99 Red Balloons - Nena 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nena 99 Red Balloons Original Cover Artwork of Nena 99 Red Balloons We are approaching the end of the runway, or more specifically our rather lengthy season of flying themed remixes. And how do you know this? Well we've been reduced to remixing songs with balloons in their title, such as 99 Red Balloons by Nena. This was a massive hit all over Europe in the 1980s but the original cover lacks not 99 balloons but any at all. The remix still doesn't have 99 red balloons but it does have 15 of them which is a large improvement. Helium!
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I'm Mandy Fly Me - 10cc 

Cover Artwork Remix of 10cc Im Mandy Fly Me Original Cover Artwork of 10cc Im Mandy Fly Me How better to continue our series of remixes to do with flying than with this classic song from 10cc entitled I'm Mandy Fly Me. On the original cover we find the band strumming their instruments and strutting their stuff. On the remix we find a babe, presumably the aforementioned Mandy, who is clearly a woman that enjoys aircraft as we find her lounging seductively in the engine housing. We think she should probably move before the pilot gets in the plane, maybe it's him that's flying her. Cowling!
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Back In The High Life - Steve Winwood 

Cover Artwork Remix of Steve Winwood Back In The High Life Original Cover Artwork of Steve Winwood Back In The High Life Back In The High Life by Steve Winwood was both a single and an album and continues our theme of flying. On the original cover we find Mr Winwood smiling at something, though the picture is so blurry, it's not evident what that something might be. The remix may answer the question, as we find that the pilot of the plane that is taking Mr Winwood to the high life is really hot and is not wearing a traditional pilot's uniform but far far less. Runway!
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Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band 

Cover Artwork Remix of Steve Miller Band Jet Airliner Original Cover Artwork of Steve Miller Band Jet Airliner Yes, we're still remixing songs connected with flying, and today it's Jet Airliner by the Steve Miller Band. The original cover shows Mr Miller singing with his guitar. But where is the jet airliner? Obviously it's in the remix! It's a DC9 and wouldn't you know it but there's a stewardess climbing the stairs to the door. It's breezy and the wind has blown her skirt up to reveal her ass, or is that the pilot stepping on the gas for the engine to the same end. Accelerate!
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Crash - Primitives 

Cover Artwork Remix of Primitives Crash Original Cover Artwork of Primitives Crash Whilst we're still on the subject of flying, here's a cautionary tale. Not all flights end up with a happy landing, and here we find Crash by the Primitives. The original cover doesn't show us anything to indicate what has crashed or where, but the remix solves this problem as we find a babe standing in front of a downed aircraft that has presumably crashed. A cautionary tale indeed... always listen to the air hostess when she gives the safety briefing. Here, here and here!
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Baggage Claim - Miranda Lambert 

Cover Artwork Remix of Miranda Lambert Baggage Claim Original Cover Artwork of Miranda Lambert Baggage Claim Another in our series of remixes to do with flying. And in this we find that the baggage for miss Miranda Lambert can be claimed at belt 24. That's where the Baggage Claim is, right. But on the original cover we find Ms Lambert standing in front of a sofa with her guitar. Where is the belt of despair where the baggage never arrives, or her suitcase. All a bit disappointing. On the remix we find a babe sitting on her baggage, drinking a glass of wine and waiting to be claimed. Is she lost luggage? We may never know.
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Fly By II - Blue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Fly By Ii Original Cover Artwork of Blue Fly By Ii What could be more associated with flying than a song called Fly By II (what happened to Fly By I?) by Blue. On the original cover artwork we find the band looking all moody (another of those self-centered, self-serving covers). On the remix we find II babes who are ready for their fly-by, being, by their attire, an air hostess and a pilot. Ready for take-off? Rotate!
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Flying High - Commodores 

Cover Artwork Remix of Commodores Flying High Original Cover Artwork of Commodores Flying High Flying High is what the Commodores are doing. Or more accurately, if the cover artwork is to be believed, it is the band's logo that is actually soaring above the ground. The remix is simple yet effective, it shows a hot babe flying high over a city, sitting in a helicopter. She needs to be careful as she does not appear to be wearing the correct protective gear, and worse still, in the heels she is wearing she could easily trip and fall - which is particularly dangerous at 10,000 ft. Parachute!
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Jet - Paul McCartney And Wings 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul Mccartney And Wings Jet Original Cover Artwork of Paul Mccartney And Wings Jet Is there any more obvious a song to remix the cover artwork for when delving into songs about flying than Jet by Paul McCartney And Wings. Not only is the title of the song all aerospatial, but the name of the band is associated with being in the air too. On the original cover we see the clouds over which the jet may be flying. On the remix we come back down to Earth to take a look at the jet before it takes off, and this one, it seems, comes replete with a rather sexy air stewardess. Hostess!
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Cloud Number 9 - Bryan Adams 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bryan Adams Cloud Number 9 Original Cover Artwork of Bryan Adams Cloud Number 9 This song is variously titled 'Cloud #9', 'Cloud Number 9' and 'Cloud Number Nine' so take your pick as Bryan Adams seemed to have done, and thrown it at a pot of blue paint which has covered the model on the original cover artwork. As we continue our series of remixes dedicated to flying, we take to the clouds for this remix and find three angels getting dressed to go and do their daily chores, whatever they may be. Now that is a cloud worth visiting. Cumulonimbus!
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