Look Right Through - Storm Queen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Storm Queen Look Right Through Original Cover Artwork of Storm Queen Look Right Through Look Right Through by Storm Queen has a cover for its single that you could easily miss, look right through it if you will. A cover that is so lackluster that it might as well not be there. The remix is more striking, showing, as it does, a queen (well a princess anyhow) who is amidst a storm, as it were, being outside in the freezing snow. And she is wearing a dress that you can look right through, one that might as well not be there. Shiver!
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Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve 

Cover Artwork Remix of Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony Original Cover Artwork of Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony Who could forget? Who could remember? Who could remember to forget? Who could forget to remember? It has to be said. It does, you know. The original cover for Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve is boring beyond belief. Thank goodness for AllBum.Art and our superb remix of this classic song. What do we see in the remix. A bitter (must be as it's being played on a violin), sweet (definitely!) symphony. Well one instrument doesn't a symphony make, but we'll let that go. Strum!
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Bang Bang - will.i.am 

Cover Artwork Remix of Will I Am Bang Bang Original Cover Artwork of Will I Am Bang Bang Hmm... Bang, Bang. Hmm... will.i.am. Now what would you expect to see on the cover of a song with bang in the title? A gun maybe? Well OK, there is a silhouette of a gun on the original cover. But an R&B track requires more than just that, it requires a hot babe. So enter the remix, replete with hot babe, futuristic setting, and, of course, a gun. Bang, of course! Bang!
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Cars And Girls - Prefab Sprout 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prefab Sprout Cars And Girls Original Cover Artwork of Prefab Sprout Cars And Girls Presumably with a band called Prefab Sprout, the cover of any of their songs does not need to make any sense either. But the cover of Cars And Girls shows a matchstick playing a guitar. No sense at all. What would make sense would be something to do with cars, and perhaps something to do with girls. And so the remix is born. Cars - tick. Girls - well almost, just the one, but one that would count for many more. Revving!
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One Step Further - Bardo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bardo One Step Further Original Cover Artwork of Bardo One Step Further One Step Further was apparently the 1982 United Kingdom entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. This remix of the Bardo song cover was sent in by Andy Hill of Weston-Super-Mare, England. He says:
I always had a thing at school for the singer, Sally Ann Triplett but she is getting on now so I figured a babe what a bare bum would be better. The song says 'one step further and I would have been there' and I figured if she was climbing some steps and I was one step behind then everything falls into place.

We can only agree with you Andy. Nice job!
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Mama Told Me Not To Come - Tom Jones And Stereophonics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tom Jones Stereophonics Mama Told Me Not To Come Original Cover Artwork of Tom Jones Stereophonics Mama Told Me Not To Come Mama Told Me Not To Come. That is what Tom Jones And Stereophonics tell us. But why is it that Mama was so vehemently against us going along? The remix of the cover of the single tells the story. It's Mama herself. She is clearly planning something that she didn't want you to see. Exactly what it is that she is planning is clear from her pose. If you are of a sensitive disposition, you definitely should not remain around and next time, listen to Mama before you decide whether to come. Instructive!

So You Win Again - Hot Chocolate 

Cover Artwork Remix of Hot Chocolate You Win Again Original Cover Artwork of Hot Chocolate You Win Again So You Win Again, eh? That is what Hot Chocolate tell us. But they give no indication of who has won, why they have won, what it is that they have won, or, especially, why they should be so successful to win more than once. Thankfully the remix of the cover artwork makes this perfectly clear. It is a hot babe who has won. They have won a beauty contest for being the most beautiful. They have won a crown. And why have they won again - probably to do with the special outfit they are wearing. Success!
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Modern Girl - Sheena Easton 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sheena Easton Modern Girl Original Cover Artwork of Sheena Easton Modern Girl Modern Girl by Sheena Easton is one of those songs that misses the point completely. Whilst the picture of Ms Easton that graces the original cover may have been futuristic to those who prepared the artwork way back in 1980, it certainly isn't futuristic today. So instead of the heavily made-up Ms Easton, we have remixed the cover to provide, instead, our view of what a modern girl will look like, not just now but in the year 2525 as well. Robotic!
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In The Year 2525 - Zager And Evans 

Cover Artwork Remix of Zager Evans In The Year 55 Original Cover Artwork of Zager Evans In The Year 2525 What do you expect the world to look like In The Year 2525? Well according to Zager And Evans, it looks like a swirly lava-lamp which is what the makers of Star Trek often used to think the future would look like as well. Maybe in 1969 lava-lamps were seen as the future. But in the 2010s, the future looks more attractive and so the remix shows one possible view of the world in 2525 - a hot babe who is either part android, or is totally android. Either way, she still looks great. Visionary!
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Sadnecessary - Milky Chance 

Cover Artwork Remix of Milky Chance Sad Necessary Original Cover Artwork of Milky Chance Sad Necessary Sadnecessary - surely there is a space missing. And the cover of this Milky Chance album is also missing something. Any sign of any milk; anything sad; or anything necessary. Good job that we here at AllBum.Art are here to provide you with our poor quality, low-brow remixes. In the remix we see Milk - plenty of it. And a naked babe in a bath. But the milk is covering her up. Well most of her...! Lactic!
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