Closer Than Close - Rosie Gaines 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rosie Gaines Closer Than Close Original Cover Artwork of Rosie Gaines Closer Than Close Nothing says Closer Than Close better than some pink and red blobs. Don't be misled by any other explanation, this is the word of Rosie Gaines and we have to believe, otherwise everything is lost to the world of closeness. The remix adds little, other than a guy and a babe standing closer than close, so close in fact that it is a wonder she isn't being impregnated just standing there. Closer than clothes, that is for certain. Handy!
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I Surrender - Rosie Gaines 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rosie Gaines I Surrender Original Cover Artwork of Rosie Gaines I Surrender Another remix provided to us by contributor Phil Darnall of England. On the original single cover for I Surrender by Rosie Gaines, you will find a very speckled image of Ms Gaines. Perhaps she has surrendered to the great speckled image monster. On the remix, Phil tells us is a picture of bountiful babe called Rosie whose body he has strapped in leather and whose boot-clad ankles he has tied together. She looks as if she is enjoying it, says Phil, perhaps this is less submission and more admission. We see what you're getting at Phil. Insinuation!
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Autumn Dreams - Sky Motion 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sky Motion Autumn Dreams Original Cover Artwork of Sky Motion Autumn Dreams Another autumn (or fall for those who speak the president's English and not the queen's) themed remix. When Sky Motion sing of Autumn Dreams, a glacial forest lake is not the first thing that springs to mind (get it, spring - it's another season). What is summoned (OK, not quite summer but a good try none the less) to mind is leaves of many colors, fallen (fall get it?) to the ground, and of course, a hot babe standing amongst them. Wonder if her name is winter? Solstice!
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Forever Autumn - Justin Hayward 

Cover Artwork Remix of Justin Hayward Forever Autumn Original Cover Artwork of Justin Hayward Forever Autumn Two remixes of the same song, no less. Yes, we have already remixed an earlier version of Forever Autumn, but today it is the turn of Justin Hayward to face the remix treatment. Mr Hayward's version comes from the epic musical, War Of The Worlds. On the original cover we find a scene from the story, with an alien podule having landed on some wasteland or other. On the remix we find a babe lying around in an autumnal forest scene. You can choose which version you like the best. Fall!
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Welcome To The Dance - Des Mitchell 

Cover Artwork Remix of Des Mitchell Welcome To The Dance Original Cover Artwork of Des Mitchell Welcome To The Dance Welcome To The Dance... inside the dance you will find a blurry beach and... err... well, a blurry beach. What more could you want from the dance? Well, Des Mitchell, when we are welcomed to the dance, we expect much more than a blurry beach. We expect some kind of dancing display of some kind, preferably involving sexy babes. So you will forgive us for remixing your otherwise blurry single cover with something a bit more 'dance'. Jive!
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Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eiffel 65 Blue Original Cover Artwork of Eiffel 65 Blue When you are casually surfing the internet and you find a picture of a topless girl painted blue (as you do), what is your first thought? Here at AllBum.Art, it is, 'ooh - there ought to be a good use for this photo to remix the cover artwork of a song'. And the song we have remixed using this picture is Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65. We have no idea what the song is about, or indeed why such a stupid song exists, but we do know that the remix, featuring the aforementioned blue topless girl is a lot better than the original cover. Cyan!
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Nude - Radiohead 

Cover Artwork Remix of Radiohead Nude Original Cover Artwork of Radiohead Nude Some tracks lend themselves to remixes much more than others, and when we find a track whose name is Nude, we know a remix must be born. On the original cover of this track by Radiohead, we find what appears to be a drawing of a dark path through an overgrown forest. On the remix we see a similar black and white scene, but this time there is a nude babe in the picture, thereby making much more out of the potential laden in the song's title. Unclothed!
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Absolute Beginners - David Bowie 

Cover Artwork Remix of David Bowie Absolute Beginners Original Cover Artwork of David Bowie Absolute Beginners Another remix for glam singer David Bowie. On the original cover of his single Absolute Beginners, we find Mr Bowie standing around by the banks of a river in black and white. For what it's worth, we don't believe that Mr Bowie is a beginner in that kind of stance. On the remix we find a group of girls who appear to be trying to sail a boat. They are clearly beginners of the absolute variety, as they aren't wearing the proper attire for the job. In fact they aren't wearing any attire at all which is clearly very dangerous when sailing a boat. Deck!
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Electric - Lisa Scott-Lee 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lisa Scott Lee Electric Original Cover Artwork of Lisa Scott Lee Electric Electric is the name of both a single and an album by Lisa Scott-Lee (whoever she is). We just chose it because we had a great picture of a kind of robotic cyborg type babe standing around against what look like some kind of electric cables. When hunting for some artwork to remix, we found this single/album and the similarity of the color scheme just meant we had to use it, with apologies to Ms Scott-Lee who seems to be a D-list singer from England. Voltage!
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Garage Days Part II - Metallica 

Cover Artwork Remix of Metallica Garage Days Original Cover Artwork of Metallica Garage Days Today's AllBum.Art remix is for Metallica's album Garage Days Part II (or Garage Days Re-Revisited Part II to give it its full mane). The original cover shows... well not much at all, just the Metallica logo, a stylized skull and cross-bones, and the title of the album. The remix shows a babe standing around in a garage during the day. No-one seems to be parked in the garage but that's maybe a good thing, as the babe concerned does not appear to be wearing any clothes. Park!
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