To The Sea - Jack Johnson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jack Johnson To The Sea Original Cover Artwork of Jack Johnson To The Sea To The Sea is both the name of a single and an album by Jack Johnson as we keep the seaside theme going. On the original front cover, someone has made a strange construction which, it is just possible, is some kind of mechanism for getting to the sea. On the remix, no contraptions are necessary as we find ourselves already at the sea, sharing a splash of water with a bikini clad babe. Wave!
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Seaside - The Kooks 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kooks Seaside Original Cover Artwork of Kooks Seaside Continuing the nautical theme, here is Seaside by The Kooks. On the original single cover artwork we find the band sitting around playing their guitars, and the drummer in the background. Are they at the seaside? It's impossible to tell. On the remix is a babe who is standing in the sea, by some rocks, so is definitely at the seaside. It seems she may have taken a dip in the ocean in her dress, as it's gotten all wet, though her make-up appears oddly intact. Beachballs!
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Girl And The Sea - The Presets 

Cover Artwork Remix of Presets Girl And The Sea Original Cover Artwork of Presets Girl And The Sea The Girl And The Sea. What could be simpler for a designer of the front cover artwork for this single by The Presets to illustrate. So how the devil did he, or she, come up with a wrestler and a forest? The remix fixes this completely. All that is pictured on the remixed artwork is a girl, standing by the sea. Nothing else. A girl, and the sea. Could it have been any easier? Rockpool!
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Spirits In The Material World - The Police 

Cover Artwork Remix of Police Spirits In The Material World Original Cover Artwork of Police Spirits In The Material World The Police are having problems. They have got Spirits In The Material World, which is messing their ability to put together the front cover artwork for their single in the way they had wanted. All they have managed is a fuzzy blue representation of their faces. Let's help them out. On the remix is a busty babe whose spiritual assets are in a material world, transparently. Pond!

Waterfront - Simple Minds 

Cover Artwork Remix of Simple Minds Waterfront Original Cover Artwork of Simple Minds Waterfront This is the fifth remix for Scottish band Simple Minds and it is for their song Waterfront. On the original single front cover artwork, we can see a lake, which is a good start, but there is no front of any discernible kind. On the remix we find a babe standing right next to the water, on the waterfront. She has some front too, standing there in nothing but her high heels. And as she is nearly naked, we can see her front too. Mouth watering!
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Show Them To Me - Rodney Carrington 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rodney Carrington Show Them To Me Original Cover Artwork of Rodney Carrington Show Them To Me Could anyone be under any misapprehensions at all about what it is that Rodney Carrington wishes to be shown, when he sings Show Them To Me, as the original cover artwork features Mr Carrington resting his weary soul against the bra of an oversized babe. On the remix, a different babe has succumbed to Mr Carrington's wishes and has removed her bra to show 'them' to him, and to the rest of the world. Buckle!
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Head Over Boots - Jon Pardi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jon Pardi Head Over Boots Original Cover Artwork of Jon Pardi Head Over Boots It's time for some country and western as we join Jon Pardi who has fallen, apparently, Head Over Boots. The original single cover artwork shows a smiling Mr Pardi in his ole' country singer's hat. On the remix we find a babe who has literally fallen head over boots. That is what happens when you walk around forests in autumn in high heel boots. Luckily there was a chair in the way to catch her fall. Crimson!
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Don't Walk Away - Jade 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jade Dont Walk Away Original Cover Artwork of Jade Dont Walk Away Whatever else you might decide to do, Don't Walk Away. That is the message that Jade are trying to pass across by standing looking fierce on the original cover artwork of their single. On the remix a babe is walking away, but she probably shouldn't as she has forgotten her top and appears to have heels so high that she could trip on that damaged concrete road she is traversing. Danger!
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From Russia With Love - Matt Monro 

Cover Artwork Remix of Matt Monro From Russia With Love Original Cover Artwork of Matt Monro From Russia With Love Today it is the turn of Matt Monro and his song From Russia With Love, which just happens to be the name of a James Bond movie of the same name. On the original artwork we find Sean Connery standing outside what appears to be the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, which, the last time we looked, wasn't in Russia. On the remix we find a leggy babe who we are led to believe, is actually Russian. With love.
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Alone Tonight - Above And Beyond 

Cover Artwork Remix of Above Beyond Alone Tonight Original Cover Artwork of Above Beyond Alone Tonight Like the cover artwork for many dance singles, Above And Beyond have made no effort to enhance listening pleasure through trying to describe Alone Tonight in graphical terms. The remix does a much better job as we find a babe standing alone at night (though paradoxically there must have been someone there taking the photo). Given the shortness of her skirt it seems unlikely she will remain alone for long. Bridges!
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