If The Boot Fits - Granger Smith 

Cover Artwork Remix of Granger Smith If The Boot Fits Original Cover Artwork of Granger Smith If The Boot Fits The old saying goes, If The Boot Fits, then wear it. And if that is the case, then the boots hidden under the jeans of Granger Smith must be a good fit, otherwise he might fall off the fence he is sitting on. On the remix a babe seems to have fallen off the fence, but her boots seem to fit her nicely. With heels that high, it's no wonder she couldn't remain on the fence, though whilst falling off, all of the rest of her clothes fell off too. Collapse!
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You Should Be So Lucky - Benmont Tench 

Cover Artwork Remix of Benmont Tench You Should Be So Lucky Original Cover Artwork of Benmont Tench You Should Be So Lucky You Should Be So Lucky (Lucky, Lucky, Lucky). No this isn't a remix for that song by Kylie Minogue, instead it is the album by Benmont Tench (which has to be one of the most made-up names of all time). On the original album artwork cover we find Mr Tench sitting, playing his grand piano on his own, which doesn't seem very lucky. On the remix we find on lucky guy who has been surrounded by four very busty babes. Lucky, lucky, lucky, as some might choose to say. Bee!
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High Heels - JoJo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jojo High Heels Original Cover Artwork of Jojo High Heels Is there any better topic to spark the idea of a remix than High Heels. Today it is JoJo who brings us an original single front cover which doesn't even show a shoe, let alone any opportunity to determine the height of its heel. On the remix we find a babe who is putting her high heels on. It's an odd order to get dressed, though, beginning with her shoes before thinking about undergarments or a dress. And getting dressed in a park. All rather odd. Asian!
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All The Small Things - Blink 182 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blink 182 All The Small Things Original Cover Artwork of Blink 182 All The Small Things It isn't completely clear what Blink 182 were suggesting on the original front cover artwork of their single All The Small Things, as all that can be seen are the band members in their boxer shorts. Perhaps they are wearing the shorts to cover up the fact that what lies underneath is small. On the remix you will find a variety of different girls in a similar set of poses to the band members, but without their shorts on. They all have very small chests, and other small things. Flatly!
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Body Party - Ciara 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ciara Body Party Original Cover Artwork of Ciara Body Party A Body Party with Ciara sounds interesting. The original single cover artwork suggests that the party involves getting naked and covering yourself with a sheet. But surely a party requires more than one person? The remix remedies this flaw with the original cover as we find three naked babes covering themselves with a sheet. That looks much more like a party, don't you think? Pillow talk!
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The Ideal Height - Biffy Clyro 

Cover Artwork Remix of Biffy Clyro Ideal Height Original Cover Artwork of Biffy Clyro Ideal Height What is The Ideal Height? According to Biffy Clyro, it is not far from the ground, or more specifically, just above the height of the heels of the babe drawn on the original album cover artwork. The remix replaces the drawing with a real babe demonstrating the ideal height, though she seems to be using a lamp-stand to measure this which is unnecessary. Probably about 6 inches, give or take. In or out. Up or down.
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King Of My Castle - Wamdue Project 

Cover Artwork Remix of Wamdue Project King Of My Castle Original Cover Artwork of Wamdue Project King Of My Castle This is another one of those cases where those responsible for putting together the artwork for Wamdue Project had no imagination at all, other, it could be argued, that to believe that lines at angles as well as on the straight were more interesting that just straight lines. On the remix of King Of My Castle, we find an oddity, a king who is a queen, and by that we are not inferring any kind of gender bending. But the queen of the castle is a mighty fine one at that. Regal!
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Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kevin Lyttle Turn Me On Original Cover Artwork of Kevin Lyttle Turn Me On Let us briefly examine the original front cover artwork for Turn Me On my Kevin Lyttle. Is there any sign of anything that is, or could be, a turn on? For example, is there a switch or electrical actuator of any type. Seems not. On the remix this is solved as we find a babe whose profession is as an electrician. How do we know this? Look at the electrical board in the top left that she has obviously been working on. How do we know she has been working on this? She is all dirty and is holding some electrical cable. Shocking!
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This Summer - Squeeze 

Cover Artwork Remix of Squeeze This Summer Original Cover Artwork of Squeeze This Summer What shall we do This Summer? Why don't we sit on some deck chairs fully dressed and get a tan only on our faces? That is what Squeeze are suggesting we do, if the original front cover artwork of their single is to be believed. On the remix we find a different view of this summer, which largely consists of five busty babes standing on a beach in their skimpy bikinis. Maybe that is that summer, not this? There!
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Dummy - Portishead 

Cover Artwork Remix of Portishead Dummy Original Cover Artwork of Portishead Dummy Is that a Dummy pictured on the original front cover artwork of this album from Portishead? It looks more like a zombie than a dummy, and the blurry nature of the shot doesn't help clarify the truth. On the remix the truth is much clearer, as we find a naked babe who is real, and another who is a dummy. Of course we have no idea if the real babe is also a dummy, or whether she is smart, but as she seems to be making out with a mannequin, we can only assume she isn't that bright. Stupid!
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