Live Twice - Darius 

Cover Artwork Remix of Darius Live Twice Original Cover Artwork of Darius Live Twice How often do you live? A famous British secret agent said that you only Live Twice, and it seems that British singer Darius would agree with him. On the original single front cover artwork we find just a picture of the lead singer. No sign of death or resurrection. On the remix we find two babes and a skeleton. Which is living twice is a mystery, but for certain the two babes are living once. Are those real? A different question. Latex!
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The Look Of Love - ABC 

Cover Artwork Remix of Abc Look Of Love Original Cover Artwork of Abc Look Of Love Whilst we're in the mood for remixing cover artwork by ABC, it's time to get The Look Of Love. On the original we find the band members (this seems to be a common theme with this band) with their instruments. On the remix we find a babe who just has that look of love in her eyes. If it isn't the look of love that she has, then maybe it is some other kind of look, but does it really matter? Cashmere!
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The Night You Murdered Love - ABC 

Cover Artwork Remix of Abc The Night You Murdered Love Original Cover Artwork of Abc The Night You Murdered Love Time for another Halloween remix what with it being October 31 and all. Tonight could well be The Night You Murdered Love, and that is what ABC sing about. The original cover artwork shows the band members looking very new romantic but still well and truly alive. The remix shows a babe in a graveyard. It is not clear if she is the murderer, or the murdered but she will catch her death of cold either way. Grave!

Suicide Blonde - INXS 

Cover Artwork Remix of Inxs Suicide Blonde Original Cover Artwork of Inxs Suicide Blonde There is a certain irony about INXS singing about a Suicide Blonde, given the tragic and untimely demise of the band's lead singer. However, none of that changes the remixability of the single artwork which is apt for a bit of clarification. This is because on the original cover, three babes are dancing in a James Bond-esque style but given the odd shading it is not clear if they are blonde or not. On the remix is a blonde babe who is more of a homicide blonde. Bang!
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Evil - Interpol 

Original Cover Artwork of Interpol Evil Cover Artwork Remix of Interpol Evil Cover Artwork Remix of Interpol Evil
Another triple-play from us good folk at in the form of an Evil remix of Interpol. The original single cover artwork is, to put it mildly, boring. Our first remix has a ghoulish goth standing with her loopy lantern and is far more evil. The final shows a babe with horns, which makes her about as evil as it is possible to get, unless she also had a forked tongue too. Antler!
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Killer Queen - Queen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Queen Killer Queen Original Cover Artwork of Queen Killer Queen The original cover of Killer Queen by British rock megaband Queen is, to put it mildly, lackluster. It just shows the band with floppy 1970s haircuts looking, if anything, bored. The remix shows exactly what it should, a devilishly dastardly queen whose looks could kill, let along her evil magic. Whatever you do, don't drink the glowing purple substance in the wine glass she is holding, that's sure to make her a killer queen for sure.
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Deep - East 17 

Cover Artwork Remix of East 17 Deep Original Cover Artwork of East 17 Deep Today we find East 17 and they are Deep. How deep you might be wondering. Well, if the original single front cover artwork is anything to go by, it is deep down some back alleyway. On the remix is a babe who, by her costume, appears to me a maid. The presence of a spray bottle on the window, and broom handle, is also perhaps evidence of this. And the fact that the broom handle is heading deep inside her back alleyway ties in with the original single cover. Handler!
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Waterfront - Simple Minds 

Cover Artwork Remix of Simple Minds Waterfront Original Cover Artwork of Simple Minds Waterfront This is the fifth remix for Scottish band Simple Minds and it is for their song Waterfront. On the original single front cover artwork, we can see a lake, which is a good start, but there is no front of any discernible kind. On the remix we find a babe standing right next to the water, on the waterfront. She has some front too, standing there in nothing but her high heels. And as she is nearly naked, we can see her front too. Mouth watering!
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Show Them To Me - Rodney Carrington 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rodney Carrington Show Them To Me Original Cover Artwork of Rodney Carrington Show Them To Me Could anyone be under any misapprehensions at all about what it is that Rodney Carrington wishes to be shown, when he sings Show Them To Me, as the original cover artwork features Mr Carrington resting his weary soul against the bra of an oversized babe. On the remix, a different babe has succumbed to Mr Carrington's wishes and has removed her bra to show 'them' to him, and to the rest of the world. Buckle!
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Head Over Boots - Jon Pardi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jon Pardi Head Over Boots Original Cover Artwork of Jon Pardi Head Over Boots It's time for some country and western as we join Jon Pardi who has fallen, apparently, Head Over Boots. The original single cover artwork shows a smiling Mr Pardi in his ole' country singer's hat. On the remix we find a babe who has literally fallen head over boots. That is what happens when you walk around forests in autumn in high heel boots. Luckily there was a chair in the way to catch her fall. Crimson!
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