavement causing, as it happens, a yellow river to form. Flaxen!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ride A White Swan - T-Rex

Ride A White Swan - T-RexRide A White Swan - T-RexIn the 1970s when Marc Bolan of T-Rex told women around the world to Ride A White Swan, few, if any, had the slightest idea what he was talking about. Although the original cover artwork suggests that this means mounting a white swan and taking a ride, this was, at least in the 1970s both impractical and dangerous. Thankfully time has moved on an on the remix we find a babe who is literally riding a white (well more silver actually) swan. By a swimming pool of course. Cygnus!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mary Star Of The Sea - Zwan

Mary Star Of The Sea - ZwanMary Star Of The Sea - ZwanMary Star Of The Sea, that is who Zwan have titled their 2003 album. On the original front cover artwork there is some weird Beatles-esque Yellow Submarine style psychedelic illustration but no sign of Mary. On the remix, Mary has appeared and is standing in the sea by some old, rotten wood which if it fell into the sea would drift and become driftwood. Mary ought to be careful that she doesn't get a splinter, as she has forgotten not just her wet-suit but even her bikini. Splash!

Just One Look - The Hollies

Just One Look - The HolliesJust One Look - The HolliesIt seems that The Hollies are fond of single cover artwork in which the band members appear in front of a red wall. On Just One Look, the banality of their cover is probably the reason why you wouldn't bother taking a second or third look. On the remix we find a babe who is offering you just one look. One look at what is underneath her bra. So you only have that one look to make your decision as to whether this remix is better than the original. Decide!