Sunday, July 31, 2016

Power Of A Woman - Eternal

Power Of A Woman - EternalPower Of A Woman - EternalEternal sing sweetly for us about the Power Of A Woman as the sit sweetly in sepia-toned silence. Now this may be a powerful picture to some people, but we prefer our power more obvious and so on the remix we have replaced the girl band with a woman whose power is so strong, she is connected up to the electricity grid. Whether she is consuming or supplying the power is, somehow, irrelevant and so the only question remains as to how many Volts she could generate. High Energy!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

One Two Three - Dina Carroll

One Two Three - Dina CarrollOne Two Three - Dina CarrollGuest contributor Phil Darnall of England has sent us yet another great remix. This time it is for One Two Three by Dina Carroll. On the original cover we find the title, the artist and a picture of Ms Carroll which is really the most basic it could get. On the remix there are three mature babes. It is not clear if they are undressing or putting their clothes back on again, however the numbers one, two and three are sparing their embarrassment. Thanks Phil, keep 'em coming. Numerology!

Loving You Has Made Me Bananas - Guy Marks

[img=images/guy-marks-loving-you-has-made-me-bananas-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/guy-marks-loving-you-has-made-me-bananas-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/guy-marks-loving-you-has-made-me-bananas-remixx.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150]
Loving You Has Made Me Bananas, or so sings Guy Marks. As if to demonstrate this, the original cover shows Mr Marks standing impossibly inside the skin of a banana that is being unpeeled by a sexy sixties babe. On the first remix we see a more modern mistress eating a banana. On the second remix… well, we'll leave to to look and see what is being done with all those bananas, but whatever it is, it is enough to make anyone go mad. Stuffed!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Stop And Stare - One Republic

[img=images/one-republic-stop-and-stare-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/one-republic-stop-and-stare-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/one-republic-stop-and-stare-remix.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150]
What would make you Stop And Stare? A triple-play perhaps? Well, according to One Republic, if the cover of their single is to be believed, it is the chiselled faces of the band themselves. Sadly, that doesn't work for us and so on the first remix we find a babe who would certainly make you stop and stare if you bumped into her on a dark night, or indeed on a light one. She actually seems to be staring back which is quite scary. On the second remix is a babe who would make anyone stop and stare, hiding behind a tree with nothing more than the tree and her hands to hide her. That could be scary for her. Stop and Scare?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

High - Lighthouse Family

High - Lighthouse FamilyHigh - Lighthouse FamilyIt would seem that the Lighthouse Family may be vertically challenged. The other remix on the AllBum.Art web-site is 'Lifted' and this one is called High. The original cover may show the band members standing on a very high platform, or they may be on the ground, it is difficult to tell. On the remix, however, the babe in question is standing on very high platform heels that must be 8 inches or more. Lofty!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pool Hall Richard - The Faces

Pool Hall Richard - The FacesPool Hall Richard - The FacesWho is Pool Hall Richard? Sadly, we may never know as The Faces chose to display a silhouette of the band members on the cover of their single instead of aiding us by answering the question. In the remix, the answer is still no clearer, but what we do learn is that there seems to be a hot babe sitting on the pool table with her panties around her ankles and naught more than her high heels on. What we therefore learn, is that Richard has great taste in babes. Eight ball!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blue Jean - David Bowie

Blue Jean - David BowieBlue Jean - David BowieDavid Bowie is a regular source of remixes here at AllBum.Art so finding Blue Jean here is no real surprise. What is surprising is that the original cover, though very blue, does not introduce us to Jean, whoever she may be. On the remix we find a babe who may, or may not, be called Jean. But she is wearing denim. Whether she is wearing blue jeans is less clear but does that part of the story matter so much? Indigo!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band

Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight - Starland Vocal BandLooking for a little Afternoon Delight, that is what the Starland Vocal Band were trying to do but sadly the cover of their single fails to do this in any satisfactory way. A yellow lion hardly portrays a time of day, let alone an associated emotion. The remix fixed this with a group of ladies sitting around drinking afternoon tea. Why they are largely naked is unknown, but those Brits can be very weird at times, don't you know? Spiffing!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Level 42

The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Level 42The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Level 42As The Sun Goes Down, Level 42 entice us to buy their song by putting a badly drawn, 2-dimensional representation of some steps on the cover of their single. Now if you are going to live it up after sunset, or at least during sunset as the sun goes down, it would be helpful to have a party babe to do it with and that is exactly what the remix depicts. A babe, ready to live it us, as the sun goes down. Just what were Level 42 thinking in the first place? Uppy-downy!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oops Upside Your Head - The Gap Band

Oops Upside Your Head - The Gap BandOops Upside Your Head - The Gap BandThere is a tradition, in some circles, to dance to Oops Upside Your Head by The Gap Band by sitting down on the floor, one person behind another, and then flailing your arms around in time to the music whilst rocking backwards and forwards (no, trust us, there really is). We could not find a suitable picture of this dance, but we could find an unsuitable one of not quite doing the dance. Sadly, this forces the remix into the category of XXX-rated remi-XXX-es so there is a downside to the upside, or at least a back-side to it. Side!