Stick To Me - Graham Parker And The Rumour 

Cover Artwork Remix of Graham Parker Rumour Stick To Me Original Cover Artwork of Graham Parker Rumour Stick To Me We have been trying to work out what is in the seven pictures on the original front cover artwork for Stick To Me by Graham Parker And The Rumour. They all seem to be shots of a singer and the band playing, in different colored lights. Is that sticky? On the remix are two babes who are sticking close to each other. That is probably a good thing, as they both seem to be topless, so working together to find their clothes would be more efficient than going it alone. Glue!
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Lone Rider - John Leyton 

Cover Artwork Remix of John Leyton Lone Rider Original Cover Artwork of John Leyton Lone Rider Here is a remix for the original single artwork of Lone Rider by John Leyton with a backing track by The Tornados, and taken from the E.P. The John Leyton Hit Parade. On the cover we see Mr Leyton sitting down in his cowboy boots. On the remix we find a babe who is riding along on her bicycle. She is the lone rider of that bike. Maybe she is even lonely, though wearing no clothes, it would be unlikely that she would remain alone for very long. Peddle!
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Slip Slidin' Away - Paul Simon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul Simon Slip Slidin Away Original Cover Artwork of Paul Simon Slip Slidin Away Another remix for Paul Simon and his song Slip Slidin' Away. Sometimes cover artwork remixed itself and this is one of those examples. On the original front cover is a picture of a rather grubby looking Mr Simon. The designers could have at least included something slippy or slidey on the cover. On the remix are three topless babes who are a-slippin' and a-slidin' down a wet and slippy slide. Could it have been any easier to remix? They are literally slip slidin'. Away!
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Broken Strings - James Morrison Featuring Nelly Furtado 

Cover Artwork Remix of James Morrison Broken Strings Original Cover Artwork of James Morrison Broken Strings Not broken wings, but Broken Strings, that is what James Morrison Featuring Nelly Furtado are singing together about. On the original single front cover we can see both singers, but they don't look very together, in fact it looks like their individual pictures were taken independently from each other. On the remix we find two babes in tiny string bikinis. Their strings are clearly broken as they are not holding their boobs in place at all. Nor are they doing that well at covering their more sensitive parts either. The one in the yellow bikini seems to have noted that they are broken and may be trying to fix it. The one in the pink doesn't seem to have noticed. Beach!
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Shapes Of Things - The Yardbirds 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Yardbirds Shapes Of Things Original Cover Artwork of The Yardbirds Shapes Of Things Whoa! Here it comes again, another X-rated remix or a remi-xxx as we like to call them. Today it is the turn of The Yardbirds and their single Shapes Of Things. On the original single front cover artwork we find the five band members standing on some oversized tables, which may or may not be classified as things, they certainly have a shape. On the remix we find a babe whose photograph has been taken at such an angle that you can very clearly see the shape of various of her things. X-Pert!
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Love Hurts - Jim Capaldi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jim Capaldi Love Hurts Original Cover Artwork of Jim Capaldi Love Hurts Love Hurts, so it does. That's what Jim Capaldi tells us in no uncertain terms. The original single front cover artwork, on the other hand, doesn't show particularly high degrees of pain, nor love. The remix resolves this as we find a babe who, as far as can be seen, is in the throes of love, and it looks as if it isn't the most comfortable thing she has ever experienced. So, to summarise, for the babe on the remix, love hurts. Sugar Honey!
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Love On The Run - Chicane Featuring Peter Cunnah 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chicane Love On The Run Original Cover Artwork of Chicane Love On The Run Chicane Featuring Peter Cunnah have got Love On The Run. This is totally obvious from the original single front cover artwork, as it has a large yellow sign that clearly states love is on the run, an instruction for pedestrians, no doubt. On the remix, a babe has taken up the instructions and appears to be on the run. Is her love on the run too? There isn't much that isn't on the run, except for most of her clothes, so you can only presume that love is on the run with her too. Also!
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Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jess Glynne Hold My Hand Original Cover Artwork of Jess Glynne Hold My Hand Jess Glynne is asking you to Hold My Hand (well, hold her hand, but you get the idea). The original single front cover artwork invites us to hold her hand by showing her face in close up, enhanced by her hair covering her eye. On the remix, this is simplified as we find two babes who are holding each other's hands. Why they seem to be heading into a closet, and why they are doing this wearing nothing but their shoes, is a bit of an unknown. Perhaps the floor is slippy. Handy!
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Diamonds And Pearls - Prince 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prince Diamonds And Pearls Original Cover Artwork of Prince Diamonds And Pearls It's been a while since we've remixed a song by Prince (And The New Power Generation, his backing band). On the original cover we find lots of dangly pearls, but look as hard as we might, we can't find any diamonds. Not even a single diamond. On the remix we have a mature babe wearing pearls, and isn't that a diamond ring on her finger. Bingo, both diamonds and pearls. After all, that's what all this remixing is about, correcting things and making them better. And what pearls the mature babe has. Hard!
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Garage Inc - Metallica 

Cover Artwork Remix of Metallica Garage Inc Original Cover Artwork of Metallica Garage Inc We are happy to admin that those Metallica buys do at least look as if they hav been working at Garage Inc, as they are standing around wearing overalls, and covered in grease. On the remix we find why they were interested in working at the garage, as there is a mature babe sitting on the floor among a range of motorbikes and to help the boys with their repairs, she seems to have stuffed metal tools inside her, as well as attaching a couple of ring washers to her nipples. At least she has the correct footwear for working in a garage. Ring!
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