It's My Party - Jessie J 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jessie J Its My Party Original Cover Artwork of Jessie J Its My Party Another remix for Jessie J, this time for her single It's My Party. On the original cover we see Ms J in five different poses but where's the party? There's no cake and no balloons. The remix corrects this fatal error and we find a babe who is having a great time at a party. How do we know she is at a party? On the one hand, there are dozens of balloons. On the other, she is wearing special party socks. But oddly, little else. Obvious!
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Trash Me - Heidi Montag 

Cover Artwork Remix of Heidi Montag Trash Me Original Cover Artwork of Heidi Montag Trash Me Another day, another remix for Heidi Montag. The original cover for her single Trash Me shows Ms Montag sitting on top of a television which is showing her face. Clearly she feels that there can never be too much of her on her artwork. On the remix is a babe wrapped in a see-through trash bag with her legs bound together with Scotch tape, being carried by two topless babes through a field, heading for the trash can no doubt to be trashed. Maybe all three of them are trashed. Garbage!
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Dreams Come True - Heidi Montag 

Cover Artwork Remix of Heidi Montag Dreams Come True Original Cover Artwork of Heidi Montag Dreams Come True Almost right up to date with a remix of Dreams Come True by Heidi Montag. On the original album cover, some dreams may have already come true, if your dream is to see Ms Montag in a pink satin swimsuit and high heels squatting down in front of a metal wall. Alternatively, maybe your dreams would come true if you were told by a more mature lady to remove her panties, revealing her hairy fuzzbox. Different people, different dreams. True!
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Time Will Tell - Millie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Millie Time Will Tell Original Cover Artwork of Millie Time Will Tell It's not the first, and probably won't be the last time that a banana has appeared on the cover of an album. Today it is the turn of Millie and her album Time Will Tell. On the original cover you will find Ms Small sitting on an oversized, ripe banana (so ripe in fact that it has almost turned black), paddling with an oar. On the remix is a babe who is also sitting on a banana but in a very different way. And no sign of an oar either. Peel!
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Hung Up - Madonna 

Cover Artwork Remix of Madonna Hung Up Original Cover Artwork of Madonna Hung Up It seems highly counter-intuitive that for a single called Hung Up, Madonna would choose to pose sitting on the floor on the front cover of her single. The remix far better displays the notion of being hung up, as we see a babe who has been hung up from the ceiling of a room whose only other occupant appears to be a bird cage. It seems she may be there for a while unless someone comes along to let her down. Tethered!
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Bigger Than Big - Super Mal Featuring Luciana 

Cover Artwork Remix of Super Mal Luciana Bigger Than Big Original Cover Artwork of Super Mal Luciana Bigger Than Big What might be Bigger Than Big? Super Mal Featuring Luciana try to explain this with the front cover of their single, and it is a spray-painted babe on a wall. Let's simplify this, and look at the remix where there is a babe whose ample tits are unquestionably bigger than big. In fact, they are so big, that she clearly can not find a bra to hold them and must spend her life walking around topless. Shame!
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I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys 

Cover Artwork Remix of Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way Original Cover Artwork of Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way Back with the Backstreet Boys and their single I Want It That Way. The only indication of the direction of 'that way' that is given by the original single cover artwork is that one of the band members is pointing towards the photographer. On the remix we find a naked babe standing by a busy street and something she is after is in a given direction which she is pointing towards. She wants it that way, no doubt. Direction!
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View From A Bridge - Kim Wilde 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kim Wilde View From A Bridge Original Cover Artwork of Kim Wilde View From A Bridge What can be seen? What is the View From A Bridge? Well, of the original cover for the single by Kim Wilde is our guidance, the simple fact is that we don't know, as all we see is Ms Wilde looking from the aforementioned bridge. On the remix there is a topless babe standing on a bridge or maybe just to the edge of a bridge. This is not exactly the view from a bridge, more the view on a bridge but who's counting? Two!
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Forever Young - Alphaville 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alphaville Forever Young Original Cover Artwork of Alphaville Forever Young Forever Young, that is what Alphaville either claim to be, or are inviting us to be. Either way, standing on what appears to be some post-industrial landscape wearing short trousers or pointing the sky seems to be what amounts to all the information we get. On the remix we find an older babe who is not letting her age define her ability to stand naked in front of a camera. Forever!
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Age Ain't Nothing But A Number - Aaliyah 

Cover Artwork Remix of Aaliyah Age Aint Nothing But A Number Original Cover Artwork of Aaliyah Age Aint Nothing But A Number Age Ain't Nothing But A Number is both an album and a single by Aaliyah. The original cover artwork shows the singer resting against a wall, and some blurry dude in the background. Age defying! On the remix we find an old babe holding up her dress to cover most of, but not all of, her modesty. She seems happy enough despite her boobs being on show. For her, clearly age ain't no deterrent. Smile! banner

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