Better Off As Two - Frankmusik 

Cover Artwork Remix of Frankmusik Better Off As Two Original Cover Artwork of Frankmusik Better Off As Two We agree with Frankmusik when they tell us that we are Better Off As Two. The original single cover artwork shows two babes holding hands but someone has, for no apparent reason other perhaps than artistic effect, blurred them up a bit. On the remix we find two girls who are holding each other rather than holding hands (maybe because they are finding it difficult to balance on the extremely high heels they seem to be wearing). Definitely a case of two is better than one. Duplicate!
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Hats Off To Larry - Del Shannon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Del Shannon Hats Off To Larry Original Cover Artwork of Del Shannon Hats Off To Larry Whilst we're doing hats, here's a cheeky remix of Hats Off To Larry by Del Shannon. On the original single cover artwork we find Mr Shannon in a very tessellated state, smiling at us in a 60s style. On the remix we find a babe who would be in trouble if Mr Shannon found her because she has not followed his instructions and taken her hat off, but is wearing it. He might be inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt though, as it seems that her hat is in fact the only thing she is wearing. Slope!
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Hat Full Of Stars - Cyndi Lauper 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cyndi Lauper Hat Full Of Stars Original Cover Artwork of Cyndi Lauper Hat Full Of Stars We would probably score the original album cover artwork for Hat Full Of Stars by Cyndi Lauper close to 100% as it features the artist, holding a hat against a starry backdrop and so all the elements are present. The remix would actually score less, as it doesn't feature Ms Lauper but instead we find a mystical looking babe, wearing a mystical hat with a star on it, standing against a starry background. Which would you score highest? Let us know. Aldebran!
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Higher Ground - UB40 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ub40 Higher Ground Original Cover Artwork of Ub40 Higher Ground Another remix for reggae rockers UB40. The original single cover artwork for Higher Ground, if you look closely, appears to show a naked girl standing somewhere fiery and who has been splattered with black paint (or maybe it's soot from the fire). On the remix things are vastly simplified as we find a babe, who is once again naked, but is resting in the mountain tops, in what we can only presume is high ground. Majestic!
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It's So Quiet - Bjork 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bjork Its Oh So Quiet Original Cover Artwork of Bjork Its Oh So Quiet Bjork is well known, especially among those less familiar with her work, as being odd. It may therefore come as no surprise that on the original single cover artwork for It's So Quiet, what we see appear to be some noisy trumpets and a couple of silver coated musical notes. On the remix it is much quieter as a babe wearing pink fairy wings puts her finger to her lips in a 'shhh...' motion to ask us to keep quiet. Perhaps she doesn't want us letting on that her bra appears to have come undone. Silence!
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Apply Some Pressure - Maximo Park 

Cover Artwork Remix of Maximo Park Apply Some Pressure Original Cover Artwork of Maximo Park Apply Some Pressure Whilst we are on the subject of laundry, here's a remix of the original cover artwork for Apply Some Pressure by Maximo Park. On the original we find that possibly the air pressure has increased to such an extent that the man pictured is finding it hard to breathe. On the remix the situation is much clearer as a mature babe is applying some pressure to a shirt as she does the ironing. All the steam from the iron has obviously increased the temperature as she as decided to do the ironing only in her underwear. Power!
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Laundry Service - Shakira 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shakira Laundry Service Original Cover Artwork of Shakira Laundry Service What do you expect from your Laundry Service? If it is one provided by Shakira, it will be no more than having Ms Ripoll come and sit looking a bit pouty, at least that is what the original album cover artwork tells us. On the remix we find a far more practical laundry service, as a babe is doing the laundry for us. It seems it's getting very hot in the laundry room, so much so that she is having to undress. Steamy!
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Take It Off - Ke$ha 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ke$ha Take It Off Original Cover Artwork of Ke$ha Take It Off Take It Off by Ke$ha is regarded in those circles where such things are understood, to be a 'party anthem'. Now it looks, from the original single cover artwork, as if the kind of party concerned involves dressing in leopard skin stockings and painting your face in what can only be described as a golden Borg arrangement. On the remix we find two babes who are clearly partying and one is helping the other take it off. Straightforward!
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Give It Back - Polly Paulusma 

Cover Artwork Remix of Polly Paulusma Give It Back Original Cover Artwork of Polly Paulusma Give It Back Here is Polly Paulusma telling us to Give It Back. So what is is that Ms Paulusma is requesting to be returned? The original single cover artwork does not make this very clear, unless someone has had a sip of her bourbon. On the remix we find a babe who is trying to get her friend (if it is her friend) to give her back the corset she appears to have taken from her. She is embarrassed by not having her corset as it leaves her topless, however her friend doesn't have one either and seems to mind a lot less. Return!
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Burn - Ellie Goulding 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ellie Goulding Burn Original Cover Artwork of Ellie Goulding Burn Um... There seems to be a problem with the picture on the original single cover artwork of the single Burn by Ellie Goulding. Although some may believe that the picture of Ms Goulding is hot, there are no signs of flames or any other indication that the temperature in the scene is anything other than ambient. On the remix we find a babe who must be extremely hot. Not only is she carrying a flaming hot torch, but she is so warm that she has nearly had to remove her top to keep cool. Refreshing!
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