Malt And Barley Blues - Mc Guinness Flint 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mcguinness Flint Malt And Barley Blues Original Cover Artwork of Mcguinness Flint Malt And Barley Blues We know what you're thinking... Malt And Barley Blues, as sung about by Mc Guinness Flint, is no doubt a song about drinking heavy liquor fermented, as it is, from those two ingredients. The original cover artwork does nothing, though, to encourage this explanation. The remix does away with the whole liquor idea and instead considers the fields in which the malt and barley are grown, and also considers the other things that might be found in those fields... such as naked babes climbing fences. Over!
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Nothing's Shocking - Jane's Addiction 

Original Cover Artwork of Janes Addiction Nothings Shocking 2rOriginal Cover Artwork of Janes Addiction Nothings Shocking 1rAccording to Jane's Addiction, Nothing's Shocking. And to prove this, their album cover shows us two naked babes, sitting next to each other on what appears to be a rocking bench. To make the scene more shocking, their heads appear to be on fire. The remix shows a different kind of shock, an electric one. The babe on the remix appears to have been connected to some kind of electrical supply and has also been gagged. If only her head was on fire then it would outdo the original cover artwork! Buzzz!
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Cherry Oh Baby - UB40 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ub40 Cherry Oh Baby Original Cover Artwork of Ub40 Cherry Oh Baby The original cover for Cherry Oh Baby by UB40 has more to it than might at first meet the eye. Look closely at the pictographic representation of the babe sprawling on the bed and you might notice that she could be naked, with a cherry covering her decency. The remix shows a babe who has gotten up off the bed and is wearing a pair of cherry high heel boots. The cherry covering her decency is now heading for her ankles. Cerasis!
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Cover Model - Sabrina 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sabrina Cover Model Original Cover Artwork of Sabrina Cover Model Italian topless model Sabrina makes the perfect subject for remixing of covers, because there are so many sexy pictures of her to replace the original artwork with. On this single, Cover Model, we find Ms Salero looking very modelesque (if that it a word). But we could up the modelness (if that is a word) to 'max' by replacing her picture with another of her pictures. How simple is that, and the result is a very high degree of modelality (if that is a word). Dictionary!
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Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka 

Cover Artwork Remix of Neil Sedaka Calendar Girl Original Cover Artwork of Neil Sedaka Calendar Girl What would you imagine, if we asked you to picture a calendar girl? Would it be the unsmiling face of Neil Sedaka, or would it be a 60s style pinup girl? Well Mr Sedaka clearly thinks his unsmiling face, with his jacked slung over his shoulder, is the right answer. We, on the other hand, would prefer to see a 60s style pinup girl. Good job that's what we used to remix the single then. Pop!
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Touch Me In The Morning - Diana Ross 

Cover Artwork Remix of Diana Ross Touch Me In The Morning Original Cover Artwork of Diana Ross Touch Me In The Morning Diana Ross is no stranger to fans of AllBum.Art as there have been several remixes of her artwork before. Touch Me In The Morning was an album from 1973 and on the cover we see Ms Ross looking very inviting in a kind of morning color scheme. On the remix we see two babes. One is touching the other... in the morning... if that's what it's called these days. Or maybe that's what is was called in Ms Ross's days. You can touch our morning any time. Arise!
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Off The Wall - Michael Jackson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Jackson Off The Wall Original Cover Artwork of Michael Jackson Off The Wall If we had saved up all of the remixes of covers of songs or albums by Michael Jackson that we here at AllBum.Art have produced, we'd have enough for a week-long special or thereabouts. Today it's the turn of his popular 1980s album Off The Wall. The original cover would score very highly featuring, as it does, both Mr Jackson and a wall. The remix therefore would score slightly lower as gone is Mr Jackson and in his place is a hot babe. The wall is still there. And when you think about it, you'd probably rather score the remix after all. We would. Brick!
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I Want To Be Your Property - Blue Mercedes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Mercedes I Want To Be Your Property Original Cover Artwork of Blue Mercedes I Want To Be Your Property You wouldn't have necessarily believed it possible to have two remixes, on two consecutive days whose theme is Mercedes, but here we are. Today sees us remixing I Want To Be Your Property by Blue Mercedes. The original cover sees what we can only presume to be the band members lolling about on a blue car in front of a stately home. The remix shows a hot babe getting out of a blue car and who, if she demanded to be our property, we would be at a total loss to refuse. Certainly!

Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin 

Cover Artwork Remix of Janis Joplin Mercedes Benz Original Cover Artwork of Janis Joplin Mercedes Benz An odd topic for a song, maybe? Janis Joplin sings to us about her Mercedes Benz. But does the cover of her single show the aforementioned automobile? No. It does show Ms Joplin, of that we can be sure. But Lord, won't you show me a Mercedes Benz? Your wish is our command and on the remix you can see an automobile that is clearly manufactured by the correct car manufacturer. You did spot that right? After you finished looking at the hot babe sprawled on the hood. Bonnet!
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Street Angel - Stevie Nicks 

Cover Artwork Remix of Stevie Nicks Street Angel Original Cover Artwork of Stevie Nicks Street Angel Continuing the 'street' theme for a short while, here's a remix of Stevie Nicks' 1994 album Street Angel. On the original album cover we find Ms Nicks wrapped in a beige colored cloth. On the remix we see a babe dressed in what might be called an angel outfit, or then again might not. But at least she is standing on a street, so that element of the picture is correct. She's also wearing what the best cherubs often wear - nothing much - nothing much at all. Tramlines!
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