Big Girls Are Best - U2 

Cover Artwork Remix of U Big Girls Are Best Original Cover Artwork of U2 Big Girls Are Best You would think, would you not, that a band such as U2 would be able to arrive at better front cover artwork for their single Big Girls Are Best, than just the name of the band, and the title of the song apparently on some kind of monochrome sticker? The remix, for example, actually illustrates some big girls who look good. Are they best, that depends on your personal outlook, but U2 must think so, otherwise they would not have named their song that way. Bow!
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Small Town Girl - Good Shoes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Good Shoes Small Town Girl Original Cover Artwork of Good Shoes Small Town Girl Why would a Small Town Girl be carrying a ray gun? That is the mystery that surrounds the original single front cover artwork of this song by Good Shoes. The remix does not help answer this question, but instead shows a girl from a small looking town, who is wearing a pair of good shoes. That's about all that can be said for this otherwise yellow and uninteresting original cover and remix. Weeds!
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Just In Case - Jaheim 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jaheim Just In Case Original Cover Artwork of Jaheim Just In Case It's good that Jaheim has organized things so that if there is a problem he will be there Just In Case. There is is on the original single front cover artwork with his bandana and silver chain. Do you feel comforted by this? Or would you prefer to be with the babes on the remix who are carrying what looks like a case of beer. What is just in the case might be beer, what is just outside the case are two naked babes on a sunny beach. You can choose.
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American Life - Madonna 

Cover Artwork Remix of Madonna American Life Original Cover Artwork of Madonna American Life American Life is both a single and an album by no other than Madonna. On the original cover artwork, we are informed that American life is best represented by a rebel look with splashes of red paint. On the remix, an alternative view of American life is presented, that of a sexy babe in a derelict building clinging for all her life onto the star spangled banner. You can choose which version of American life you would prefer to decorate your mp3 collection. Independence!
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Leave Right Now - Will Young 

Cover Artwork Remix of Will Young Leave Right Now Original Cover Artwork of Will Young Leave Right Now When Will Young sings a song called Leave Right Now, it might be expected that on the original single front cover artwork there would be something that might wish you to leave, and do it now, rather than his enstubbled face. On the remix is a babe who appears to be undressing. She could very much be regarded as being ugly and not just a little bit hairy. You can stay around to see what happens next if you want, but we shall take up Mr Young's advice and leave. Right now!
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Taking Off - The Cure 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cure Taking Off Original Cover Artwork of Cure Taking Off Another remix for indie rockers The Cure, this time for their single Taking Off. The original front cover artwork looks as if it has been drawn by a four-year-old and represents a cow wearing a yellow cape, eating forbidden cherries under a spidery orange sun. The only thing taking off is your imagination. On the remix is a babe taking off her high heel sandals. Which is just as well, as she hasn't got a lot else left to take off. Necklace!
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Last Girl On Earth - Supreme Beings Of Leisure 

Cover Artwork Remix of Supreme Beings Of Leisure Last Girl On Earth Original Cover Artwork of Supreme Beings Of Leisure Last Girl On Earth The Supreme Beings Of Leisure though that the Last Girl On Earth would be sitting in a 1960s pod chair wearing a white tunic. But check again, because on the original single front cover artwork there are two more girls in the background, one in a bikini and the other in a pink dress. So not the last girl at all? On the remix we find a babe riding a rocket in space. She may be the last girl, but the problem here is that she isn't on Earth. Zap!
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Invisible - D-Side 

Cover Artwork Remix of D Side Invisible Original Cover Artwork of D Side Invisible It's Invisible by Irish boy band D-Side that's being remixed today, and boy does it need it. On the original single cover artwork the band are standing around by a brick wall and the only thing that's vaguely invisible is the writing on the wall. On the remix is a babe who is also leaning against a wall, and although the writing on the wall is still transparent, it would appear that her bra is too. Translucent!
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Try Again - Aaliyah 

Cover Artwork Remix of Aaliyah Try Again Original Cover Artwork of Aaliyah Try Again If at first you don't succeed, try, try, Try Again. At least that is what Aaliyah would have us do. To illustrate this, the original single front cover artwork shows a blurry, monochrome shot of the singer. Definitely worth another attempt! On the remix is a babe trying to catch the attention of a worker by standing on a wooden pallet wearing a PVC bikini and boots. He does not seem interested in her. Try again. Attempting!
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