Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground - The White Stripes 

Cover Artwork Remix of White Stripes Dead Leaves And Dirty Ground Original Cover Artwork of White Stripes Dead Leaves And Dirty Ground Sheesh! You would think that when faced with the title of a song called Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, the designers of the front cover artwork for the single by The White Stripes would produce something better than a drawing of someone sitting at a piano playing a piece of music called '3'. On the remix we find a street that is strewn with dead leaves and the ground is most likely dirty. Even if the ground isn't dirty, the babe standing on it is. Cleanse!

Nurse - Therapy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Therapy Nurse Original Cover Artwork of Therapy Nurse Nurse, nurse, where are you. Is that Therapy? Meh. It could be. But one thing over which there is no doubt is that on the original cover, there may or may not be a nurse's eye staring out. On the remix a nurse is peering down at us and as well as her eyes, we can see her tits too. That is because she has, for some unknown reason, decided to undo her sexy nurse outfit. So much is uncertain, perhaps we should leave it there. Then again, perhaps not. Uncertainty!
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Baby Can I Hold You - Tracy Chapman 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tracy Chapman Baby Can I Hold You Original Cover Artwork of Tracy Chapman Baby Can I Hold You Baby Can I Hold You, that is the question that Tracy Chapman is asking to anyone who will listen. On the original cover artwork of her single, she is looking very pensive, so maybe she is deliberating over what the answer to her question might be. On the remix some dude is on one knee, talking to a babe who is naked other than for her high heeled pumps. We don't know what he is asking, but it could definitely be concerned with holding her, or even more, who knows? Who cares? Ding!
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Water On Glass - Kim Wilde 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kim Wilde Water On Glass Original Cover Artwork of Kim Wilde Water On Glass Kim Wilde is singing about Water On Glass. It is useful that she is singing about this because on the original single front cover artwork, there does not appear to be any glass, nor, for that matter, any water. Of course the water and the glass could be out of the shot, but that would be a little pointless. On the remix we find a babe who seems to be taking a shower and on the shower glass, there is water. And thus the problem is rectified and peace was restored to the citizens of Wilde. Kim!
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Saltwater - Julian Lennon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Julian Lennon Saltwater Original Cover Artwork of Julian Lennon Saltwater The original single front cover for Saltwater by Julian Lennon would score quite high on the AllBum.Art rating system. It shows the singer, and assuming that the tear falling from his eye is real, then there is saltwater on there too. In that respect, the remix would score lower, as the singer has been replaced by a busty babe and to add insult to injury, although she is standing in water, it is not by any means certain that it is a saline solution. It could just be a swimming pool. If you don't like it, we can always just remove it from the site?
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Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) - The Delfonics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Delfonics Didnt I Blow Your Mind This Time Original Cover Artwork of Delfonics Didnt I Blow Your Mind This Time Didn't he? Didn't you? Didn't they? Didn't we? No. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) say The Delfonics. Not really. Not the kind of job for standing around against an orange skyline? That doesn't really blow my mind. Does it yours? On the remix we find a babe who is blowing some dude's mind, or is she sucking his mind? Either way, it's quite mind-blowing how far she has managed to blow (or suck) his dick. So far, in fact, that he doesn't seem to have one at all. Didn't she?

Love Will Keep Us Together - Captain & Tennille 

Cover Artwork Remix of Captain And Tennille Love Will Keep Us Together Original Cover Artwork of Captain And Tennille Love Will Keep Us Together According to Captain & Tennille, Love Will Keep Us Together. That's nice of them to think that way. What their single cover doesn't show is what is meant to be kept together, other than themselves, and their two ugly mutts. On the remix are five babes, all wearing captain hats, heels and stockings, and they are very close together. What is holding them together might be the fact that if they separated their nudity would be visible. Or it might be love that's keeping them together. We may never know. Stewardesses!

Head Over Heels - Allure Featuring Nas 

Cover Artwork Remix of Allure Head Over Heels Original Cover Artwork of Allure Head Over Heels We're in a bit of a Head Over Heels vibe, having been looking for pictures for yesterday's Tears For Fears track. This track of the same name from New York R&B babes Allure has a sexy video but a boring cover. So we remixed it with another 'heels over head' babe. This one is very flexible and one can only wonder where else she might be able to flex her head and her heels to.
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Head Over Heels - Tears For Fears 

Original Cover Artwork of Tears For Fears Head Heels Cover Artwork Remix of Tears For Fears Head Heels Cover Artwork Remix of Tears For Fears Head Heels
Three covers? Why not! The original cover for this 1985 single from Tears For Fears shows the two band members looking moody - oh, great - just what you need. No! What you really need is some kind of Head Over Heels remix and that's just what we have delivered for you. The first remix is just plain weird, with some secretary with her heels way above her head. The second has the same 'heels over head' look, but in a much more sexy way.
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I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nu Shooz I Cant Wait Original Cover Artwork of Nu Shooz I Cant Wait Whilst we were in 1984 (see yesterday's Van Halen remix), this song from Nu Shooz came to mind. The original cover art for I Can't Wait shows what exactly? A pedestrian crossing guy and some colored blobs (maybe meant to be traffic signals). What do we see in the remix? A hot chick in some 'nu shooz' who can't wait - but what is is that she can't wait for? You be the judge of that.
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