Blue Yule - Various Artists 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Yule Original Cover Artwork of Blue Yule Blue Yule is a compilation album containing, it says, "Christmas Blues and R&B Classics". Which makes it odd that the album cover is in red and green. Where are these aforementioned blues? The answer is on the remix where we find a babe in the snow and in the process she has turned the artwork blue, not in the 'xxx' sense, but in an 'rgb' sense. Actually, it's more a combination of cyan and blue, but we won't argue the fine points. Cornflower!
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Merry Merry Christmas - New Kids On The Block 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nkotb Merry Christmas Original Cover Artwork of Nkotb Merry Christmas Another remix for the New Kids On The Block and their album Merry Merry Christmas. So what do new kids look like when having a merry (merry) Christmas? It seems they look like a bunch of drunken idiots, which is pretty much what you would expect from boys. From the girls, something more demure as we find them handing out presents under the tree. Are they merry? Well they're virtually naked, does that count? Bauble!
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Holiday For Teens - Paul And Paula 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul And Paula Holiday For Teens Original Cover Artwork of Paul And Paula Holiday For Teens What did a Holiday For Teens look like in the 1960s? According to Paul And Paula it looked like a girl and a boy who are obviously not teenagers sitting by a Christmas tree slowly opening presents. On the remix we find an alternative scene for the holiday in which a group of babes (some at least who must be teens) are partying in front of a Christmas tree in their seasonal stockings. Which holiday would you prefer? Choose!
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I Know What He Wants For Christmas - Kay Martin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kay Martin I Know What He Wants For Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Kay Martin I Know What He Wants For Xmas So are we now far enough into December to start thinking about Christmas? You betcha! The first of our seasonal sounds for this year is I Know What He Wants For Christmas (But I Don't Know How To Wrap It) by Kay Martin And Her Body Guards. We like Ms Martin's approach to this and can see clearly what it is that she is trying to wrap. On the remix we find a more modern babe in a very similar predicament. Just an update of an old classic. Tinsel!

Daddy Cool - Boney M 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Daddy Cool Original Cover Artwork of Boney M Daddy Cool One of our rare 'one for the ladies' remixes for Boney M and their single Daddy Cool. On the original single we find the girls in the band trying to make the guy in the band look cool and failing badly. On the remix we find a cool daddy. Actually, we don't know if he is a daddy, but he is certainly cool, not just because he appears to be a good with his skis, but because he is standing naked in the snow. Shrinking!
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Luv Is Cool - System Of Life 

Original Cover Artwork of System Of Life Luv Is Cool Cover Artwork Remix of System Of Life Luv Is Cool Cover Artwork Remix of System Of Life Luv Is Cool
A triple-play wintery remix for System Of Live and their single Luv Is Cool. The original cover is loveless and not entirely chilly which is why we have two remixes. On the first we find a babe on a freezing railway track. She must luv it there but it's mighty cool. On the second remix we find two babes who are enjoying themselves in freezing cold, snowy forest. They look happy enough to be in love. Cool!
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Long Cold Winter - Cinderella 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cinderella Long Cold Winter Original Cover Artwork of Cinderella Long Cold Winter It certainly is becoming a Long Cold Winter with so many remixes about freezing cold singles and albums. On the original cover of this album by Cinderella, we are not certain if it is cold and the whole cover represents a snowy white-out, or whether they just got bored. On the remix we find Cinderella herself in an icy cave which is where she hides out in winter. Why she is naked is another question but one we don't feel the need to ask. Icicle!
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Stone Cold - Rainbow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rainbow Stone Cold Original Cover Artwork of Rainbow Stone Cold There are, as anyone knows, varying degrees of coldness from 'a bit chilly' to 'brass monkeys'. Rainbow have decided to go with Stone Cold which is nearer to the monkey end of the scale than the chilly end. Sadly the cover of their single doesn't portray this which is why we have remixed it to show a babe who is attempting to turn herself to stone by freezing herself with snow. Sub-zero!
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Cold World - GZA Featuring Inspectah Deck  

Cover Artwork Remix of Genius Gza Cold World Original Cover Artwork of Genius Gza Cold World A Cold World is where GZA Featuring Inspectah Dick is trying to take us. But on the cover of his single, there appears to be a dead man in a diving suit holding a machete. It may be cold but it's not obvious (at least not to us). On the remix is an example of a real cold world. Four babes in their ice skates, in the snow and showing us their butts. The kind of cold world scene you see every day in ski resorts the world over. Polar!
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Cold Day In Hell - Gary Moore 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gary Moore Cold Day In Hell Original Cover Artwork of Gary Moore Cold Day In Hell The freeze continues as we find ourselves on a Cold Day In Hell with Gary Moore. On the original cover we see Mr Moore and his electric guitar, but it doesn't look very cold. On the remix we find the wife of Beelzibub dressed in leather and chains, standing in a winter scene. It's rare that snow falls in hell but it's lucky that a photographer was there to record it. Icy!
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