Skiing In The Snow - Wigan's Ovation 

Cover Artwork Remix of Wigan Skiing Snow Original Cover Artwork of Wigan Skiing Snow What were we on? Planet snowski? The fact is that faced with a cool picture of a chick in a ski scene who is about to get very cold due to her less then skimpy ski suit then a remix of a cover was essential. Sadly the only song we could find that covered both snow and skiing was a completely obscure piece of 1970s crap from an unheard of band from England. Still, a salope in a salopette has a certain resonance even in the 1970s.
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God Is A DJ - Faithless 

Cover Artwork Remix of Faithless God Is A Dj Original Cover Artwork of Faithless God Is A Dj If God Is A DJ, as British band Faithless would have us believe, what would the cover of a single proclaiming this look like? Would it have a picture of a bald-headed black guy with his arms by his side and his arms closed? Maybe it would, after all: God moves in mysterious ways. However we prefer to think that God would want the cover of the single to show his finest creation - naked babes. Amen to that brother!
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Stupid Girl - Garbage 

Cover Artwork Remix of Garbage Stupid Girl Original Cover Artwork of Garbage Stupid Girl The original cover for the 1990s single Stupid Girl by Garbage deserves to go where the band's name suggests, in the trash can. Has there ever been a less interesting cover for a single whose title holds out so much promise? Probably not. So the AllBum.Art team has remixed it to show what the song is talking about - a stupid girl. Why is she stupid? She is naked except for some snake-skin boots and she has a snake around her neck. It it just us, or is that not a recipe designed to make the snake angry? How stupid can you be?
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Monster Mash - Bobby (Boris) Pickett And The Crypt Kickers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boris Pickett Monster Mash Original Cover Artwork of Boris Pickett Monster Mash As it's Halloween, we're dishing up a double daily dose of dastardly deeds. In this case, a remix of the 1962 single from Bobby (Boris) Pickett And The Crypt Kickers. This song is forever on the radio at this time of the year, despite being over 50 years old. The Monster Mash is about a party for ghouls. The cover seems to show one guy on his way to the party. The remix shows the ghastly goings-on at the party itself!
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Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rockwell Watching Me Original Cover Artwork of Rockwell Watching Me As it's Halloween, time for something appropriate to the date (or inappropriate as the case may be). The cover for the 1984 single Somebody's Watching Me from Rockwell has as couple of eyes peering out of the corner but no indication of what it is that they are watching. Spooky as it may seem, it looks like what Rockwell was looking at was some naked chick in a Halloween outfit!
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Bullet In The Gun 2000 - Planet Perfecto 

Cover Artwork Remix of Planet Perfecto Bullet Gun Original Cover Artwork of Planet Perfecto Bullet Gun Another picture that was just screaming out to be used to remix a cover. But there aren't that many songs about guns, and so this one is for the rather obscure trance track Bullet In The Gun from European dance act Planet Perfecto. It makes a nice remix though as the original cover is very dull and desperately needs a remix. The song (being a dance track) has hundreds of mindless remixes but the cover needs only this one.
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Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car - Billy Ocean 

Cover Artwork Remix of Billy Ocean Dreams Car Original Cover Artwork of Billy Ocean Dreams Car Does this song win the award for the longest title? Probably not, but Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car is a pretty long title brought to us by Billy Ocean in 1988. The original cover shows Mr Charles standing in a very rock and roll pose but there's no sign of the car, or any dreams. In the remix, we see what is really going on. A dreamy naked chick (well naked except for some high heels) is responding to Mr Charles's instructions and is about to get into his car - at least she is if he opens the door for her!

Love Of The Common People - Nicky Thomas 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nicky Thomas Love Common People Original Cover Artwork of Nicky Thomas Love Common People Love Of The Common People is one of those songs that has had many cover versions, and equally many covers too. This remix is for the 1970 cover by reggae star Nicky Thomas. On the cover we see two babies, one black, one white, kissing. Of course those babies are now grown up and on the remix we see them re-creating this pose. What's common about it is anyone's guess, but then again who cares?
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Mickey - Toni Basil 

Cover Artwork Remix of Toni Basil Mickey Original Cover Artwork of Toni Basil Mickey Mickey is a cheerleader classic. Why? Not because the song is anything to do with cheerleading, but because the cover of the song has a picture of Toni Basil wearing a cheerleader outfit. Of course today, cheerleaders are know as happy-go-lucky party girls whose shorts are short and whose morals are loose and so it is, that the remixed cover shows what a cheerleader of today might look like dancing to Ms Basilotta's song.
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Things That Make You Go Hmmm... - C+C Music Factory 

Cover Artwork Remix of C+c Things That Go Hmmm Original Cover Artwork of C+c Things That Go Hmmm Back in the 1990s, the C+C Music Factory were explaining the background to various Things That Make You Go Hmmm... The cover of the single though, doesn't really help explain anything at all, other than that the band has an appalling taste in album art. In the remix, two things are made clear. Firstly, what the music factory where C+C work looks like (it seems a bit derelict) and secondly what it was that made them go hmmm... in the first place. Why, it's only a naked babe walking past their factory. Hmmm... banner

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