Sunday, June 30, 2013

(Let's Get) Physical - Olivia Newton-John

(Let's Get) Physical - Olivia Newton-John(Let's Get) Physical - Olivia Newton-JohnAt the time of it's release, Olivia Newton-John's single and video for the song (Let's Get) Physical was seen as pretty edgy. Some radio stations even banned it. Of course today, it is pretty tame. So we've edged it up a little and replaced the picture of the tame Ms Newton-John with a whole load of pretty girls getting physical. Why they are doing this in the nude is anyone's guess, but our good fortune.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sweet Hitch-Hiker - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sweet Hitch-Hiker - Creedence Clearwater RevivalSweet Hitch-Hiker - Creedence Clearwater RevivalMaybe it was the thing to do in the 1970s, put a picture of the hairy faced band on the cover of the single. Clearly for Creedence Clearwater Revival, this is exactly what they had in mind for the cover of their single Sweet Hitch-Hiker. What an opportunity they missed though. So we have revived the cover with a credible remix which shows a sweety hitch-hiking. So that's a credible clear revival, all that's missing then is the water.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called Quest

Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called QuestCan I Kick It - A Tribe Called QuestWho could forget the classic retort to Can I Kick It? Yes, you can! The thing is, if such a thing can be called a thing, that the cover from A Tribe Called Quest's single fails to address even the most basic requirements for a cover. It does not show the band, nor does it cast any light on what is being kicked. The remixed cover solves this problem by showing exactly what is being kicked, which seems to be the panties of a long row of otherwise naked babes. Yes, you can!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love Is In The Air - Milk And Sugar Versus John Paul Young

Love Is In The Air - Milk And Sugar Versus John Paul YoungLove Is In The Air - Milk And Sugar Versus John Paul YoungLove Is In The Air was originally a hit for John Paul Young in the 1970s. This remixed cover is, appropriately, for the remixed version released by dance act Milk And Sugar in 2001. The original cover is very clearly missing something. The three guys are staring into space looking for the love in the air but it's not there. We have added it so it's now clear, though the remixed cover is more Love Is In The Water than in the air. Do you care? Thought not.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Captain Of Your Ship - Reparata And The Delrons

Captain Of Your Ship - Reparata And The DelronsCaptain Of Your Ship - Reparata And The DelronsAn entry from Darren Cleethorpe from Hull in England. He says that this song was used as the theme tune to the ferry timetables on his local radio station 'Radio Humberside'. Reparata And The Delrons are apparently a US group but who enjoyed bigger success in good ole' England than here in the motherland. Captain Of Your Ship was their biggest hit but Darren says that the remix is more the kind of captain he'd like to ferry than the original members of the band. We agree with you there Darren.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On A Rope - Rocket From The Crypt

On A Rope - Rocket From The CryptOn A Rope - Rocket From The CryptOn A Rope, right, that's what this obscure 1996 punk song from Rocket From The Crypt is supposed to be about. If that's the case, then why does the cover of the single show some kind of freaky Indonesian dog puppet silhouette? Know? Us neither. So we remixed it and put, guess what? A hot chick on a rope. Would you have expected anything different? You're right, there should be a rocket too but that can be the one in your pocket!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey, Soul Sister - Train

Hey, Soul Sister - TrainHey, Soul Sister - TrainThe cover for Train's 2009 hit Hey, Soul Sister is one of the most dull covers that we at AllBum.Art have ever zzz….. Sorry, dropped off there. Good job the cover has had a remix which both awakens the senses and shows us the soul sister that Train are singing about. Apparently it's one of the babes show, though exactly which one isn't clear. Perhaps they're both soul sisters - that would make sense wouldn't it?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Light My Fire - The Doors

Light My Fire - The DoorsLight My Fire - The DoorsCome On Baby, Light My Fire is what The Doors told us to do in 1966. Due to today's health and safety legislation such a call to action would no longer be permitted and the song would have had to have been called Put My Fire Out. The cover needs to reflect these changes in society and so instead of showing the Doors standing in a flame, it shows a fire-fighter ready to douse them.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Throw Your Set In The Air - Cypress Hill

Throw Your Set In The Air - Cypress HillThrow Your Set In The Air - Cypress HillThrow Your Set In The Air is a 1995 single from Cypress Hill. Nothing ground-breaking there. But what does it actually mean? What is a 'set' and why is it being thrown into the air? Who is throwing the 'set'? Nothing on the original cover of the single answers these questions. The remix, however, puts these questions to bed. A 'set' is obviously a 'bra and pantie set'. The person throwing it is some hot teen. And why? Why not! Now let's get to that bed you want to put the questions in and see what else we can throw in the air.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fallen Angel - Elbow

Fallen Angel - ElbowFallen Angel - ElbowAre we gettin' a bit obscure on you? There's good reason though. Fallen Angel is a song by obscure British band Elbow. It charted at number 844 and rose stratospherically to reach number 841 in the English Hot 100. Yeah! Why is it here, just because the remix couldn't have a better title than Fallen Angel, that fact is in no way obscure, though oddly, the location of the title has obscured certain parts of the angel. Perhaps there is still a short way to fall. This way please…