Over My Shoulder - Mike And The Mechanics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mike And The Mechanics Over My Shoulder Original Cover Artwork of Mike And The Mechanics Over My Shoulder Looking back... Over My Shoulder, is how Mike And The Mechanics begin this song, however the original single cover artwork shows the band members clearly looking forward rather than to their rear. On the remix we find a babe with a very picturesque rear who is looking back over her shoulder at us. Now that's how the single cover artwork should have looked in the first place. If only people asked us. Question!
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Pussyole (Old Skool) - Dizzee Rascal 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dizzee Rascal Pussyole Original Cover Artwork of Dizzee Rascal Pussyole I bet your mind is twenty steps ahead when you saw that we were remixing Pussyole (Old Skool) by Dizzee Rascal. The original cover artwork for the single shows Mr Rascal (if that is indeed his name) pitching for a fight. On the remix, we know what you might have been expecting but alas, no, not that. What we do have is a babe who has a hole in her panties where her pussy is poking out. Or maybe that was what you were expecting after all? Hologram!
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She Wears Red Feathers - Guy Mitchell 

Cover Artwork Remix of Guy Mitchell She Wears Red Feathers Original Cover Artwork of Guy Mitchell She Wears Red Feathers Whoa - this is going way back in time to 1953 - for the remix of the original cover artwork for She Wears Red Feathers (And A Huly-Huly Skirt) by Guy Mitchell. On the original cover we find Mr Mitchell smiling nonchalantly but no sign of anyone wearing any kind of feathers or huly skirt. On the remix we find a babe who is wearing lots of red feathers and if that is what counts as a huly-huly skirt, it's no wonder it didn't make the original cover in 1953. Scarlet!
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Vintage - Michael Bolton 

Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Bolton Vintage Original Cover Artwork of Michael Bolton Vintage When Michael Bolton put together the original cover artwork for his album Vintage, it seems that his one guiding principle was to ensure that his face was front and center, no doubt reflecting his aging years and vintage status. Or perhaps the album was meant to be called Visage, not Vintage. Anyhow, on the remix we find a babe in vintage lingerie standing in front of a vintage automotive traction vehicle. Definitely vintage and not visage. Retro!
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Sheet Music - 10cc 

Cover Artwork Remix of 10cc Sheet Music Original Cover Artwork of 10cc Sheet Music We can see what 10cc were trying to do with the original album cover artwork for Sheet Music, as they have pulled in the border surrounding the picture of the band members into the middle of the cover to make it look as if it is a sheet. Nice try. On the remix we just find a babe resting underneath a sheet, ready, or so it would seem, to make sweet music, though we can't see what instrument she plays. Flute!
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Love Comes Quickly - Pet Shop Boys 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pet Shop Boys Love Comes Quickly Original Cover Artwork of Pet Shop Boys Love Comes Quickly Apparently, Love Comes Quickly when you wear a hat with the word 'Boy' on it, at least that is what the original single cover artwork by the Pet Shop Boys tells us. On the remix, not a great deal has changed, except that instead of there being a boy wearing a hat with the word boy on it, it's now a babe who has her baseball cap on. It seems her t-shirt may also have the word boy on it, but it's difficult to read as she has it pulled up to reveal her stomach. Tummy!
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Lethal Industry - DJ Tiesto 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tiesto Lethal Industry Original Cover Artwork of Tiesto Lethal Industry It seems, if the original single cover artwork for Lethal Industry by DJ Tiesto is to be believed, that what proves deadly in an industrial environment is some hand-scrawled words on a page full of red and yellow blobs. On the remix we find an alternative view, and we can immediately see the danger. Some babe, who has forgotten her hard hat and other protective gear, is trying to turn a valve that will release deadly high pressure steam at her, and boil her on the spot. Danger!
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Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) - De La Soul 

Cover Artwork Remix of De La Soul Ring Ring Ring Original Cover Artwork of De La Soul Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) is a song by De La Soul (talk about stating the obvious). The original single cover artwork suggests that the ring in question is one on the telephone. The remix suggests that the ring in question is possibly a wedding (or engagement) ring, as we find a bride gazing longingly into the distance with a large diamond ring sitting right in front of her. Maybe she has forgotten her contact lenses and can't see it. Hypermetropic!

October Swimmer - JJ72 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jj72 October Swimmer Original Cover Artwork of Jj72 October Swimmer It's October, so what more would you want to do with your days than become and October Swimmer, at least that is what JJ72 tell us. Sadly whilst they tell us that, they don't show us, as on the original single cover artwork we find just a blur of sludge. On the remix we find a babe who is swimming in October, and we know this because of the lovely sunset. Descending!
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Push It All Aside - Alisha's Attic 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alishas Attic Push It All Aside Original Cover Artwork of Alishas Attic Push It All Aside Another X-rated remix, this time for Alisha's Attic and their song Push It All Aside. On the original single front cover artwork we can see the two band members (called Alisha and Attic?) sitting with their backs against a cupboard on a wooden floor, but what is being pushed aside? On the remix some babe has decided to push it all aside and show us her own attic. Thinking about it, it's not at all clear that she is pushing it aside all by herself, she could have handy assistance. Aside from that, it's definitely all pushed. Pink!
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