Paint Me Down - Spandau Ballet 
Monday, 18 July, 2016, 05:24 - Singles Of The 1980s
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spandau ballet paint me down 2spandau ballet paint me down 1Just because we had a whole week dedicated to Spandau Ballet remixes, doesn't mean there isn't room not to add yet another one. And hence we give you Paint Me Down. We have no idea what the picture on the original cover is meant to be illustrating, but we do know that on the remix is a woman doing some nude modelling for a painting class. Now in this context, painting her down presumably means starting from the top of the canvas. We're no experts, but that's what we would do. Brush!
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Nice - Fat Larry's Band 
Sunday, 17 July, 2016, 05:12 - Singles Of The 1980s
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fat larrys band nice 2fat larrys band nice 1Another remix for Fat Larry's Band, and this time it's Nice! Nice, according to the original cover artwork, infers a bride wearing white lingerie including fishnet tights and high heels. Nice would be a good word to describe that apparition. In the remix nothing much has changed other than that the bride is wearing slightly less but otherwise little is changed. Less of a remix and more of a refresh. How refreshing, hand me a cold beer to make life complete.
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Zoom - Fat Larry's Band 
Saturday, 16 July, 2016, 05:05 - Singles Of The 1980s
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fat larrys band zoom remixfat larrys band zoom 1So what is going on, on the original cover of Zoom by Fat Larry's Band? It seems that there is a babe holding a hack-saw standing amidst a gang of jailbirds, whilst a large guy (Fat Larry himself no doubt) appears to be trying to keep them at bay. The remix is much more zoom-related and has a cute babe holding up the starting flag for a race, as cars zoom past her. Why she would do this naked is not clear, but it probably doesn't need to be, does it? Exhaust!
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I Missed Again - Phil Collins 
Tuesday, 12 July, 2016, 05:14 - Singles Of The 1980s
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phil collins i missed again remixphil collins i missed again 1I Missed Again, or at least that is what Phil Collins tells us. On the original cover artwork, we can see that Mr Collins has indeed missed a little, in that his upper torso is offset from his lower torso. On the remix we find a woman who seems to have been aiming to piss in a pot, but has missed. Presumably she misses often, otherwise she would not have missed again, but just missed for the first time. Perhaps someone could introduce her to a toilet bowl? Panhandler!
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Look Away - Big Country 
Sunday, 10 July, 2016, 05:48 - Singles Of The 1980s
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big country look away remixbig country look away 1Look Away, go on, avert your eyes. Turn the other cheek. Divert your gaze. That is what Big Country would have us do but then again, the original cover of their single is so uninspiring that looking at something else is definitely a better option. On the remix we find a babe strolling along a harbor front wearing nothing at all. Though it is common decency to look away, the guys passing her as she walks seem to have failed to do so. So it's up to you - stop looking. See, difficult isn't it? Leer!
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Doctor Doctor - Thompson Twins 
Thursday, 7 July, 2016, 05:11 - Singles Of The 1980s
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thompson twins doctor doctor 1thompson twins doctor doctor 2
thompson twins doctor doctor rem1xthompson twins doctor doctor rem2x
The first ever AllBum.Art four-play, yes not one, not two but three remixes of the cover of Doctor Doctor by the Thompson Twins. On the original cover we see the band members doing in impersonation of what could only be described as a witchdoctor. On the first remix, we find a babe lying down on the doctor's examination table, taking off her skirt. In the second remix we find a buxom babe who has already taken more than her skirt off - in fact she seems to be wearing nothing more than her high heels. And in the third and final remix we find a busty mature babe whom the doctor seems to be taking more than a professional interest in given the position of the gaze he is giving her. Any of them would be a welcome tonic for anyone feeling off color. Medic!
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Take It To The Top - Kool And The Gang 
Saturday, 2 July, 2016, 05:57 - Singles Of The 1980s
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kool and the gang take it to the top remixkool and the gang take it to the top 1It would seem, from the original cover artwork of Take It To The Top by Kool And The Gang, that what has been taken to the top, is not the band, but the camera that has taken the picture of the band. We know this because of the odd perspective of the photo. In the remix we see a babe who has been instructed to take something to the top of a ladder, and the thing that she has been instructed to take seems to be her panties. Or maybe, she is waving them in front of the band, so that they smile for their photograph. Elevate!
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Looking For Clues - Robert Palmer 
Tuesday, 14 June, 2016, 05:18 - Singles Of The 1980s
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robert palmer looking for clues remixrobert palmer looking for clues 1So Robert Palmer wants us Looking For Clues, does he. Let's take a look at the original single cover artwork and see what we can find. Well, ther's Mr Palmer, standing in the sea, wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt and who seems to be holding something, maybe a book, in his hand. Are we missing anything? What about the remix, what can we see there? A babe, who is wearing high heels and whose panties seem to be caught around her heels. She's also naked otherwise and - ah there's the clue - she isn't as 'she' as she might at first seem. Look for the clues. Seek!
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Leave A Light On - Belinda Carlisle 
Monday, 13 June, 2016, 05:14 - Singles Of The 1980s
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belinda carlisle leave a light on remixbelinda carlisle leave a light on 1Ah, Belinda, Belinda, Belinda. We do not know what Belinda Carlisle was thinking when she put together the cover for her single Leave A Light On, because there is nothing to show what kind of light it is, or whether it's even on or not. And what is it with the centaur in the bottom left hand corner? Anyhow, on the remix we find a babe who has left the light on, a whopping great flood light that is illuminating her body, without which we might never have know that she was only wearing stockings and high heels. Darkness!
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Hourglass - Squeeze 
Wednesday, 1 June, 2016, 05:48 - Singles Of The 1980s
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squeeze hourglass remixsqueeze hourglass 1The totally confusing thing about the original single artwork for Hourglass by Squeeze is that on the front cover the one thing that is completely absent is any sign of anything that resembles an hourglass. Instead there is a badly drawn (or 'artistic' if you will) drawing of what appears to be a mermaid singing into an old 1930s radio microphone. On the remix there is a babe whose figure is all hourglass, no doubt about that. Curvy!
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