Strip Along With Us - Various Artists 

Cover Artwork Remix of Strip Along With Us Original Cover Artwork of Strip Along With Us The first of two days where we have remixed albums with great titles, and, to be fair, covers which are not bad either. The first by 'Various Artists...!' is Strip Along With Us. We rate the original cover quite highly as it has a good looking babe who we would love to strip along with, but there is only one of her. Where is the 'us' part? The remix fixes this as four babes offer us to strip along with them. Looks like they have a head start meanwhile. Down!
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In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly 

Cover Artwork Remix of Iron Butterfly Garden Of Eden Original Cover Artwork of Iron Butterfly Garden Of Eden In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is, as every Iron Butterfly fan knows, just a corruption of the phrase, 'in the garden of Eden'. The original cover of the album (and single) do nothing to portray the biblical scene that you would normally associate with the garden of Eden. Thankfully, this has been corrected in the remix as we see a girl wearing what most people would agree was what Eve wore, and doing what most people believe Eve did, a.k.a. taking an apple from a tree. Biblical!
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Jesus Use Me - The Faith Tones 

Cover Artwork Remix of Faith Tones Jesus Use Me Original Cover Artwork of Faith Tones Jesus Use Me We were alerted to the cover of the album Jesus Use Me by The Faith Tones, by Colin Fetting of Montgomery, AL. Apparently, it is regarded as one of the worst album covers of all time and so Colin thought we ought to have a go a remixing it. The original cover is, well, just awful. The remix shows a religious looking babe, and the look in her eyes suggests that she would happily be used by Jesus, if he were around. We're not sure that Jesus would want to use her in the way she is offering though. Sacrilege!
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Silver Bells - Jim Reeves 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jim Reeves Silver Bells Original Cover Artwork of Jim Reeves Silver Bells Sometimes it's necessary to use a little poetic license when remixing the covers of old songs. This very old song by Jim Reeves is called Silver Bells and on the original cover we see Gentleman Jim (as he was apparently known) in a Holiday setting. In the remix we see a babe also in a Holiday setting but it seems that unlike Mr Reeves who has a jacket to keep him warm, all she has are Silver Balls. OK, so they're not bells, but use your imagination. We did. Dreamy!
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We Wish You A Merry Chrismtas - Ferrante & Teicher 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ferrante Teicher Merry Xmas Original Cover Artwork of Ferrante Teicher Merry Xmas Ferrante & Teicher? Never heard of them? No, us neither but since when has that stopped us remixing the cover of someones single or album. This is their 1996 album (of piano based jingling) called, inventively, We Wish You A Merry Christmas. They have the right idea, with a pretty girl in a Santa outfit adorning the front cover. All we have done is remove her Santa outfit, given her a friend in the same state of undress and added a bit of seasonal snow where it's necessary!

Eight Miles High - The Byrds 

Cover Artwork Remix of Byrds Eight Miles High Original Cover Artwork of Byrds Eight Miles High Taken from the album of the same name, today's remix is Eight Miles High by The Byrds. The original front cover artwork shows the band members loafing around on an old, vintage car. It seems very unlikely that they are even one mile high, let alone eight, unless it is a rocket car. On the remix is a babe in a space mask, holding a pipe (an air supply perhaps) floating around in space. She seems to be near the moon, which would make her far more than eight miles high and, her space suit seems woefully inadequate for the job. Loss!
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Just Mozian Along - Roger King Mozian And His Orchestra 

Cover Artwork Remix of Just Mozian Along Original Cover Artwork of Just Mozian Along An album so obscure that even the artist Roger King Mozian doesn't have an entry on Wikipedia, Just Mozian Along caught the attention of the AllBum.Art team because of the hapless Mr Mozian sitting on a horse. Why was this of interest? Simply because of the picture of the naked babe on a horse that replaces Mr Mozian himself. A fair replacement and a good use of a picture of a nude model on a pony. We can think of a better use.
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Tinkerbells Fairydust - Tinkerbells Fairydust 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tinkerbells Fairydust Original Cover Artwork of Tinkerbells Fairydust OriginalAnother in the series of controversial album art. This cover is taken from the 1960s eponymous album by Tinkerbells Fairydust. The cover shows a cheeky Tinkerbell with her back to us, showing her pert ass. But what if Tinkerbell were not quite so cutesy, and had a darker side. With black wings and no fear of showing us more, she would look just like this remixed cover.
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