I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beatles I Saw Her Standing There Original Cover Artwork of Beatles I Saw Her Standing There Another remix for those British boys The Beatles. This time for their 1963 song I Saw Her Standing There. On the original cover we see the fab four but where is her, the her that should be standing there? Thankfully the remix of the cover identifies her. Her is standing there, and her is, it would seem, naked. Why is she standing there? And where is there? So many questions. Quizzical!
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What Would You Do - City High 

Cover Artwork Remix of City High What Would You Do Original Cover Artwork of City High What Would You Do What Would You Do? That is the question being posed by City High. But in order to be able to answer that question, it is necessary that we understand the situation we find ourselves in. The original cover gives nothing with which to work. The remix paints a very different picture. We find ourselves in a situation where a (very) mature lady who is wearing nothing but a pair of high heels is trying to undress us. What do we do? Do we play along? Or are we not into her saggy curves? What would you do? Choose!
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Dancing Queen - ABBA 

Cover Artwork Remix of Abba Dancing Queen Original Cover Artwork of Abba Dancing Queen Another remix for those Swedish songsters ABBA. This time it's the turn of that cheesy party classic, Dancing Queen. See that girl, watch that scene. But the only scene on the original cover of the single is one of the band members. Now whilst this might qualify for a silver star, only gold star covers are allowed here at AllBum.Art and so a remix is, unfortunately, most necessary. The remix of the cover shows a queen, crown and all, dancing. Now that is fortunate! Jive!
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Take Me Home (A Girl Like Me) - Sophie Ellis-Bextor 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sophie Ellis Bextor Take Me Home Original Cover Artwork of Sophie Ellis Bextor Take Me Home Whilst we in a vehicular mood, here's a remix for Take Me Home (A Girl Like Me) by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The original cover has a nice picture of Ms Ellis-Bextor, but gives no indication of why we might want to take her home. The remix shows a girl who definitely should be taken home. Either to find the clothes she has so obviously lost, or alternatively, well, you can work that out for yourself. Accelerate!

Leaving On A Jet Plane - Peter, Paul And Mary 

Cover Artwork Remix of Peter Paul Mary Leaving On A Jet Plane Original Cover Artwork of Peter Paul Mary Leaving On A Jet Plane This is turning into a bit of a transport-related week of single cover remixes here at AllBum.Art. We have now found Amarillo and are going to get there by Leaving On A Jet Plane. And we are being joined by Peter, Paul & Mary. But who is going to serve us a few tequilas? We need an air-hostess, that's what's missing. Thankfully, we have found one and by the looks of her, the flight will be very entertaining. Zoom!
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Do You Know The Way To San Jose - Dionne Warwick 

Cover Artwork Remix of Way To San Jose Warwick Original Cover Artwork of Way To San Jose Warwick It seems that Tony Christie isn't the only one who is having problems trying to find their way around the country. Dionne Warwick seems equally lost as she asks Do You Know The Way To San Jose? Actually, we don't know either but we figured that a naked hitch-hiker (other than her rucksack) on a desert road might do better at finding the answer so we replaced Ms Warwick from the original cover with just that image. Hitch-hiking being the optimum way of getting to San Jose, apparently.

(Is This The Way To) Amarillo - Tony Christie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Is This The Way To Amarillo Original Cover Artwork of Is This The Way To Amarillo Tony Christie asks (Is This The Way) To Amarillo? Is that the way to Amarillo? Which is the damned way to Amarillo? Mr Christie doesn't seem to know and although the original cover of the single shows him doing his best to shout the question at the top of his voice, he obviously isn't getting an answer, or at least not one he wants. The remix of the cover shows exactly where to find Amarillo. And would you have guessed, it's up the skirt of a sexy little babe? Hitch-hiking!

Look Right Through - Storm Queen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Storm Queen Look Right Through Original Cover Artwork of Storm Queen Look Right Through Look Right Through by Storm Queen has a cover for its single that you could easily miss, look right through it if you will. A cover that is so lackluster that it might as well not be there. The remix is more striking, showing, as it does, a queen (well a princess anyhow) who is amidst a storm, as it were, being outside in the freezing snow. And she is wearing a dress that you can look right through, one that might as well not be there. Shiver!
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Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve 

Cover Artwork Remix of Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony Original Cover Artwork of Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony Who could forget? Who could remember? Who could remember to forget? Who could forget to remember? It has to be said. It does, you know. The original cover for Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve is boring beyond belief. Thank goodness for AllBum.Art and our superb remix of this classic song. What do we see in the remix. A bitter (must be as it's being played on a violin), sweet (definitely!) symphony. Well one instrument doesn't a symphony make, but we'll let that go. Strum!
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Bang Bang - will.i.am 

Cover Artwork Remix of Will I Am Bang Bang Original Cover Artwork of Will I Am Bang Bang Hmm... Bang, Bang. Hmm... will.i.am. Now what would you expect to see on the cover of a song with bang in the title? A gun maybe? Well OK, there is a silhouette of a gun on the original cover. But an R&B track requires more than just that, it requires a hot babe. So enter the remix, replete with hot babe, futuristic setting, and, of course, a gun. Bang, of course! Bang!
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