On The 6 - Jennifer Lopez 

Original Cover Artwork of J Lo On The 6 The cover of Jennifer Lopez's (J-Lo to her fans) 1999 album 'On The 6' features none other than Ms Lopez herself kneeling on a cream colored sofa in a tight fitting t-shirt and skimpy gold shorts. One can't help wondering whether Ms Lopez got the idea for the gold shorts from Ms Kylie Minogue who made such attire famous in her video 'Spinning Around', though as Ms Minogue's video was released the year after Ms Lopez's album, it is possible that it was Ms Minogue that committed plagiarism having seen Ms Lopez's album cover in a record shop. Of it's possible that we should be so lucky and that it could just be a happy coincidence.

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Cover Artwork Remix of J Lo On The 6 What is little know about the particular photo shoot at which the album cover for 'On The 6' was produced is that the sofa on which Ms Lopez is kneeling was also being used for two other photo shoots at the same time. The photographers didn't want the expense of hiring in the sofa on another date and so used the prop multiple times.

The first alternative of this triple-play shoot that was going on was for this very buxom latin lady (one wonders if she is a friend of Ms Lopez) who, it is clear, would not have fitted into the t-shirt that Ms Lopez was wearing. In fact it is questionable whether she would fit into any t-shirt that wasn't specially elasticated to contain her boobs. Perhaps, therefore, she walks around topless like this all the time to avoid the cost of buying such a costly bespoke t-shirt.

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Cover Artwork Remix of J Lo On The 6 Down the other end of the sofa was another pretty girl who was also having her photo taken. Given the size of her boobs, she would definitely have fit into Ms Lopez's t-shirt, however like the latin lady above, she isn't wearing one. Perhaps the photographers, having splashed out on hiring the sofa, didn't have enough money left to buy a second t-shirt. Or maybe Ms Lopez was being a bit precious about her t-shirt and didn't want to lend it to the pretty young model kneeling further down the sofa. It seems whatever the reason, she was left with no panties to wear either but oddly she does appear to have a pair of high heel shoes to wear. As Ms Lopez is not wearing shoes, perhaps she was generous enough to give hers to this model, though it hardly covers anything and would certainly have not helped her keep warm. it is to be hoped that the studio concerned have learnt their lessons and will be better equipped with clothes in the future. Or then again, maybe not.

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Feels Like I'm In Love - Kelly Marie 

Original Cover Artwork of Kelly Marie Feels Like Im IAlthough this cover has been filed under '1980s singles', the actual album art that has been modernized is from the 2006 'Best of' album which also happens to have the same name as Kelly Marie's most famous single, 'Feels Like I'm In Love'.

The original single cover from the Scottish songstress is rather more plain than this one in which a late 70s/early 80s style model is pictured lying on red satin sheets in a see-through bra, stockings and strappy silver high heels. This is probably not Kelly Marie herself (though it could be), but a model brought (bought) in for the occasion.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Kelly Marie Feels Like Im Despite the cover being relatively raunchy, it has been further modernized by AllBum.Art to include a much sexier female model in a similar outfit and on the same red satin sheets. Unfortunately, her bra seems to have come of and, unless mistaken, it looks as if someone has begun pulling her panties down too, as they seem to be not quite where they should be. At least her stockings seem to be intact. She's also facing the other direction, perhaps she is left-handed and the original model is right-handed, or maybe it's the photographer that has the opposite handedness. Then again, who cares?

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Chic - Chic 

Original Cover Artwork of Chic Chic The cover for Chic's imaginatively titled 1977 debut album 'Chic' has on its cover two sultry looking ladies blowing referee's whistles. The ladies concerned are typical of the disco divas of the time being in their twenties and having long hair. What they are wearing is unknown as there is nothing in the picture to indicate that they are wearing anything at all. The inclusion of the referee's whistles is believed to represent a juxtaposition between the distunality of the sound they produce with the tonality of the groovy disco music that is contained inside the sleeve of the record. Either that, or people just liked to blow whistles at discos in the 1970s (much more likely).

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Cover Artwork Remix of Chic Chic Things have moved on since the 1970s and ladies who attend discos are now much younger than they used to be. In fact the term 'ladies' no longer really applies and 'girls' is a more common and arguably more accurate description. Of course there are far more derogatory terms in use but there is no need to repeat these. In the revised album cover the question of what is being worn has been answered and it is clear to see that the girl (whose age now more accurately reflects those of modern disco-goers) is, in fact, wearing next to nothing. The air of mystery has been retained by cutting the picture of at the waist so that it is not clear whether she is just topless, or whether she is, in fact, completely naked.

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