Misery - Indra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Indra Misery Original Cover Artwork of Indra Misery We like the original single cover artwork for Misery by Indra, largely because of the subtlety of placement of the letters of her name over the chain-mail outfit that she is wearing that would potentially otherwise show of the apparent lack of a bra underneath it. On the remix, the babe posing for the cover has been less fortunate. It seems to us that she just wanted to show off as in her second pose, even the chain-mail has vanished. Mystery!
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Light Of The Moon - The Pierces 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pierces Light Of The Moon Original Cover Artwork of Pierces Light Of The Moon We are a little confused because on the original front cover artwork for Light Of The Moon by The Pierces, there is no evidence of anything to do with our lunar satellite whatsoever, though there are a few pretty stars around the name of the band. On the remix we find a babe who is on the moon, looking out over the lunar landscape back at the Earth. If you weren't already aware, it is illegal to wear clothes on the moon, as the cost of transporting them there is so high. Earthrise!
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Bad Boys - Alexandra Burke Featuring Flo-Rida 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alexandra Burke Bad Boys Original Cover Artwork of Alexandra Burke Bad Boys One of our very rare and occasional series that we called one for the ladies, courtesy of Alexandra Burke and her song Bad Boys. On the original cover we find Ms Burke but no boys and no indication of bad behavior. On the remix we find five guys who are exhibiting naughty behavior, if not totally bad. We think Ms Burke would approve of the remix, don't you? Cupping!
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Let's Get Excited - Alesha Dixon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Alesha Dixon Lets Get Excited Original Cover Artwork of Alesha Dixon Lets Get Excited Let's Get Excited, are the instructions we are given by Alesha Dixon. It is always helpful when issuing such instructions to indicate how it should be brought about, but on the original single cover artwork, all we see is that Ms Dixon is lying down with one arm above her head and her knees bent. Not strictly very exciting. On the remix we find two babes who also have their arms above their heads, but are getting so excited that they are helping each other off with their clothes. Elevated!
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Pissin In The Wind - Badly Drawn Boy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Badly Drawn Boy Pissin In The Wind Original Cover Artwork of Badly Drawn Boy Pissin In The Wind Badly Drawn Boy sing about Pissin In The Wind, but their original single cover artwork is neither windy nor pissy. On the X-rated remix, we find a babe who we are sure was drinking beer yesterday with Devlin (the observant will notice she is wearing the same shoes and sunglasses) and as we suspected has overdone it and needs to empty her bladder of the excess beverage. To that end she is squatting down pissin in the wind. Streamer!
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Bud, Sweat & Beers - Devlin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Devlin Bud Sweat Beers Original Cover Artwork of Devlin Bud Sweat Beers Oh dear, poor Devlin. Whoever it was that he took on to produce the original artwork for his album Blood, Sweat & Beers, clearly had no idea that it might at least be partially helpful if any of those three topics was somehow reflected on the cover, instead of which we just find a picture of Devlin leaning against a wall. On the remix we find a babe who has obviously had far too many beers as she has emptied the plastic bag in front of her and got into such a state that she has taken all her clothes off and is holding her bud. Maybe she is sweating too. Perspire!
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Winner In You - Patti Labelle 

Cover Artwork Remix of Patti Labelle Winner In You Original Cover Artwork of Patti Labelle Winner In You We got a bit confused when remixing Winner In You by Patti Labelle as you will see. On the original album cover artwork is what appears to be a Polaroid picture of Ms Labelle, though whether this is a winner or not is down to your tastes. On the remix we find a babe who thinks she has won something, as you can tell by her thrusting her arms into the air. It seems that not only is the winner in you but that to win she seems to have had to thrust something into her as well. Juxtaposed!
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Army Of Lovers - Lee Ryan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lee Ryan Army Of Lovers Original Cover Artwork of Lee Ryan Army Of Lovers An Army Of Lovers, now if that is what Lee Ryan was truly offering then how come on the original single cover artwork there is nothing but a picture of himself? On the remix, this oversight is remedied as we find a whole army of babes who, as far as we can tell, are ready for love being, as it would seem, devoid of their clothes except for their boots and military hats. Without these, we wouldn't know that they were an army now would we? Military!
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Stop This Crazy Thing - Coldcut 

Cover Artwork Remix of Coldcut Stop This Crazy Thing Original Cover Artwork of Coldcut Stop This Crazy Thing Our instructions from Coldcut (Featuring Junior Reid & The Ahead Of Our Time Orchestra) is to Stop This Crazy Thing. The original single front cover artwork suggests that the crazy thing that needs stopping is some kind of wooden Godzilla intent on crushing the planet in its teeth. On the remix we find an even crazier thing, in the form of a babe who has clearly gone stark raving mad (and almost stark raving naked too). Help!
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Warm Wet Circles - Marillion 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marillion Warm Wet Circles Original Cover Artwork of Marillion Warm Wet Circles Two of our X-Rated remixes on two consecutive days. It must be the time of year for it. Today is is the turn of Marillion and their song Warm Wet Circles. Now we are not sure what you think of when you consider the notion of warm wet circles, but on the original single cover artwork it seems that the band thought that glass with a bullet through it, someone crying blood and a man with a lipstick kiss on his head would do it. Not so on the remix where we find a babe peeing and creating warm wet semi-circles. Well it's half way there. Diameter!
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