The Boxer - Simon And Garfunkel 

Cover Artwork Remix of Simon Garfunkel The Boxer Original Cover Artwork of Simon Garfunkel The Boxer Such a simple remix this one. The original cover of The Boxer by Simon And Garfunkel shows the two singers, the title of the song, and the singers' names, and that's it. No sign of a boxer, which is odd, given that the title of the song is The Boxer. This is very easily remedied, and in the remix we have just added a picture of a boxer. A foxy boxer as girls who wear boxing gloves, high heel boots, and not much else are normally called. Pow!
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Help Me Mama - Lemonescent 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lemonescent Help Me Mama Original Cover Artwork of Lemonescent Help Me Mama No, we had never heard of Lemonescent either, but when we found a picture of a mama helping out her daughter with what looks like an internet type activity, both of them hardly what you would call clothed, then we knew we had to find a suitable cover artwork for a remix. The song Help Me Mama is therefore the perfect material for such a remix. The original cover shows the members of the band, and when you think about it, the only way Mama might be helping is to take the picture. Incestescent!
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Garage Girls - Lonyo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lonyo Garage Girls Original Cover Artwork of Lonyo Garage Girls A short series of remixes based around pictures of girls in garages, or car-ports as they are oft monikered. On the original cover of Garage Girls by Lonyo, we find Mr Lonyo standing around in what might be a garage, or might not be. There isn't enough of the background to the picture to know for certain. What is certain, is that the girls he mentions are not there. On the remix, we find two girls, in a garage. Could it be any clearer than that? Gas Station!
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Up The Ladder To The Roof - The Supremes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Supremes Up Ladder Roof Original Cover Artwork of Supremes Up Ladder Roof What can we glean, from the cover of Up The Ladder To The Roof by The Supremes, other, perhaps, than the slightly quirky way they have stretched out the words in the title of the song to form a kind of set of steps, or stairs if you will, up which it might be possible to climb. On the remix we see a babe who is up a ladder to the roof, but she has forgotten even basic safety precautions such as wearing clothes. Alert!

Runaway Train - Elton John And Eric Clapton 

Cover Artwork Remix of John Clapton Runaway Train Original Cover Artwork of John Clapton Runaway Train When two megastars such as Elton John and Eric Clapton come together to make a song, expectations for the cover of the single are rightly high. But whilst the original cover features Mr Clapton and Mr Dwight (for that is his real name), there is no evidence of any train. On the remix we see a babe sitting on a chair in the middle of some railroad tracks. If any runaway trains do come her way, she will be there to stop them. She would stop most men in their tracks, that's for sure. Ferrous!
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Behind Closed Doors - Peter Andre 

Cover Artwork Remix of Peter Andre Behind Closed Doors Original Cover Artwork of Peter Andre Behind Closed Doors What do you know, it's our old friend Peter Andre back for a second remix. On the original cover of his song Behind Closed Doors, we see Mr Andre looking doleful. But there are no doors. Shame on him. On the remix we see a babe in a building where there ought to be lots of doors, but they all seem to have been lost to history. Instead she is standing in a doorway wearing no clothes. Someone please get her a door to stand behind so that we can close it and keep her warm. Bolt!
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All I Have To Give - Backstreet Boys 

Cover Artwork Remix of Backstreet Boys All I Have To Give Original Cover Artwork of Backstreet Boys All I Have To Give We are not sure what the Backstreet Boys are singing about when they sing All I Have To Give. Why are we so uncertain? Well the cover of their single provides no information about their offering at all. Instead we see the boys standing around with their floppy haircuts on a sunny veranda. The remix shows a babe who has given almost everything and all she has left to give is her panties. Which is odd, as she is still wearing her cardigan. Question!
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Malt And Barley Blues - Mc Guinness Flint 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mcguinness Flint Malt And Barley Blues Original Cover Artwork of Mcguinness Flint Malt And Barley Blues We know what you're thinking... Malt And Barley Blues, as sung about by Mc Guinness Flint, is no doubt a song about drinking heavy liquor fermented, as it is, from those two ingredients. The original cover artwork does nothing, though, to encourage this explanation. The remix does away with the whole liquor idea and instead considers the fields in which the malt and barley are grown, and also considers the other things that might be found in those fields... such as naked babes climbing fences. Over!
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Nothing's Shocking - Jane's Addiction 

Original Cover Artwork of Janes Addiction Nothings Shocking 2rOriginal Cover Artwork of Janes Addiction Nothings Shocking 1rAccording to Jane's Addiction, Nothing's Shocking. And to prove this, their album cover shows us two naked babes, sitting next to each other on what appears to be a rocking bench. To make the scene more shocking, their heads appear to be on fire. The remix shows a different kind of shock, an electric one. The babe on the remix appears to have been connected to some kind of electrical supply and has also been gagged. If only her head was on fire then it would outdo the original cover artwork! Buzzz!
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Cherry Oh Baby - UB40 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ub40 Cherry Oh Baby Original Cover Artwork of Ub40 Cherry Oh Baby The original cover for Cherry Oh Baby by UB40 has more to it than might at first meet the eye. Look closely at the pictographic representation of the babe sprawling on the bed and you might notice that she could be naked, with a cherry covering her decency. The remix shows a babe who has gotten up off the bed and is wearing a pair of cherry high heel boots. The cherry covering her decency is now heading for her ankles. Cerasis!
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