While I Shovel The Snow - The Walkmen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Walkmen While I Shovel The Snow Original Cover Artwork of Walkmen While I Shovel The Snow While I Shovel The Snow, it seems that The Walkmen are not going to help but are going to stand around under a bridge staring towards the icy river beyond. Thankfully, on the remix, we find a babe who is more than willing to help shovel the snow, and she has all the necessary equipment, including a snow shovel and some sturdy winter boots. On the other hand, she seems to have forgotten the rest of her winter outfit. Guess you can't have everything, can you? Complete!

I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston 

Cover Artwork Remix of Whitney Houston I Have Nothing When Original Cover Artwork of Whitney Houston I Have Nothing Whitney Houston tells is that I Have Nothing, we don't believe this to be strictly true. Not least, the original single cover artwork shows her to have a nice black dress. On the remix we find a babe who really does have nothing. Not only does she not have a dress to wear, but it seems that even if she was wearing a dress she has none of the womanly curves that would fill it out nicely as up top she has nothing either. Flatties!
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Push In The Bush - Clair Hicks And Love Exchange 

Original Cover Artwork of Clair Hicks Love Exchange Push In The Bush Cover Artwork Remix of Clair Hicks Love Exchange Push In The Bush Cover Artwork Remix of Clair Hicks Love Exchange Push In The Bush

A triple-play of remixes and ones that fall within our 'X-rated remixes' category. The original cover for Clair Hicks And Love Exchange is nothing more than the title of the song and the name of the band against a marbled backdrop. The two remixxes follow an identical theme, that of one babe pushing in the bush (see definition number 11 in case this whole thing doesn't make sense) of another girl. On the first the pushing has already been quite successful. On the second (where it oddly appears that the babes concerned are dressed as schoolgirls) the pushing has a little further to go, though the pained look on the girl who is being pushed into's face suggests it might be time to stop. Fist!
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Ouch - Ohio Players 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ohio Players Ouch Original Cover Artwork of Ohio Players Ouch The original cover for the Ohio Players album Ouch! shows a babe who appears to have gotten something stuck in her ass, and is experiencing a certain amount of pain extracting it, but it is not clear what is stuck there. On the remi-xxx (yes another of our xxx-rated remixes) the situation becomes clearer as we find that the babe concerned appears to have a string of beads stuck up her ass. What we can't confirm, however, is that this is causing her any pain. Extract!
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This Is Hardcore - Pulp 

Original Cover Artwork of Pulp This Is Hardcore Cover Artwork Remix of Pulp This Is Hardcore Cover Artwork Remix of Pulp This Is Hardcore
With a title like This Is Hardcore, this album by Pulp was always destined to be 'Remi-XXX-ed' instead of just a regular remix, and just to make matters even more merry, there are two remixes for your enjoyment. The original cover hints at hardcore through the use of a topless babe positioned in a pouting pose. The two remixes follow a very similar theme, that theme being, largely, a babe who is being entertained by the back door, which is about as hardcore as we dare get. Anal!
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Fools Gold - The Stone Roses 

Cover Artwork Remix of Stone Roses Fools Gold Original Cover Artwork of Stone Roses Fools Gold Having seen yesterday's remix of a track by The Stone Roses, we received a user submitted remix of Fools Gold from Maark Aardman (not sure why there are so many extra 'a's in his name) from Bolton, England. Maark says:
Our lad needs some gold that would make a fool of you, get in!

We don't quite know what he means but we get the idea. The babe in the remix wouldn't fool anyone with that gold get-up. Shiny!
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Love Spreads - Stone Roses 

Cover Artwork Remix of Stone Roses Love Spreads Original Cover Artwork of Stone Roses Love Spreads What spreads? Butter? Jelly? Rumours? Wildfire? No, it's love... Love Spreads according to The Stone Roses. The thing is that their original artwork provides no indication whatsoever of how this spreading of love is to take place. On the remix we find a babe whose love is spread about as widely as it is possible to go unless she contorts into some bizarre yoga pose more complex than the position she is already holding. Widely!
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Don't Kill The Whale - Yes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Yes Dont Kill The Whale Original Cover Artwork of Yes Dont Kill The Whale A noble cause, 'Save The Whales', and one to which band Yes clearly subscribe given the title of their single Don't Kill The Whale. The original cover artwork for their single highlights the plight of these majestic creatures as we find a whale who is thrashing about in the sea. Little changes on the remix as we also find a whale thrashing about in the sea, though we are less concerned about her longevity. Blubber!
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Ginger Bread - Frankie Avalon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Frankie Avalon Ginger Bread Original Cover Artwork of Frankie Avalon Ginger Bread Whether you write it Ginger Bread (as 2 words) or Gingerbread (as 1 word) makes little difference to the cover of this single from Frankie Avalon. The original artwork shows Mr Avalon looking rather dashing in his 50s style get-up. On the remix we find a babe whose nickname at school was gingerbread, on account of the color of her hair which is about as gingery as it comes. It is nice of her to show us this but we could have worked that out without her taking all her clothes off. Revealed!
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Naked - Cheesa 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cheesa Naked Original Cover Artwork of Cheesa Naked To be fair to Cheesa, we would, under normal circumstances, rate the cover of her single Naked with full points. Not only is the artist on the cover, but she is demonstrating the title of the song by appearing naked. Bravo! What we did on the remix was only to reflect on the name Cheesa, by replacing her with a naked babe. Well she is almost naked, it's just that her extremities have been covered with cheese. Nice!
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