American Life - Madonna 

Cover Artwork Remix of Madonna American Life Original Cover Artwork of Madonna American Life American Life is both a single and an album by no other than Madonna. On the original cover artwork, we are informed that American life is best represented by a rebel look with splashes of red paint. On the remix, an alternative view of American life is presented, that of a sexy babe in a derelict building clinging for all her life onto the star spangled banner. You can choose which version of American life you would prefer to decorate your mp3 collection. Independence!
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Let's Make A Baby - Billy Paul 

Cover Artwork Remix of Billy Paul Lets Make A Baby Original Cover Artwork of Billy Paul Lets Make A Baby Who would like to respond to Billy Paul when he says Let's Make A Baby? Well, let's consider the original single front cover artwork to help answer that question. What you see is Mr Paul leaning on his arm, in his typical 1970s get-up. Alternatively you could be drawn to the baby-making activities of the babe and dude on the remix who are making a baby in the traditional way, rather than just lying about with a hairy chest and sunglasses on. Sleazy!
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Leave Right Now - Will Young 

Cover Artwork Remix of Will Young Leave Right Now Original Cover Artwork of Will Young Leave Right Now When Will Young sings a song called Leave Right Now, it might be expected that on the original single front cover artwork there would be something that might wish you to leave, and do it now, rather than his enstubbled face. On the remix is a babe who appears to be undressing. She could very much be regarded as being ugly and not just a little bit hairy. You can stay around to see what happens next if you want, but we shall take up Mr Young's advice and leave. Right now!
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First Time - M-22 Featuring Medina 

Cover Artwork Remix of M 22 Medina First Time Original Cover Artwork of M 22 Medina First Time What does the First Time look like? If the original single front cover artwork produced by M-22 Featuring Medina is our guide, then the first time looks like two diagonal stripes drawn with a felt tip pen that is running out of ink. On the remix we find a babe who has decided to expose herself in public. How do we know this is her first time? She has made a few rookie mistakes. The biggest of these is that she has knelt down at exactly the height that means that the text on the single cover is covering her singularity (if you know what we mean, as she doesn't). Dunce!
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Give Me The Night - Fausto Papetti 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fausto Papetti Give Me The Night Original Cover Artwork of Fausto Papetti Give Me The Night Those crazy Europeans and their kinky album covers. Here, Fausto Papetti shows us how if you Give Me The Night, in return you can expect a naked babe wearing high heels to blow bubbles around on the original cover artwork. There's not much we, here at AllBum.Art could improve upon, but we like to try. The remix shows an equally naked babe in high heels, but she hasn't got any bubbles to blow. Maybe this is the first time the remix is less good than the original?
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Cherry Pie - Warrant 

Cover Artwork Remix of Warrant Cherry Pie Original Cover Artwork of Warrant Cherry Pie A pie, being carried by a busty waitress in roller skates. How do we know it is a Cherry Pie? Because Warrant inform us by picturing s a big cherry at the top of the original album cover artwork. On the remix little has changed, other than that the waitress has dropped the pie, and with it, all her clothes appear to have fallen off too. At least she kept her roller skates on. No good as a waitress though, dropping pies everywhere. Butterfingers!
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Tip Toe - Jason Derulo Featuring French Montana 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jason Derulo Tip Toe Original Cover Artwork of Jason Derulo Tip Toe Today's remix for Tip Toe by Jason Derulo Featuring French Montana, is one of the more subtle ones on AllBum.Art. The original single front cover artwork shows a ballerina standing on her tip toes, and the remix shows the exact same thing. The only difference is the level of zoom. On the original, all we see is the shoes of the dancer. On the remix we can see all the way up her legs and whoops, she has forgotten her ballerina leotard. Embarrassing!
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Hair - Little Mix Featuring Sean Paul 

Cover Artwork Remix of Little Mix Hair Original Cover Artwork of Little Mix Hair When Little Mix Featuring Sean Paul, sing about Hair, then you would expect plenty of hair on the front cover of their single. And in this way, the original artwork doesn't disappoint, as the girls of the band all have plenty of hair. You may be forgiven for thinking that the remix actually has less hair on it, as it actually does. In fact, it may take you a while to find the hair after spotting the long legs and high heels. But it is there. The hair. Observe!
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Get A Leg Up - John Mellencamp 

Cover Artwork Remix of John Mellencamp Get A Leg Up Original Cover Artwork of John Mellencamp Get A Leg Up Get A Leg Up, that is what John Mellencamp is instructing audiences of his song to do. He helps us understand what this involves by singing into a microphone whilst a partially clad babe sits behind him in a room full of paintings. This seems particularly unclear as instructions go. On the remix, a babe shows us how to get a leg up by literally getting a leg up (above her head). No need for all the mess of the original, just a single painting. Erotic!
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Let's Stick Together - Bryan Ferry 

Original Cover Artwork of Bryan Ferry Lets Stick Together Cover Artwork Remix of Bryan Ferry Lets Stick Together Cover Artwork Remix of Bryan Ferry Lets Stick Together
A triple-play from none other than Roxy Music front man Bryan Ferry and his song Let's Stick Together. On the original single front cover artwork we find Mr Ferry standing in front of a microphone, but he does not appear to be stuck to it. On the first remix we find two babes wearing hats, feather boas and high heels and not much else who are close enough together that they may well be stuck. And on the final remix we find two babes who appear to be covered in some kind of glue, and who are clearly sticking together. Wise!
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