Seven - Talla 2XLC 

Cover Artwork Remix of Talla2xlc Seven Original Cover Artwork of Talla2xlc Seven We, here at AllBum.Art have no idea what a Talla is or why a Talla should be in size 2XLC (2 Xtra Large Cloth?). And the song is called Seven. And the cover has some weird Japanese characters that seem to spell 'JEJSUO' and the number 120 on it. Why? No idea whatsoever. The remix stays with the Japanese theme but replaces the complete nonsense with seven Asian babes sitting on a stage. Is that any more Talla, or somehow more 2XLC? No idea. But it is more seven. Of nine!
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Woman In Chains - Tears For Fears 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tears For Fears Woman In Chains Original Cover Artwork of Tears For Fears Woman In Chains Continuing the chains theme, we bring you the remix of the single Woman In Chains by Tears For Fears. To be fair to the band, the original cover scores a lot of points because it features a woman, in chains. All we have done for the remix is to replace the woman with a more modern model, increase the amount of chains a little, and reduce the amount of clothing a little too. Well maybe more than a little. Locked!
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Chains - Tina Arena 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tina Arena Chains Original Cover Artwork of Tina Arena Chains What better way to begin November and end the Halloween series than with something to do with chains. And Chains by Tina Arena has a lot to do with chains because chains is the title of the song. The original cover sees Ms Arena but there are no signs of any chains. In the remixed artwork we see a babe looking equally as nonchalant as Ms Arena but this time bedecked in chains... and, it would seem... very little else. Clank!
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Better The Devil You Know - Sonia 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sonia Better The Devil Original Cover Artwork of Sonia Better The Devil And so to Halloween itself, October 31. And what have we chosen to remix today? An obscure song called Better The Devil You Know by British babe Sonia. The song is about as cheery and bubblegum as it gets, which is what makes it such a good target for a remix. In the original cover we see Sonia standing in front of the British flag. Why? Because apparently this was an entry for a European song contest. In the remix we see a babe, but we don't see the devil she knows who is off to the left of the shot and is trying to poke her ass with his trident. She seems happy enough about it which is why she is willing to stick with the devil she knows. Lucifer!

I'm Not Scared - Eighth Wonder Featuring Patsy Kensit 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eighth Wonder Im Not Scared Original Cover Artwork of Eighth Wonder Im Not Scared Only one more day until Halloween but Eighth Wonder Featuring Patsy Kensit are not the least bit concerned. At least Ms Kensit isn't as she sings I'm Not Scared. She does look a little scared on the cover of the single though so in the remix she has been replaced by a woman who is evidently not scared at all. She is carrying a cross to ward off evil spirits. It looks like the evil spirits may have gotten to her first though as most of her clothes seem to have fallen off. Invisible!
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Witch's Promise - Jethro Tull 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jethro Tull Witchs Promise Original Cover Artwork of Jethro Tull Witchs Promise What is it that the Witch's Promised Jethro Tull? To look really stupid wearing cowboy outfits in a field? They obviously upset her somehow. In the remix we see the witches convening a coven to decide what to do next. If only they had allowed Jethro to use a picture of their coven it might have improved the cover. A witches coven convening cover. Oh, wait, they have in the remix. Dolly!
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Devil Woman - Cliff Richard 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cliff Richard Devil Woman Original Cover Artwork of Cliff Richard Devil Woman Another remix for Cliff Richard but this time with a Halloween theme. Mr Richard sings about a Devil Woman, but the cover of his single shows only Mr Richard singing about a devil woman. There's no indication of who the woman might be or what about her it is that makes her so devilish. In the remix we see the devil woman. She is clearly a woman and has horns, which must be why Mr Richard thought she was Ms Satan. Sadly for Mr Richard, it's just a dressing up outfit and Ms Satan is probably an angel in disguise. Presley!
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Evil Woman - Electric Light Orchestra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Elo Evil Woman Original Cover Artwork of Elo Evil Woman Ooh, an Evil Woman. That's what the Electric Light Orchestra are singing about. Sadly, the cover of their single shows a load of hirsute 1970s style men. Oh, you mean that's the band themselves - should have guessed. The remix shows a very evil woman. So evil in fact that she only needs to wear a hat and some black lipstick to show the extent of her evilness. Don't get too close as you might end up in a great deal of trouble. Warning!
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Witchcraft - Frank Sinatra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Frank Sinatra Witchcraft Original Cover Artwork of Frank Sinatra Witchcraft Frank Sinatra's songs regularly make excellent sources for remixing covers here at AllBum.Art. His 1958 song Witchcraft is no exception. On the original cover artwork we see Mr Sinatra. That's it. Just Mr Sinatra. What isn't obvious is that even in the 1950s there were ways to erase parts of a picture (like we use Photoshop today) and so the remix is not a remix but just the original unadulterated picture. And what do you see? Witchcraft!
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Devil - Stereophonics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Stereophonics Devil Original Cover Artwork of Stereophonics Devil Now we kind of like the original cover for the song Devil by Stereophonics. They have tried to reflect the somewhat naughty nature of a devil by introducing what appears to be walls covered in multicolored slime and a babe whose provenance is questionable. As for the lipstick, that bit is not clear. But if we rearrange the contents of the original cover we could yield the remix which shows a babe whose provenance is questionable wearing lipstick and being a bit of a devil. Comprende?
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