Explosion - Champagne 

Cover Artwork Remix of Champagne Explosion Original Cover Artwork of Champagne Explosion We like the original cover of Explosion by Champagne, as it promises so much. A babe, in high heels and stockings ready to pop a cork and let the champagne flow. Nice. On the remix we find that the bottle is open, the champagne has flowed and the stockings and heels are nowhere to be seen. Not just a remix but a time-series of events. Or just a hot blonde holding a glass of bubbly. Fizzy!
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Contrasts - David Carroll 

Cover Artwork Remix of David Carroll Contrasts Original Cover Artwork of David Carroll Contrasts A real oldie, this 1959 album from David Carroll called Contrasts. On the original cover we find Mr Carroll in his 1950s swimming costume ready to dive into a bucket of water whilst a bikini
clad beach babe poses in front of him (and somewhat to his surprise it would seem). On the remix the situation is largely unchanged, however the beach babes have been modernized and to say that their bikinis were skimpier would be an understatement. Now he really should look surprised. Shocked!
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Best Of - The Fatback Band 

Cover Artwork Remix of Best Of Fatback Band Original Cover Artwork of Best Of Fatback Band Another cover which scores quite highly without the remix, the Best Of The Fatback Band shows us a cute babe who is using her hand to do the job that her panties would more commonly undertake. On the remix little has changed other than that the hands of the babe concerned have moved to her hips, though the lighting does not actually reveal much more than we already knew. And what did we already know? That she's not wearing panties of course. Knickers!
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Naive - The Kooks 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Kooks Naive Original Cover Artwork of The Kooks Naive What is Naive about the cover of The Kooks song? It seems that the situation is that some guy is sitting next to some babe who seems to have reasonable legs. Beyond that we can't tell any more about the story. On the remix we find that the guy has had a better chance to examine the goods and though her legs may have looked quite OK, the rest of her may not be so appealing. So his naivety lies in the fact that he's now left in a compromising position that would have been so less difficult if he'd investigated the situation better before. Hand!
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Let No Man Put Asunder - First Choice 

Cover Artwork Remix of First Choice Let No Man Put Asunder Original Cover Artwork of First Choice Let No Man Put Asunder What a cute play on words. When First Choice sing Let No Man Put Asunder, they could equally be singing Let No Man Put Us Under. See what they did there? Well let's see what we did on the remix as we replaced the skin-tight leotard wearing band members with a wedding which doesn't look like it's going to get off to a non asundering start, what with the bride and her maids showing where they have already been asundered. Under!
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Fire Brigade - The Move 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Move Fire Brigade Original Cover Artwork of The Move Fire Brigade Having seen our recent The Move contributor Randy Phillips of England sent us this remix of Fire Brigade. Phil tells us that in England on 5 November there are lots of fires built and burned all over the country to celebrate the fact that the government was not burned down in the sixteenth century. Those crazy Brits and their wacky history. On the original single cover artwork we see the band looking nothing if not cold. On the remix we find two babes desperately in need of the fire brigade as they appear to be stuck on a burning boat. Bonfire!
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Boogie Down - Blackwell 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blackwell Boogie Down Original Cover Artwork of Blackwell Boogie Down It can be disappointing to stumble across the artwork for an album which really doesn't need remixing, as where's the fun in that. So the cover for Boogie Down by Blackwell, which already features two naked babes, really does not require a remix. That doesn't mean we can't try, and on the remix we have increased the number of babes but otherwise left most things unchanged. Is it better? Who cares - we don't. Triple!
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New Shoes - Paolo Nutini 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paolo Nutini New Shoes Original Cover Artwork of Paolo Nutini New Shoes So, Paolo Nutini wishes to regale us with his song about New Shoes does he? That's as maybe, but taking a look at the cover artwork of his single, we can't even see if he is wearing shoes, let alone how aged they are. On the remix we find a babe wearing very shiny high heel shoes. Are they new? Well they are certainly shiny, so we will give her the benefit of the doubt. And lots more too. Reflection!
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Wicked Game - Chris Isaak 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chris Isaak Wicked Game Original Cover Artwork of Chris Isaak Wicked Game What a Wicked Game you play, that is what Chris Isaak sings. But does the cover artwork for his single explain anything about the nature of this game? It doesn't (other than, perhaps, having made Mr Isaak seem a little glum). The remix shows us more of the game, which appears to involve taping up naked babes in some kind of dungeon area. So the real question is, why would such a game make Mr Isaak appear so glum, as it doesn't have that effect on us. Spanking!
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Bring Me To Live - Evanescence 

Cover Artwork Remix of Evanescence Bring Me To Life Original Cover Artwork of Evanescence Bring Me To Life Halloween might be over, so it's time to revive those flagging senses and what reinvigorate the body. In effect you need to Bring Me To Life, which Evanescence can help us with. The thing is, on the original cover, the band member facing us seems more deadly than alive. To be fair, on the remix, the babe facing us also looks less than spritely but the look in her eyes brings certain parts of the male anatomy to life, without a doubt. Viagra!
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