What's Your Sign - Desree 

Cover Artwork Remix of Desree Whats Your Sign Original Cover Artwork of Desree Whats Your Sign What's Your Sign, asks Des'ree. Is it Scorpio? Actually, it isn't. We prefer a different kind of sign, more specifically a street sign. And we aren't alone in our preferences as on the remixed single cover we find a babe showing us her favorite street sign, the 'turn left' sign. Why she is naked whilst pointing this out is uncertain, but that's the sign of a good remix, right there. Unknown!
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Red Alert - Basement Jaxx 

Cover Artwork Remix of Basement Jaxx Red Alert Original Cover Artwork of Basement Jaxx Red Alert If you are going to issue a Red Alert, which is what Basement Jaxx have done, you need to be very clear on the reason. You can't just go around issuing such high level warnings without some purpose. On the original cover artwork for the single, it is definitely not clear what the point of the alarm is. On the remix we find that there is some need for caution as there is a frightening looking babe wearing lots of red who seems intent on causing a disturbance. Klaxon!
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Gimme Dat Banana - Black Gorilla 

Cover Artwork Remix of Black Gorilla Gimme Dat Banana Original Cover Artwork of Black Gorilla Gimme Dat Banana Gimme dat, gimme dat, Gimme Dat Banana, sings the jungle-worthy Black Gorilla. Actually, we give the band the thumbs up for the original cover which shows a black gorilla swiping a banana from a cheeky monkey. The remix takes a slightly different tack as one babe asks the other to give her a banana but her friend (we assume they are known to each other), gives it her in a way she was perhaps not expecting, but then again she doesn't seem to unhappy with where it has been given to her. Musa!
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Some Girls - Ultimate Kaos 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ultimate Kaos Some Girls Original Cover Artwork of Ultimate Kaos Some Girls Would you believe it, there is another song called Some Girls, this one by self-proclaimed Ultimate Kaos. The cover of their single, however, fails in exactly the same way that yesterday's remix by Racey does - there are no girls on the cover. The remix once again comes to the rescue as we find the band members replaced by some girls. Though the girls may not, ultimately, be kaotic (is that a word?), that should not detract from their suitability to be just some girls. Chaos!
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Some Girls - Racey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Racey Some Girls Original Cover Artwork of Racey Some Girls Oh dear. Where do we begin with the cover artwork for Some Girls by Racey? It is another of those 'let's showcase the good looking band members' types of cover (we really should coin a term for such covers) and is lacking in two very important respects:
  1. It's not in any way racey. And,
  2. There isn't even one girl, let alone some girls on the cover.
The remix solves both these problems as there are now some girls on the cover, and being the racey type, they appear to be bare. Vroom!
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Class/Style (I've Got It) - Linda Lewis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Linda Lewis Class Style Original Cover Artwork of Linda Lewis Class Style Linda Lewis tells us that Class/Style (I've Got It). Probably, for the 1980s, her denim jacket and pearl necklace and earrings were the height of style and class, but we aren't so sure. On the remix we find a babe in a hat, lacy panties and high heels which we think looks far more classy and stylish, in a minimalist kind of way. Even if it's not class or style, she's certainly got it! Ravishing!

End Of The Road - Boyz II Men 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boyz Ii Men End Of The Road Original Cover Artwork of Boyz Ii Men End Of The Road Another remix for Philly soulsters Boyz II Men. So what do the 'boyz' tell us we will find at the End Of The Road? According to their original cover artwork, it will be themselves. OK, for some that may be enough. On the remix, though, we find a babe wearing lots of fishnet and not in the most fetching way. Certainly if you were going along this road, this is where you would most likely stop and turn around. Final!
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Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kinks Sunny Afternoon Original Cover Artwork of Kinks Sunny Afternoon October may be upon us but that doesn't mean grey days and rainy afternoons all the time, there is still room for the odd Sunny Afternoon and so what better time to remix this cover from The Kinks. On the original artwork is one of those 'let's show off the band' types but is it sunny, or even in the afternoon? It's very unclear. On the remix we find a variety of babes sunning themselves. How do we know this is in the afternoon? It's clear - the position of the sun in the sky. How could you not know that? Sundial!
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I (Who Have Nothing) - Shirley Bassey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shirley Bassey I Who Have Nothing Original Cover Artwork of Shirley Bassey I Who Have Nothing Shirley Bassey sings about someone for who the phrase I (Who Have Nothing) is apparently applicable. On the original cover artwork we find Ms Bassey but she seems to have quite a lot - a dress, some jewelry, an expensive hairdo. On the remix we find a babe who also seems to have an expensive hairdo, but who otherwise has nothing, including, it would appear, any bosom to speak of. Flatly!
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The Red The White The Black The Blue - Hope Of The States 

Cover Artwork Remix of Hope Of The States Red White Black Blue Original Cover Artwork of Hope Of The States Red White Black Blue One thing we can say about the original front cover artwork for the single from Hope Of The States is that it does contain the various colors that the title of their song The Red The White The Black The Blue sings about, but in a confused American/British flag fusion kind of way. On the remix we find four babes, each wearing a pair of panties in the appropriate color scheme. The chances of such a random color line-up suggests the band may have even seen this picture before they named their single. Deja Vu!

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