Hey, Mister Christmas - Showaddywaddy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Showaddywaddy Hey Mr Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Showaddywaddy Hey Mr Xmas One of those 1970s Christmas songs that you don't hear very often, Hey, Mister Christmas was a not particularly well known hit for glam rock gurus Showaddywaddy. The original cover sees what we can only assume to be Mr Christmas wearing jeans and carrying a guitar. In the remix, a different Mr Christmas is surrounded by a bevy of babes who for some reason are only wearing panties and a Holiday hat. Hey!
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Home For Christmas - Maria Mena 

Cover Artwork Remix of Maria Mena Home Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Maria Mena Home Xmas A lovely lilting lullaby of a song, Home For Christmas is by Norwegian act Maria Mena. On the original cover we see Ms Mena standing in a forest at night with a dress hanging off her shoulders. In the remix, night has become day and in that period it appears the dress has fallen off completely leaving nothing but lilting lingerie. No wonder she is so keen to come home!
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I Need You For Christmas - Inna 

Cover Artwork Remix of Inna Need U 4 Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Inna Need U 4 Xmas Following yesterday's Romanian revelation, we were idly searching the Internet for Romanian pop stars and came across Inna. Remixing the cover of her 2009 single I Need You For Christmas is easy when there are so many sexy pictures of her all over the web. In the original version we see Inna with Santa. In the remix she is on her own and looking more needy, in the snow with only her underwear on. The title of the song has never been more appropriate!

Have A Cheeky Christmas - The Cheeky Girls 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cheeky Girls Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Cheeky Girls Xmas According to Simon Dexter of Truro, England, The Cheeky Girls are two Romanian babes who became to fame on a British talent show singing a song about 'touch my bum'. They also released a Christmas song in 2003 called Have A Cheeky Christmas. The original cover shows the girls (who are sisters) in festive outfits. Simon says this is one of the easiest remixes ever as the girls have posed topless and naked for various magazines in England and so he sent us this remix for our site. Thanks Simon and a Merry Christmas to you.
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Feliz Navidad - José Feliciano 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jose Feliciano Feliz Navidad Original Cover Artwork of Jose Feliciano Feliz Navidad It wouldn't be the Holidays in downtown Puerto Rico (or anywhere else in Latin America for that matter) without the strains of Feliz Navidad ringing out. This version by José Feliciano is the standard version against which all other version are measured. The original cover shows Mr Feliciano playing his guitar against backdrop of snowflakes. The remixed cover is also another version against which others should be measured, something like 42-26-36, wouldn't you say?
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We Wish You A Merry Chrismtas - Ferrante & Teicher 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ferrante Teicher Merry Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Ferrante Teicher Merry Xmas Ferrante & Teicher? Never heard of them? No, us neither but since when has that stopped us remixing the cover of someones single or album. This is their 1996 album (of piano based jingling) called, inventively, We Wish You A Merry Christmas. They have the right idea, with a pretty girl in a Santa outfit adorning the front cover. All we have done is remove her Santa outfit, given her a friend in the same state of undress and added a bit of seasonal snow where it's necessary!

Joy To The World - Michael Bolton 

Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Bolton Joy To The World Original Cover Artwork of Michael Bolton Joy To The World Joy To The World was a mini-album (or EP) by incredulous crooner Michael Bolton. The original cover has Mr Bolton looking ludicrous singing earnestly against a backdrop of snow covered trees. But lo! It seems that the cover has been airbrushed - the correct version has one of Mr Bolton's fans (who may well be called Joy) standing behind showing her joy to the world. Good job that we at AllBum.Art were able to recover the original from Mr Bolton's recycle bin!
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Wintersong - Sarah McLachlan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sarah Mclachlan Wintersong Original Cover Artwork of Sarah Mclachlan Wintersong Wintersong was a 2006 album by Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan. On the cover we see Ms McLachlan looking very wintery in a snowy scene in a floaty white dress, eh? The remix is equally wintery but the difference is that it seems the lady in the picture has foregone the wearing of the floaty white dress altogether. To be honest, she looks a bit chilly, but it is an album full of winter songs so what did she expect, eh?
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Keep Warm - Jinny 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jinny Keep Warm Original Cover Artwork of Jinny Keep Warm Not exactly a Holiday hit, but one that deserves to come out in the Winter. Those crazy 1990s dance acts - Jinny was apparently Italian. And apparently the way they Keep Warm is to wear over-sized ballet shoes. In terms of warmth, they must be about as cozy as standing around in the snow wearing nothing but hold-up stockings, high heels and a smile. Which oddly, is exactly how the babe in the remixed cover is standing. If anything, she looks warmer than Jinny. Then again, she is hot!
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The Christmas Album - The Manhattan Transfer 

Cover Artwork Remix of Manhattan Transfer Xmas Album Original Cover Artwork of Manhattan Transfer Xmas Album Rat-ta-tat-ta-tat is probably the most famous lyric uttered by The Manhattan Transfer but their style of relaxed harmonic chirping is ideally suited to melodic Christmas moaning and on The Christmas Album, that is what they surpass themselves at. The cover is odd in that it is Christmassy but also has palm leaves on it. Must be a NY thing. The remix is just as Christmassy but has a cute chick wearing little but a smile and some tinsel - the best kind of clothing in the Holidays.
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