Better In Boots - Tyler Farr 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tyler Farr Better In Boots Original Cover Artwork of Tyler Farr Better In Boots Nothing explains a song better on the cover artwork than putting the lyrics on it. Which is no doubt why Tyler Farr thought that it would be a good idea to put some of the lyrics of his song Better In Boots on the cover of his single. We, on the other hand, think that babes look hot in boots and on the remix we find a babe wearing boots, in the snow, close to a dangerously unstable precipice. Best that she wears boots in such circumstances otherwise she might cause an avalanche. Flake!
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Digging My Heels In - Tim Daniels 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tim Daniels Digging My Heels In Original Cover Artwork of Tim Daniels Digging My Heels In What can we say about the cover artwork for Tim Daniels' single Digging My Heels In? Pretty much nothing as that is what is on the cover, nothing. Naught. Nix. Just the title of the song and Mr Daniels' name. Sadly our remix department slightly misheard the title and have produced a remix that would better fit with Digging In My Heels, rather than Digging My Heels In, but we will let them off, just this once. Shovel!
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The Fox In The Snow - Belle And Sebastian 

Original Cover Artwork of Belle Sebastian Fox In The Snow Cover Artwork Remix of Belle Sebastian Fox In The Snow Cover Artwork Remix of Belle Sebastian Fox In The Snow
A triple-play from us here at AllBum.Art in the form of two remixes of the cover of The Fox In The Snow by Belle And Sebastian. On the original cover we find a fox, in the snow. Full marks for that. On the first remix we also find a fox in the snow, or a tiger, or cougar, depending on your outlook. The second remix is the fault of Simon in our accounts department. Often, when we remix songs, we listen to them to get a feel for what they are about. Simon is a bit deaf and instead of hearing 'fox in the snow' he heard 'f*cks in the snow', and so the second remix is for Simon and anyone else who is a little shallow in the hearing department. Eh?
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Underdog - Kasabian 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kasabian Underdog Original Cover Artwork of Kasabian Underdog Ah yes, nothing screams Underdog like the cover of this single from Kasabian. Why is that the case, when the cover has nothing other than the name of the song and the band on it, well it is clear that the designer is an underdog and does not understand the complexities of producing artwork for singles and albums. The remix helps him (or her) out by showing an underdog who, in this case, is a poor helpless babe made to act out the life of a dog, in the freezing cold snow for good measure (well it is December). Woof!
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December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas) - George Michael 

Original Cover Artwork of George Michael December Song Cover Artwork Remix of George Michael December Song Cover Artwork Remix of George Michael December Song
We begin December with a suitably seasonal triple-play remix from George Michael. The original cover artwork for his song, December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas) shows an odd stack of televisions, a mouse and some badly drawn people. The first of our remixes shows a cold December angel who appears to be dreaming of Christmas. The final remix shows a babe who is clearly very into the idea of Christmas, and is dreaming of someone giving her a hot cup of coffee as she is standing around on a street corner in her Christmas outfit looking very chilly. Merry!

Puppet On A String - Sandie Shaw 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sandie Shaw Puppet On A String Original Cover Artwork of Sandie Shaw Puppet On A String Sandie Shaw sings about a Puppet On A String, but on the cover of her single there is only a picture of Ms Shaw. There is no sign of any puppet and nor is there any indication of the string on which the puppet is strung. On the remix we find a babe tied up with string, or at least tied up with something, and dangling from a rope. So the only question that remains is whether or not she is a puppet. Then again, perhaps that question really doesn't need an answer, just enjoy. Marionette!
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Rock Bottom - Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lynsey De Paul Rock Bottom Original Cover Artwork of Lynsey De Paul Rock Bottom Let's play word association... 'Rock Bottom'... Did you think of a man and a woman resting their chins on their fists, wearing waistcoat suits and red flowers? No? Well apparently that's what Lynsey De Paul and Mike Moran thought of when they were given the choice to select a picture for the cover of their single. When we though or rock bottom, we thought of a hot babe with a rock solid ass standing looking over a rocky landscape. That's just how our mind works, and we feel all the better for it. Granite!
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On Point - House Of Pain 

Cover Artwork Remix of House Of Pain On Point Original Cover Artwork of House Of Pain On Point Pointy, pointy, ooh la, la, pointy pointy. That is how the lyrics of On Point by House Of Pain might have gone if they'd left them to have been written by an idiot. But the lyrics are not what concerns us, it's just the artwork that we feature. The original cover shows the band, well almost. The remix shows a babe to whom the lyrics pointy, pointy, ooh la, la, pointy pointy would actually have applied very well. Apex!
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Stay - Sash Featuring La Trec 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sash Stay Original Cover Artwork of Sash Stay Don't you just love Sash Featuring La Trec for their apparent lack of any interest in making the original front cover artwork for their single even the slightest bit interesting? No? Well thankfully AllBum.Art is to hand. On the remix we find a babe who is having difficulties with a troublesome hound who appears to have pulled one of her stockings off. She's having trouble making him stay. Woof!
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Louboutins - Jennifer Lopez 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jennifer Lopez Louboutins Original Cover Artwork of Jennifer Lopez Louboutins What could be more iconic than Louboutins when it comes to shoes? And on the original single cover artwork we find that Jennifer Lopez does appear to be wearing said shoes which we know as the heels are painted red. Full marks on the AllBum.Art score card for a cover that shows the artist and the title. So in this sense, the remix is worse in that Ms Lopez is gone, and all that we are left with is a different babe who also appears to be wearing a pair of Louboutin shoes with their red soles. Oddly, that's all she is wearing. Spike!
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