Rockin' Robin - Lolly 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lolly Rockin Robin Original Cover Artwork of Lolly Rockin Robin Twiddly diddly dee, it's Lolly and her friend the Rockin' Robin. Twiddly diddly dee, it seems that to represent this seasonal classic, Lolly has decorated her forehead with snowflakes. Twiddly diddly dee, on the remix we find a babe with a red breast, which must mean she is a robin, though it is more usual to spell it robyn if it's a girl. Twiddly diddly dee, that's an improvement and all that remains is to check if she is rockin'. As far as we can tell, she rocks! Twiddly diddly dee!
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That's Christmas To Me - Pentatonix 

Original Cover Artwork of Pentatonix Thats Xmas To Me Cover Artwork Remix of Pentatonix Thats Xmas To Me Cover Artwork Remix of Pentatonix Thats Xmas To Me
Another triple-play festive remix for you lucky folk. Pentatonix tell us that That's Christmas To Me. And what is it that represents Christmas to the band: standing around in winter clothes whilst being doused in fake snow. The first remix shows an alternative view of what Christmas means, that being a busty babe waiting for you in front of the tree. The second remix has another view of what Christmas means, that being presents in front of the tree delivered by two naked babes. Bethlehem!
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Have A Boom Boom Christmas - Freddy Cannon 

Original Cover Artwork of Freddy Cannon Boom Boom Christmas Cover Artwork Remix of Freddy Cannon Boom Boom Christmas Cover Artwork Remix of Freddy Cannon Boom Boom Christmas
Freddy Cannon promises us that we can Have A Boom Boom Christmas, but what does this mean. Our triple-play remix allows you to choose the degree of 'boom boom' you wish your Christmas to enjoy. On the original cover you can have a standard 'freddy' of boom boom. On the first remix you can have some very busty boom boom. And on the second remix you can have not just busty boom boom, but juicy Lucy boom boom too. Habit!

White Christmas - Darts 

Cover Artwork Remix of Darts White Christmas Original Cover Artwork of Darts White Christmas In a way, cover versions (or versions of a cover) is what AllBum.Art is all about, so it is particularly prescient that today's remix is of a cover version of White Christmas by Darts. Of course we all know it's originally by Bong Crispy which is why, on the original cover of the cover version, the band are looking a little sad. Probably. On the remix we just find a babe who is wearing white at Christmas time, at least it's probably Christmas as it's cold and snowy. What random and pointless logic. Flagpole!
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Fairytale Of New York - The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pogues Fairytale Of New York Original Cover Artwork of Pogues Fairytale Of New York Some rankings have Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl as the number one Christmas song of all time. The original cover, however, is not seasonal in the least and whilst it does at least let us gaze upon the lead singer of the band, where is Ms MacColl when you need her to brighten the place up a bit? On the remix we have found a Christmas fairy who is happy to show us her tail. A Christmas fairy-tail if you will. Or even if you won't. Avert!
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Blue Yule - Various Artists 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Yule Original Cover Artwork of Blue Yule Blue Yule is a compilation album containing, it says, "Christmas Blues and R&B Classics". Which makes it odd that the album cover is in red and green. Where are these aforementioned blues? The answer is on the remix where we find a babe in the snow and in the process she has turned the artwork blue, not in the 'xxx' sense, but in an 'rgb' sense. Actually, it's more a combination of cyan and blue, but we won't argue the fine points. Cornflower!
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Merry Merry Christmas - New Kids On The Block 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nkotb Merry Christmas Original Cover Artwork of Nkotb Merry Christmas Another remix for the New Kids On The Block and their album Merry Merry Christmas. So what do new kids look like when having a merry (merry) Christmas? It seems they look like a bunch of drunken idiots, which is pretty much what you would expect from boys. From the girls, something more demure as we find them handing out presents under the tree. Are they merry? Well they're virtually naked, does that count? Bauble!
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Holiday For Teens - Paul And Paula 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul And Paula Holiday For Teens Original Cover Artwork of Paul And Paula Holiday For Teens What did a Holiday For Teens look like in the 1960s? According to Paul And Paula it looked like a girl and a boy who are obviously not teenagers sitting by a Christmas tree slowly opening presents. On the remix we find an alternative scene for the holiday in which a group of babes (some at least who must be teens) are partying in front of a Christmas tree in their seasonal stockings. Which holiday would you prefer? Choose!
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I Know What He Wants For Christmas - Kay Martin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kay Martin I Know What He Wants For Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Kay Martin I Know What He Wants For Xmas So are we now far enough into December to start thinking about Christmas? You betcha! The first of our seasonal sounds for this year is I Know What He Wants For Christmas (But I Don't Know How To Wrap It) by Kay Martin And Her Body Guards. We like Ms Martin's approach to this and can see clearly what it is that she is trying to wrap. On the remix we find a more modern babe in a very similar predicament. Just an update of an old classic. Tinsel!

Daddy Cool - Boney M 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Daddy Cool Original Cover Artwork of Boney M Daddy Cool One of our rare 'one for the ladies' remixes for Boney M and their single Daddy Cool. On the original single we find the girls in the band trying to make the guy in the band look cool and failing badly. On the remix we find a cool daddy. Actually, we don't know if he is a daddy, but he is certainly cool, not just because he appears to be a good with his skis, but because he is standing naked in the snow. Shrinking!
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