Just The Two Of Us - Grover Washington Jr And Bill Withers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Grover Washington 2 Of Us Original Cover Artwork of Grover Washington 2 Of Us Just The Two Of Us is an 1980s song by saxophonist Grover Washington Jr with vocals by Bill 'Lovely Daaaaaaaaaaaay' Withers. The cover, is not so lovely. A glass of wine? Well perhaps this is Mr Washington Jr's take on what a night in for two people is like. We do not concur with Mr Washington Jr's view, and instead prefer to imagine a night in for just the two of us more like that in the remix. Don't you?
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The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) - Ylvis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ylvis The Fox Original Cover Artwork of Ylvis The Fox What do you imagine when you think of Norway? Is it snow covered pine forests? Reindeer? Whale fishing? Well think again. Think 'ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringading' and you're getting warmer (global warming no doubt). Norwegian comedy due Ylvis have brought the sound of The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) to the hot 100 and in return we at AllBum.Art have remixed the cover of their single to show a more foxy fox! Fair exchange is no robbery.

Upside Down - Diana Ross 

Original Cover Artwork of Diana Ross Upside Down Cover Artwork Remix of Diana Ross Upside Down Cover Artwork Remix of Diana Ross Upside Down
Would you know it? The cover for Upside Down by Diana Ross is wrong in one extremely enormous way ... Ms Ross is the right way up! Thankfully this has been corrected in our first remix which shows Ms Ross the correct way around for this song. In our second remix, Ms Ross has been replaced by some odd babe who seems to insist on sitting on furniture in the way Ms Ross proposes, upside down. Each to their own, as someone very wise once said.
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Blue Hotel - Chris Isaak 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chris Isaak Blue Hotel Original Cover Artwork of Chris Isaak Blue Hotel What could represent a Blue Hotel better than Chris Isaak wearing a white shirt and flowery jacket, holding onto an acoustic guitar? This is what the original single cover would have us believe. On the remix a babe walks out of a hotel, past a body guard who is there to protect her - you can see why. The whole thing is blue. Obviously this is what a real blue hotel looks like. Stay, why don't you!
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Um - Baby Do Brasil 

Cover Artwork Remix of Baby Do Brasil Um Original Cover Artwork of Baby Do Brasil Um Another foreign language remix for AllBum.Art. On the original front cover for Um (One) by Baby Do Brasil (a.k.a. Baby Consuelo) you will find Ms Cidade standing around with her guitar looking naked to the naked eye. Well, other than her gloves. On the remix Um becomes Duas as she is joined by an equally naked babe also holding an electric guitar. What point is there to any of this? That depends on your outlook. Copacabana!
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Sexy Love - T-Ara 

Cover Artwork Remix of T Ara Sexy Love Original Cover Artwork of T Ara Sexy Love Ah, so, today is is the turn of T-Ara to have their cover well and truly remixed. On the original single artwork the seven band members are pulling odd poses wearing black dresses and silver boots. On the remix, there are eight asian babes wearing no dresses and no boots. Which of these most represents sexy love? You can decide that for yourself, or as they say in the capital city of Korea, that's your Seoul decision. Pop!
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Tonight Josephine - Tape Five 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tape Five Tonight Josephine Original Cover Artwork of Tape Five Tonight Josephine What shall we do Tonight Josephine? Tape Five? If none of this makes any sense to you, it probably isn't meant to. The original artwork for the front cover of the album shows a vintage babe wearing retro lingerie, gloves and stockings sitting on a chair, all aged using sepia tones. The remix shows almost exactly the same thing except that Josephine's lingerie seems to have slipped revealing her bouncing bosom. The sepia tones persist. Flapper!
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Standing Hampton - Sammy Hagar 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sammy Hagar Standing Hampton Original Cover Artwork of Sammy Hagar Standing Hampton What, pray tell, is a Standing Hampton? According to Sammy Hagar, it seems to be represented by having a near naked babe sitting in the corner of a room, whilst a man in a suit and a bowler hat takes a good look at her. Alternatively, peer through the window and a different babe wearing only a red skirt is also being stared at by a man in a suit. On the remix, a different babe is standing in the corner of a room, and is being watched by a man in a hat. Is this what Mr Hagar really had in mind? Hampton!
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Hijacker - Irina Allegrova 

Cover Artwork Remix of Irina Allegrova Ugonshica Hijacker Original Cover Artwork of Irina Allegrova Ugonshica Hijacker The first time that AllBum.Art has remixed cover artwork for a song whose title is in a completely foreign language. On the original cover of Угонщица (Hijacker) by Ирина Аллегрова (Irina Allegrova) we find Ms Allegrova wearing a golden corset and black tights. If that is what hijackers look like in Russia then that explains a lot. On the remix is a different female hijacker with a machine gun and her face covered. Apart from her boots, though, that's the only part of her that is covered. Oбнаженный!
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Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cake Short Skirt Long Jacket Original Cover Artwork of Cake Short Skirt Long Jacket If ever a cover did nothing to reflect the name of a single, this has to be up there with the worst. The original cover of Short Skirt/Long Jacket by California alternative rock band Cake depicts a girl playing an accordion. The accordion is so large that it is impossible to see how long her skirt is or even whether she is wearing a coat. In the remix, this answer is made clear. Her coat is long, but her skirt is so short, that to the naked eye, it is invisible, rendering her naked, under her coat. A naked eyeful!
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