Winter - Cord 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cord Winter Original Cover Artwork of Cord Winter When Cord sing about Winter on their single (and album of the same name) we expect more on the cover than a girl holding a bear standing around in front of a newsagent, but that is what is found on the original cover artwork. On the remix we find three babes who are also standing around and one of them is bare and this time it's definitely winter as there's lots of snow on the ground. Why they are in this predicament is anyone's guess. Melting!
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Storm Front - Billy Joel 

Cover Artwork Remix of Billy Joel Storm Front Original Cover Artwork of Billy Joel Storm Front When we first saw the original album cover artwork for Storm Front by Billy Joel, we had to investigate whether it had any connection with storms. It turns out that the red flag with a black square in it is a nautical flag meaning that storms are on the way. So thumbs up for that. On the remix, though, we find a babe standing outside whilst a snow storm is going on. She is showing us her chilly front, and so we guess this would be an alternative representation of the album's title. Peaky!
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Snowflakes - Toni Braxton 

Cover Artwork Remix of Toni Braxton Snowflakes Original Cover Artwork of Toni Braxton Snowflakes Toni Braxton brings us an album that she titles Snowflakes. Now it might just be us, but we would have at least expected that on the original album cover artwork, there might actually have been some snowflakes visible that would reflect its name. Thankfully this has been resolved on the remix, as we find a babe standing outside in the snow, with plenty of snowflakes in the picture as the fall on her. She seems to be wearing a fur-lined outfit but one that is otherwise unsuited to cold weather being full of holes. Snow-net!
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My Gift To You - Alexander O'Neal 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alexander O Neal My T To You Original Cover Artwork of Alexander O Neal My T To You Alexander O'Neal sends us My Gift To You, which is very kind of him. On the original album cover artwork we find Mr O'Neal standing outdoors on a snowy street with olde worlde lights shining on the dark, arctic scene. All very good, but where's the gift. It seems that the gift has already been given as on the remix we find a babe opening a present and she seems quite pleased with what is in the box. Perhaps it is some new clothes as all of her old ones appear to have dissolved. Acid!
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Bizarre Fruit - M People 

Cover Artwork Remix of M People Bizarre Fruit Original Cover Artwork of M People Bizarre Fruit While we are with M People, here's another remix. This time it is of the artwork for their album Bizarre Fruit. On the original cover we find the band members walking around an art gallery, some of whom are inspecting paintings of fruit done in an artistic style. That seems reasonably bizarre. On the remix we find a babe who has some pieces of fruit nestling between her butt cheeks. The fruit itself isn't that bizarre but we can imagine that if you speared it with a fork, it would cause some consternation. Slurp!
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Strip Me - Natasha Bedingfield 

Cover Artwork Remix of Natascha Bedingfield Strip Me Original Cover Artwork of Natascha Bedingfield Strip Me When you issue an instruction such as Strip Me, as Natasha Bedingfield has done, you would expect the front cover of the album to allude in some way or other to the act of stripping. On the original artwork we don't find any evidence of this. On the remix, something not at all unexpected has happened. Some babe was walking through a builders yard singing the song and the construction workers took her instruction way too literally. Rewind!
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Behind Closed Doors - Thunder 

Cover Artwork Remix of Thunder Behind Closed Doors Original Cover Artwork of Thunder Behind Closed Doors What happens Behind Closed Doors? Well, according to the original album cover artwork by Thunder, we don't know because, assuming that the weird colored thing is meant to be a door, it is closed. On the remix we go the other side of the closed door, a hotel door no less (we can see the 'do not disturb' hanger on the door handle), we find a babe wearing nothing but red high heels and stockings. So that's what happens behind closed doors. Squat!
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No Angel - Dido 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dido No Angel Original Cover Artwork of Dido No Angel As we approach halloween, things are beginning to take a turn for the macabre here at AllBum.Art. Here we find Dido singing about being No Angel. The thing is, we can see so little of her through the Dido shaped keyhole on the original single cover artwork that whether she is an angel or not remains a mystery. To resolve this the remix features a babe who is an angel in some ways, but not the sort that is likely to be allowed to inhabit heaven for long. Fallen!
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Ten - Gabriella Cilmi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gabriella Cilmi Ten Original Cover Artwork of Gabriella Cilmi Ten An album called Ten by none other than Gabriella Cilmi, no less. Now the question is what it is that Ms Cilmi is trying to suggest can be categorized as a ten on the original front cover artwork. Is it that she is a size ten? Or that she rates herself as ten out of ten? We don't know. On the remix we side-step that whole issue by replacing Ms Cilmi with ten babes. Maybe one of them is a ten out of ten, or maybe not. Who's counting? Tally!
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Hat Full Of Stars - Cyndi Lauper 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cyndi Lauper Hat Full Of Stars Original Cover Artwork of Cyndi Lauper Hat Full Of Stars We would probably score the original album cover artwork for Hat Full Of Stars by Cyndi Lauper close to 100% as it features the artist, holding a hat against a starry backdrop and so all the elements are present. The remix would actually score less, as it doesn't feature Ms Lauper but instead we find a mystical looking babe, wearing a mystical hat with a star on it, standing against a starry background. Which would you score highest? Let us know. Aldebran!
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