Heaven And Hell - Vangelis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Vangelis Heaven Hell Original Cover Artwork of Vangelis Heaven Hell It is probably understandable that back in the 1970s when synth-pop pioneers like Vangelis were perfecting their art, that they spent less time on the covers of their albums and singles than the music contained therein. But as time as moved on, help is at hand and in the remix of Heaven And Hell we see two babes. One is dressed as an angel and the other as a devil. Heaven and hell personified. In a cute way. Vintage!
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Reflections - Diana Ross And The Supremes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Diana Ross Reflections Original Cover Artwork of Diana Ross Reflectons Reflections of, the way life used to be. That's what Diana Ross And The Supremes sing of in this 1960s Motown classic. The original cover shows Mr Ross and the Supremes but there's no mirror image, no upturned picture, no flipped-over photograph. The remix sadly does away with the original band, but does add the all important reflection. In this case of two nude girls holding hands on a beach at sunset. Lovely!
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Born Naked - Ru Paul 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ru Paul Born Naked Original Cover Artwork of Ru Paul Born Naked Born Naked. Of course that's true of anyone, even Ru Paul. But we don't think that Mr Paul (or is it Mrs Paul, we never know) was specifically meaning that. Or at least even if (s)he was, there's scope for a sexy remix. And on the sexy remix are two babes. One has already been born and the other is yet to be born. Both are naked and thus any ambiguity, other than that relating to Mr(s) Paul is removed. Like clothes. Flambo!
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Starships Over Alice - Arctic Moon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Arctic Moon Starships Over Alice Original Cover Artwork of Arctic Moon Starships Over Alice Let us not, in any way, focus on how crapulent the original cover of Starships Over Alice by Arctic Moon is, but instead focus on how the cromulent the remix has become. And why is the remix so improved? The simple addition of Alice, at least that is what we believe her name to be, who is fighting a space war with starships over her head using lasers built into her boobs. Futuristic yet dauntingly retro. Zap!
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Wind Of Change - Scorpions 

Cover Artwork Remix of Scorpions Wind Of Change Original Cover Artwork of Scorpions Wind Of Change For such an obscure band, the Scorpions fare well here at AllBum.Art for remixes. This time it is one of their biggest and best known songs that gets the remix treatment, Wind Of Change. On the original cover the wind of change is blowing nowhere in particular as the band stand around looking morose. On the remix the wind of change has blown right up the skirt of a buxom mature lady who was in the process of straightening her panties. Unfortunate!
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Queen Of Rain - Roxette 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roxette Queen Of Rain Original Cover Artwork of Roxette Queen Of Rain Though our short run of automotive related remixes is now over, we have at least managed to connect today's remix to yesterday's through the medium of having the same band, in this case Nordic nightingales Roxette. Today it is their single Queen Of Rain that has hit the AllBum.Art remixing slab. We will ignore the lackluster original cover and just point out that on the remix there is a babe (whose royal provenance is not proven) but who clearly enjoys a heavy downpour. Drench!
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Sleeping In My Car - Roxette 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roxette Sleeping In My Car Original Cover Artwork of Roxette Sleeping In My Car Continuing this temporary car fixation that we're having, here is a remix of Sleeping In My Car by Swedish songstrels Roxette. On the original cover we find the band members - um - that's it. Just the band members. On the remix we see a babe who may or may not be asleep, and though she is not in a car, or my car, she is on a car, which is near enough, surely? Proximity!
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Cars - Gary Numan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gary Numan Cars Original Cover Artwork of Gary Numan Cars What better song to continue our theme of cars than a song called Cars, by Gary Numan. But poor Mr Numan as it appears that, on the original cover, the car that he is meant to have been driving has been stolen, leaving him looking very silly holding an invisible steering wheel. The remix has lots and lots of cars on show, and a babe that's showing lots and lots. Automotive!
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In Your Car - The Cool Notes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cool Notes In Your Car Original Cover Artwork of Cool Notes In Your Car A bit of a run on songs about, connected with, or mentioning cars is afoot here at AllBum.Art. Today it is the turn of The Cool Notes and their song In Your Car. Though we would give the band a few points for putting a picture of themselves on the cover, where is the car and who is in it? The remixed artwork answers this question. The car is there, and someone is in it. That someone does not appear to be in anything other than the car, and her high heels though. Click!
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Fast Car - Tracy Chapman 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tracy Chapman Fast Car Original Cover Artwork of Tracy Chapman Fast Car Ah yes, what a great combination, a Fast Car and a pretty woman. However, and with all due respect to Tracy Chapman, there are prettier women that could be pictures alongside a fast car. And furthermore, the original cover of Ms Chapman's song does not feature a car which is a big omission in our book. The remix has a fast car front center, with not just one, but four pretty babes bedecking it. Four!
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