Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 

Cover Artwork Remix of Imagine Dragons Radioactive Original Cover Artwork of Imagine Dragons Radioactive It is possible, though it seems unlikely, that the scene depicted on the original cover of Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons is in someway connected to nuclear fall-out. But other than the colors being slightly washed-out, there is no real evidence of radiation. In the remix this problem is cured as we see an asian babe who is wearing some kind of protective mask and who has the symbols that warn of radioactivity painted on her. It seems that whatever the nature of the radiation she is being exposed too, it must only be dangerous if inhaled, as the rest of her body is woefully unprotected. Neutron!
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Tease Me - Chaka Demus And Pliers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chaka Demus Pliers Tease Me Original Cover Artwork of Chaka Demus Pliers Tease Me As if Chaka Demus And Pliers isn't an odd enough name for a group, the cover of their single Tease Me is even odder. Other than some badly colored snaps of what can only be presumed to be the band members peering out at the side of a rusted corrugated iron panel, the red blobs at the bottom make no sense either. The remix is 100% clear as we see a hot, hot babe doing some teasing by looking lasciviously at the camera whilst flashing a shapely boob. Top!
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Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters 

Cover Artwork Remix of Drifters Under The Boardwalk Original Cover Artwork of Drifters Under The Boardwalk Pink, orange, yellow and blue stripes. Is that what The Drifters think that life is like Under The Boardwalk. Well sorry to disappoint them, but it is not. It is a hostile environment where the sea lashes against the exposed metalwork whilst naked babes have to stand around holding up stanchions to ensure the boardwalk doesn't fall into the sea. Hang on, is that true - the bit about naked babes and stanchions? Obviously it is - see the remix! Joist!
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Two Can Play That Game - Bobby Brown 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bobby Brown Two Can Play Original Cover Artwork of Bobby Brown Two Can Play We are particularly proud of the remix of the cover artwork for Two Can Play That Game by Bobby Brown that we have produced. Instead of showing two beret style hats (for no particular reason that is apparent), we show a game that can be played by two, in this case table football. Yes, two can play that game. In fact more than two can play that game but given the two that are playing it in the remixed cover, it might be best to leave them to it and stand back and watch. Dual!
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Letitgo - Prince 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prince Letitgo Original Cover Artwork of Prince Letitgo We are very sorry about this. Reggie who does some of the web-design for us said that there must be a song with the word 'tit' in it that could be remixed with a picture of a babe with her tit on show. We should never have let him loose with Gimp! Anyhow, for Prince fans, here is a remix of Letitgo. And guess what you can see in the remix, why a babe showing us her tit. Thanks Reggie - remind us not to let you work on the creative stuff again. Obvious!
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Torn - Natalie Imbruglia 

Cover Artwork Remix of Natalie Imbruglia Torn Original Cover Artwork of Natalie Imbruglia Torn An unusual original cover for the single Torn by Natalie Imbruglia, in that the lyrics of the song are included. Is this because Ms Imbruglia's Australian accent makes understanding her singing difficult to comprehend? Or is it the lyricist showing off. Either way, the remix doesn't lose this proprietary touch but instead replaces Ms Imbruglia with a babe whose clothes seem to have been torn away from her. Ripped!
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Caught In The Act - Earlene Bentley 

Cover Artwork Remix of Earlene Bentley Caught In The Act Original Cover Artwork of Earlene Bentley Caught In The Act If ever there weren't a song title destined for a remix, it isn't not Caught In The Act by 1980s hi-energy starlet Earlene Bentley. To be fair to Ms Bentley, the original cover suggest some illicit activity that, if caught, may cause ruptions. The remix though, shows a girl that has already been caught in the act. Caught in the act of what, you may ask? Caught in the act of walking down a busy shopping street in the nude. Baggage!
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One Night In Bangkok - Murray Head 

Cover Artwork Remix of Murray Head One Night In Bangkok Original Cover Artwork of Murray Head One Night In Bangkok Bangkok, oriental city, but the city don't know what the city is gettin'. Or so proclaims Murray Head at the start of his single One Night In Bangkok. He then goes on to explain that there will be a chess tournament going on. How dull is that? For most people one night in Bangkok looks a lot more like the scenario in the remix of the cover artwork. Hot Thai babes in your hotel room. Siam!
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You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bachman Turner Overdrive You Aint Seen Nothing Yet Original Cover Artwork of Bachman Turner Overdrive You Aint Seen Nothing Yet It's nice to be able to help out our Canadian brethren by remixing their nicey-nicey cover artwork. Here we see Bachman Turner Overdrive standing around looking Canadian in their fur coats and lumberjackets. The remix of the cover, though, points to a different story as three cute babes flashing their boobs at us whilst proclaiming You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet. Imagine what they will be letting us see next, eh. Vision!

Don't Leave Me This Way - The Communards Featuring Sarah Jane Morris 

Cover Artwork Remix of Communards Dont Leave Me This Way Original Cover Artwork of Communards Dont Leave Me This Way Oddly, or maybe not, this is not the first remix for a cover of Don't Leave Me This Way that we have presented. The first was for Thelma Houston but this one is for The Communards Featuring Sarah Jane Morris. The original cover for this single is beyond boring. Zzzzz.... The remix shows a babe who has made a real effort to look her best by taking off her shirt and pulling down her jeans and now she is standing there with a very 'don't leave me this way' look on her face. Action!
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