Riding On The Wings - Motiv8 

Cover Artwork Remix of Motiv8 Riding On The Wings Original Cover Artwork of Motiv8 Riding On The Wings We're Riding On The Wings (riding on the wings, riding on the wings) of an angel, or so sings Jocelyn Brown on this single by Motiv8 as we continue our series of remixes related to flying. After all, if you are riding on the wings of an angel, then unless she is a fallen angel, chances are that you will be soaring above the ground somewhere. Be careful though, angels can fly very high where the air is thin and the chances of survival are slim. Breathe!
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Benny And The Jets - Elton John 

Cover Artwork Remix of Elton John Benny And The Jets Original Cover Artwork of Elton John Benny And The Jets There seems to be a little confusion concerning whether this song is entitled Benny And The Jets, or Bennie And The Jets (the Wikipedia entry for the song has both as being correct). Anyhow, Elton John kicked up another storm with the original cover of this single because where is Benny (or Bennie)? And what are the jets? Our remix remedies these two issues as we find that Benny (or Bennie) is in fact a busty babe and the jets, well what would you expect in our series of flying based remixes, but that it was a private jet of some kind. Buckle up!
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You Take Me Up - Thompson Twins 

Cover Artwork Remix of Thompson Twins You Take Me Up Original Cover Artwork of Thompson Twins You Take Me Up Yes, we're still in the midst of a set of remixes concerning flying with this remix of You Take Me Up by the Thompson Twins (all three of them). On the original cover all we can see as a tambourine. It is being held high but does it really take you up. On the remix we find a babe in an elevator, which, as long as it is functioning correctly will take you up, as well as down. OK, so it's not a plan, but going up is what aircraft do. As for going down...
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Learning To Fly - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tom Petty Learning To Fly Original Cover Artwork of Tom Petty Learning To Fly If it wasn't enough that Pink Floyd have a single called Learning To Fly, but so, as we continue our remixes dedicated to flying, does Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers! On the original cover we find the band standing around (what is it with bands that do this on their covers). On the remix we find yet another babe keen to gain her wings and learn to pilot an aircraft. Nice uniform - no doubt she has broken a few hearts in her time. Let's just hope she doesn't break the aircraft. Brace!
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Learning To Fly - Pink Floyd 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pink Floyd Learning To Fly Original Cover Artwork of Pink Floyd Learning To Fly We continue our summer season of flying-based remixes with Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd. Just what the band were thinking when putting together the cover for their single is unknown, but it seems that wearing carpet slippers made of grass is somehow connected with flying. Not for us. Instead we find a hot babe standing by a helicopter, but whatever lesson she is supposed to be having, seems to be less about flying and more about stripping. Shame? Not really.
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Flying - Cast 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cast Flying Original Cover Artwork of Cast Flying August is upon us, and so people begin to disappear on their summer vacations. To celebrate their departure, we begin the month with a series of remixes dedicated to Flying, with a song with exactly that title from band Cast. On the original cover we find the band members standing around looking at something in the sky. On the remix we find a hot aviation babe standing by the tail of an aircraft. She may not by flying yet, but surely someone will whisk her off her feet soon. Aviate!
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Power Of A Woman - Eternal 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eternal Power Of A Woman Original Cover Artwork of Eternal Power Of A Woman Eternal sing sweetly for us about the Power Of A Woman as the sit sweetly in sepia-toned silence. Now this may be a powerful picture to some people, but we prefer our power more obvious and so on the remix we have replaced the girl band with a woman whose power is so strong, she is connected up to the electricity grid. Whether she is consuming or supplying the power is, somehow, irrelevant and so the only question remains as to how many Volts she could generate. High Energy!
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One Two Three - Dina Carroll 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dina Carroll One Two Three Original Cover Artwork of Dina Carroll One Two Three Guest contributor Phil Darnall of England has sent us yet another great remix. This time it is for One Two Three by Dina Carroll. On the original cover we find the title, the artist and a picture of Ms Carroll which is really the most basic it could get. On the remix there are three mature babes. It is not clear if they are undressing or putting their clothes back on again, however the numbers one, two and three are sparing their embarrassment. Thanks Phil, keep 'em coming. Numerology!
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Stop And Stare - One Republic 

Original Cover Artwork of One Republic Stop And Stare Cover Artwork Remix of One Republic Stop And Stare Cover Artwork Remix of One Republic Stop And Stare
What would make you Stop And Stare? A triple-play perhaps? Well, according to One Republic, if the cover of their single is to be believed, it is the chiselled faces of the band themselves. Sadly, that doesn't work for us and so on the first remix we find a babe who would certainly make you stop and stare if you bumped into her on a dark night, or indeed on a light one. She actually seems to be staring back which is quite scary. On the second remix is a babe who would make anyone stop and stare, hiding behind a tree with nothing more than the tree and her hands to hide her. That could be scary for her. Stop and Scare?
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High - Lighthouse Family 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lighthouse Family High Original Cover Artwork of Lighthouse Family High It would seem that the Lighthouse Family may be vertically challenged. The other remix on the AllBum.Art web-site is 'Lifted' and this one is called High. The original cover may show the band members standing on a very high platform, or they may be on the ground, it is difficult to tell. On the remix, however, the babe in question is standing on very high platform heels that must be 8 inches or more. Lofty!
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