Dreaming - M People 

Cover Artwork Remix of M People Dreaming Original Cover Artwork of M People Dreaming M People are Dreaming, or at least that is what the title of their single would lead us to believe. Strangely, the cover artwork tells us a different story as all of the band members appear to be awake, so unless they are day dreaming, then none of this makes any sense (nor incidentally does gwackmoopigpog). On the remix we find four babes asleep and quite likely dreaming. Or if they aren't dreaming of something, then someone else is dreaming of them. Reciprocal!
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Take 5 - Northside 

Cover Artwork Remix of Northside Take 5 Original Cover Artwork of Northside Take 5 Exactly where we find artwork to remix is a bit of an unknown, especially when we remix songs like Take 5 by Northside which achieved the dizzy heights of number 40 in the British charts. Why have we remixed this obscure song, simply because we had a great photo of five babes and needed a song with the number five in its title. On the original single cover artwork we find what appears to be an elementary grade student's paper-mache version of a man on a motorcycle. On the remix are the five babes we mentioned, who are ripe for the taking, hence 'Take 5'. You see how that works?
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(In The) Cold Light Of Day - Gene Pitney 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gene Pitney Cold Light Of Day Original Cover Artwork of Gene Pitney Cold Light Of Day Gene Pitney sings to us in his melodious fashion about what happens (In The) Cold Light Of Day. But all we learn from the original single cover artwork is that Mr Pitney owns a brown suede jacket and green slacks (isn't that what they were called in the 60s?) On the remix we find a babe standing in the cold light of day. We can see that is it light as there isn't a cloud in the sky and we know it is cold because of all the snow there and abouts. Shiver!

Metal Guru - T-Rex 

Cover Artwork Remix of T Rex Metal Guru Original Cover Artwork of T Rex Metal Guru Another remix for 70s glam rockers T-Rex and their single Metal Guru. On the original cover artwork we find a fuzzy haired Mr Bolan, the title of the song and of course the name of the artist. No metal. On the remix we find a babe dressed all in silver, and done in a relatively stylish way, so when it comes to fashion, she would certainly qualify in the metal guru category. Aluminum!
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Life Got Cold - Girls Aloud 

Cover Artwork Remix of Girls Aloud Life Got Cold Original Cover Artwork of Girls Aloud Life Got Cold Brr.... It's December and the days are getting shorter, and the nights longer (which isn't always a bad thing). Here we find that Girls Aloud are of a similar mind as they tell us that Life Got Cold. On the original single cover artwork, though, they don't look that cold, even if one of them is wearing both a t-shirt and a jacked. On the remix we find a babe for who life has gotten very cold, not least as she is walking through a snow-tipped forest with no jacket or t-shirt. Chilly!
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Naked And Sacred - Maria Nayler 

Cover Artwork Remix of Maria Nayler Naked And Sacred Original Cover Artwork of Maria Nayler Naked And Sacred When you release a song whose title is Naked And Sacred, as Maria Nayler has done, you ought to think more carefully about what should go on the front cover artwork. For example, the picture of the babe wearing a miter but otherwise nude on the remix would be an example of what would reflect the song title. Sitting on a bench in what looks like a college changing room, taking off (or putting on) a shoe doesn't really cut it. Locker!
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Cutt Off - Kasabian 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kasabian Cutt Off Original Cover Artwork of Kasabian Cutt Off What would you expect to find on the front artwork for Cutt Off by Kasabian? Maybe it is what might just, if you squinted at it in the right light, appear to be a man's face covered in a cloth, with his forehead all stripey like. That is clearly what the band thought when they put the single cover together. On the remix we find a babe holding a pair of scissors to a top she is wearing which is precariously short in the first place. One snip and it truly will be cut off. Severed!
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What I Got Is What You Need - Unique 

Cover Artwork Remix of Unique What I Got Is What You Need Original Cover Artwork of Unique What I Got Is What You Need What I Got Is What You Need is the bold statement made by Unique. And if what it is that you need happens to be a white triangle against a backdrop of a pink and yellow square, then the original single cover artwork does, indeed, have what you need. So in that sense, the addition of a babe who does seem to have pretty much everything you might need to the front cover is probably not for you. On the other hand, if white triangles aren't your thing... Necessity!

Strip Me - Natasha Bedingfield 

Cover Artwork Remix of Natascha Bedingfield Strip Me Original Cover Artwork of Natascha Bedingfield Strip Me When you issue an instruction such as Strip Me, as Natasha Bedingfield has done, you would expect the front cover of the album to allude in some way or other to the act of stripping. On the original artwork we don't find any evidence of this. On the remix, something not at all unexpected has happened. Some babe was walking through a builders yard singing the song and the construction workers took her instruction way too literally. Rewind!
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Angel - Eurythmics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eurythmics Angel Original Cover Artwork of Eurythmics Angel Another remix for Eurythmics, this time for their single Angel. On the original cover artwork we find the lead singer in monochrome. Is that all it took in the early 1990s to become angelic? We don't know. But we do know that on the remix, the monochrome theme is continued, but that the babe has an enormous pair. Of wings, we meant. Surely this would qualify as angelic, not just by 1990s standards, but even today? We think so. Cherub!
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