Oblivious - Aztec Camera 

Cover Artwork Remix of Aztec Camera Oblivious Original Cover Artwork of Aztec Camera Oblivious So, where do we start with the original cover of Oblivious by Aztec Camera? For starters, the girl may be oblivious to something, but what it is that she is oblivious to? And is she Aztec? Well she may be but then again, she could just be wearing a vaguely south American scarf. Thank goodness, then, for the remix in which we find a babe who is oblivious to the fact that her naked body is being espied by a dude peering at her from behind her bedroom door. Unbeknownst!
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On My Radio - The Selecter 

Original Cover Artwork of Selecter On My Radio Cover Artwork Remix of Selecter On My Radio Cover Artwork Remix of Selecter On My Radio
A triple-play from The Selecter as we remix their 70's ska classic, On My Radio. On the original cover we find the band members in their two-tone outfits singing on a stage. Maybe this is being broadcast on the radio, maybe it isn't. On the first remix we find a babe who may be broadcasting on the radio, there's certainly the right amount of faders in front of her. On the final remix we find two babes being interviewed on Howard Stone's radio program, so definitely on the radio. Transmit!
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Rat In Mi Kitchen - UB40 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ub40 Rat In Mi Kitchen Original Cover Artwork of Ub40 Rat In Mi Kitchen Two in a row (that's the whole weekend) for UB40. On the original cover for Rat In Mi Kitchen, we find a red and yellow rat with a black and white tail, sniffing around the name of the band. But where is the kitchen? On the remix we find a babe who is trying to catch a rat that has been let loose in her kitchen, who, it seems, has managed to chew off all of her clothes (except her heels oddly). Let's hope she catches it soon before it chews anything else. Pinch!
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Red Red Wine - UB40 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ub40 Red Red Wine Original Cover Artwork of Ub40 Red Red Wine Another remix for those reggae rebels UB40. The original cover artwork for Red Red Wine shows the band posing for the camera (that old thing again). But there is no wine anywhere. On the remix we find three babes, each with a glass of red wine in their hand. It seems they may have had a little too much wine already as at least two of them have neglected to remember to dress properly for the camera. Vino!
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10c A Dance - The Flirts 

Cover Artwork Remix of Flirts 10c A Dance Original Cover Artwork of Flirts 10c A Dance You don't get much for 10c, but if you ask The Flirts, this is the going rate for a dance with the, or at least it is if the title of their album 1c A Dance is to be believed. On the remix we find a much more realistic situation based on inflation and today's paid dancing sector, as a babe is available to dance for you but clearly at a much higher rate running into several dollars, if not tens of dollars. Maybe $10 a dance is more realistic? Expensive!
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All Fall Down - Ultravox 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ultravox All Fall Down Original Cover Artwork of Ultravox All Fall Down Another remix for Scottish songsters Ultravox. This time it is for their 1986 single, All Fall Down. The original cover fails on so many fronts, it's not even worth discussing. The remix is worth discussing, as we find a group of babes who have all fallen down. It is worth discussing because it is not clear why they have fallen down. Have they been poisoned, or are they exhausted from some unseen physical activity? It all adds to the mystery. Trip!
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The Show Must Go On - Queen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Queen The Show Must Go On Original Cover Artwork of Queen The Show Must Go On Another remix for rock legends Queen. On the original cover artwork for The Show Must Go On, we find little other than the name of the song, the name of the band, and a regal logo. On the remix we find out more about the show which appears to be some kind of naked cabaret, performed by a group of girls whose busts are questionable in their authenticity. But we agree with the band, that the show should definitely go on. Continue!
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Heartbreak Radio - Roy Orbison 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roy Orbison Heartbreak Radio Original Cover Artwork of Roy Orbison Heartbreak Radio Roy Orbison, or the Big O as he was often known, is perhaps most famous for his single Oh, Pretty Woman. So it is therefore a shame that on the cover of his single Heartbreak Radio, there is no pretty woman. Thankfully on the remix this problem has been fixed and there is not a pretty woman who must be something to do with the radio station Mr Orbison is singing about as she is wearing a pair of headphones and standing on top of some loudspeakers. And she's a real heartbreaker too. Cue!
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Doctorin' The Tardis - The Timelords 

Cover Artwork Remix of Timelords Doctorin The Tardis Original Cover Artwork of Timelords Doctorin The Tardis Continuing the outer space theme from yesterday a bit, here's a remix of Doctorin' The Tardis by The Timelords. The original cover has a car that claims to be a Ford Timelord, and also claims to have made a record. On the remix we find the tardis (a British police box for the uninitiated) with a guy and a busy babe standing in front of it. Is the doctor in the tardis? Isn't he not always never on the outer inside? Mystery!
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Venus And Mars - Jo Breezer 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jo Breezer Venus And Mars Original Cover Artwork of Jo Breezer Venus And Mars Nothing better for a good remix than a space-related song, and hence Venus And Mars by Jo Breezer provides an ideal opportunity to mix our love of remixes and babes, with all things outer-spatial. On the original cover, we find Ms Breezer wandering through a field, on a planet that looks very suspiciously like Earth. On the remix we find two babes with very different skin tones. The reason for this is simple, one is from Venus and one is from Mars. Which is which we leave for you to decide. For us, it's a trip to Venus any day. Launch!
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