Naked - Scarlet 

Cover Artwork Remix of Scarlet Naked Original Cover Artwork of Scarlet Naked Sometimes we stumble across an album or single whose remix needs no thought at all. Naked by Scarlet is one of those pieces of artwork. The original cover shows the two members of the band but are they scarlet? No. Are they naked? No. The remix solves both these problems as we find a scarlet-haired babe who is naked. Her name, incidentally, is Harley Rose and she deserves a special mention because... well does there really have to be a reason? Pure lust!
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Shocked - Kylie Minogue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kylie Minogue Shocked Fake Original Cover Artwork of Kylie Minogue Shocked We have, in general, steered away from using 'celebrity fakes' to provide remixes for album or single artwork here at AllBum.Art but for some reason, we couldn't resist this one. Kylie Minogue is Shocked, according to the cover of her single, but she looks less shocked and more electrifying in her fishnet body-stocking and leather (or is that PVC) bodice. In the remix we see a far more shocking picture as Ms Minogue is wearing just a pair of high heels. Pzazz!
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Nothin' My Love Can't Fix - Joey Lawrence 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joey Lawrence Nothin My Love Cant Fix Original Cover Artwork of Joey Lawrence Nothin My Love Cant Fix A reasonable effort by Joey Lawrence on the cover of his single Nothin' My Love Can't Fix. Reasonable in the sense that Mr Lawrence is wearing an outfit that you might expect some kind of up themselves car mechanic to wear, though being clearly so vain about his appearance, it might be expected that he doesn't want to get his outfit dirty. Contrast that, if you will, with the remix of the single cover where we see his love (or anyone's love for that matter) who is perfectly happy to get down and dirty to fix anything - in this case a motor. Scruffy!

She Drive's Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fyc She Drives Me Crazy Original Cover Artwork of Fyc She Drives Me Crazy According to the Fine Young Cannibals, otherwise penned as FYC apparently, She Drives Me Crazy. What would drive anyone crazy is the cover of a single that shows neither the band, nor who she is, nor what she is driving of why her style of driving would make anyone crazy. The remixed cover of the single sorts out this awful problem and we can see who she is and what she is driving. Why should her style of driving make you crazy? Perhaps because she is going to drive in only her red high heels. Madness!
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Key To My Life - Boyzone 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boyzone Key To My Life Original Cover Artwork of Boyzone Key To My Life What is the Key To My Life? It is Boyzone? Sadly it is not. The key to my life is probably the 'enter' key on my keyboard. So on to the remix then, and on the original cover we see the boyz of the band looking all moody and 1990s. On the remix we see a babe with her enter key poised over her keyboard, now that's more like it. And wouldn't you know it, she's visiting the AllBum.Art web-site. Click!
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Silver Dream Machine - David Essex 

Cover Artwork Remix of David Essex Silver Dream Machine Original Cover Artwork of David Essex Silver Dream Machine In many ways, this remix of Silver Dream Machine by David Essex needs virtually no explanation at all. The original shows Mr Essex sitting astride his own version of a silver dream machine, a.k.a. a motorbike. The remix shows a similar silver motorbike but instead of Mr Essex sitting astride it, it has been made more dreamy by having a beautiful (but naked) babe stand in front of it. Now did we really need to explain that at all? Nix!
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Hot For Teacher - Van Halen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Van Halen Hot For Teacher Original Cover Artwork of Van Halen Hot For Teacher Hot For Teacher is what Van Halen was in this 1984 single and from the original cover it is fairly clear to see why. Teacher, in her short dress, high heels and pantyhose is clearly pretty hot. So in essence, there is little for the team here at AllBum.Art to do. Yawn. But there's always room for improvement, or so our teachers told us. And so we have just modernized the cover with a new teacher who is just as hot and wearing much the same, though in a far hotter pose. Sizzle!
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Jeans On - David Dundas 

Cover Artwork Remix of David Dundas Jeans On Original Cover Artwork of David Dundas Jeans On When I wake up, in the morning light, I pull on my jeans and I feel all right... chh chh. That is how David Dundas opens this song called Jeans On, chh chh. The original cover shows Lord Dundas (for that is his official title) but it is not clear whether he is wearing jeans or not as all we can see is his head and shoulders, chh chh. In the remix we see a babe who is definitely wearing blue jeans, though little else, chh chh. Why do we keep ending each sentence with 'chh chh', chh chh? Click on the Amazon link below (or indeed the one to the left) and take a listen to the song. Chh chh!
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Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship 

Cover Artwork Remix of Starship Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now Original Cover Artwork of Starship Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now The first drum beats at the start of Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship signal the beginning of something incredibly familiar. The cover is just as familiar to the millions who bought the single in the 1980s. The remix keeps a lot of this familiarity but also adds an answer to the question of who or what is not gonna stop. It seems it's an older babe who, being in the last stages of undress, believes that there's nothing that's gonna stop her quarry from becoming her cougar-fired pray. Very poetic!

Music For Hangovers - Various Artists 

Cover Artwork Remix of Music For Hangovers Original Cover Artwork of Music For Hangovers Any record on the 'High In-Fidelity' record label must be a good start and Music For Hangovers by Various Artists is no exception. We like the original cover which shows four babes sitting at a bar, drinking. Hair of the dog, no doubt. The remix then probably doesn't add a lot other than to modernize the scene with just the one babe, but a whole wine cellar full of drinks to dog your hair with. Woof!
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