Doctor Doctor - Thompson Twins 

Original Cover Artwork of Thompson Twins Doctor Doctor Cover Artwork Remix of Thompson Twins Doctor Doctor
Cover Artwork Remix of Thompson Twins Doctor Doctor Cover Artwork Remix of Thompson Twins Doctor Doctor
The first ever AllBum.Art four-play, yes not one, not two but three remixes of the cover of Doctor Doctor by the Thompson Twins. On the original cover we see the band members doing in impersonation of what could only be described as a witchdoctor. On the first remix, we find a babe lying down on the doctor's examination table, taking off her skirt. In the second remix we find a buxom babe who has already taken more than her skirt off - in fact she seems to be wearing nothing more than her high heels. And in the third and final remix we find a busty mature babe whom the doctor seems to be taking more than a professional interest in given the position of the gaze he is giving her. Any of them would be a welcome tonic for anyone feeling off color. Medic!
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Full Moon - Brandy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Brandy Full Moon Original Cover Artwork of Brandy Full Moon Another in our occasional series of XXX-rated remixes that we like to call 'remi-XXX-es'. Today it is the turn of R&B singer Brandy and her album Full Moon. On the original cover we find a picture of the singer, and of the moon, so a reasonably good score for artistic interpretation. On the remix we find three babes, lit only by moonlight, who are mooning, but instead of just showing their asses, they are conducting a 'full moon' - a full frontal version of the more traditional 'half moon' where only the buttocks are exposed. These three babes are very exposed. Lunar!
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Caught In The Middle - A1 

Cover Artwork Remix of A1 Caught In The Middle Original Cover Artwork of A1 Caught In The Middle A1 are Caught In The Middle, or so they say. But on the cover of their single, it seems that it is some kind of black pole that is caught in the middle of the band, and not the band members that are caught up. On the remix we find a guy who is definitely caught in the middle... of two buxom babes who seem intent on boxing his ears. Boxing, buxom, big-boned babes no less. How he has gotten himself into such a situation or why are not clear, but we wish him well in his endeavors, whatever appertains. Beat!
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Amorica - Black Crowes 

Original Cover Artwork of Black Crowes Amorica Cover Artwork Remix of Black Crowes Amorica Cover Artwork Remix of Black Crowes Amorica
What screams 'Fourth of July' better than Amorica by the Black Crowes. Or more specifically, the nice star spangled banner that adorns the front of the cover of the album. Or even more specifically, the promise of sexy celebrations that lies beneath the flag. Our first remix makes the flag just a little bit smaller, and the promise that much more obvious. On the second remix, the flag-pole seems to have broken somewhere and the promise is there for all to see. Long live Amorica!
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Chooza Looza - Maria Willson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Maria Willson Chooza Looza Original Cover Artwork of Maria Willson Chooza Looza We have no idea what Maria Willson is singing about in her single Chooza Looza. Is it, on the one hand, shorthand for 'choose a loser' meaning that someone has been given a choice but whichever choice they take, will mean they end up with a loser. Or does it mean 'chooser, loser', meaning that it is the person that is doing the choosing that is the loser, rather than the options from which they have to choose. We are very confused and to be fair, the remix doesn't help much, as the guy lying down looks like a bit of a loser, and we're not sure the two babes he has to choose from are winners either. Loss!
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Take It To The Top - Kool And The Gang 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kool And The Gang Take It To The Top Original Cover Artwork of Kool And The Gang Take It To The Top It would seem, from the original cover artwork of Take It To The Top by Kool And The Gang, that what has been taken to the top, is not the band, but the camera that has taken the picture of the band. We know this because of the odd perspective of the photo. In the remix we see a babe who has been instructed to take something to the top of a ladder, and the thing that she has been instructed to take seems to be her panties. Or maybe, she is waving them in front of the band, so that they smile for their photograph. Elevate!
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Sunshine - Gabrielle 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gabrielle Sunshine Original Cover Artwork of Gabrielle Sunshine What better way to start July than with a song about Sunshine, and so we find ourselves remixing a song with just that name by Gabrielle. We struggled with the original cover, to decide whether the odd lighting conditions were caused by sunshine, or whether they were a symptom of a badly set-up camera. The remix does away with all of these questions by showing a hot babe, sizzling in the sunshine. Now why couldn't they have done that in the first place? Initial!
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When You Walk In The Room - The Searchers 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Searchers When You Walk In The Room Original Cover Artwork of The Searchers When You Walk In The Room What happens When You Walk In The Room? According to The Searchers original single cover artwork, it is that everything turns a shade of cyan. Really? Is that the most likely thing to happen? On the remix we see what happens when a babe walks into the room, the jaw of the guy looking at her drops to the floor. Perhaps she should have put some clothes on first? Stroll!

Maggie's Farm - Bob Dylan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bob Dylan Maggies Farm Original Cover Artwork of Bob Dylan Maggies Farm Bob, Bob, Bob... If you are going to sing about Maggie's Farm, at least show us on the original artwork, some idea of what Maggie looks like and what she does on her farm. Sadly it seems that Bob Dylan was more concerned with putting his own face on the front cover of his single. On the remix, we have corrected this omission and you will find that the unique feature of Maggie's farm is that she works largely naked, other than some impractical high heels. And a wheelbarrow. Naturally!
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Everyone's Gone To The Moon - Johnathan King 

Cover Artwork Remix of Johnathan King Everyones Gone To The Moon Original Cover Artwork of Johnathan King Everyones Gone To The Moon Everyone's Gone To The Moon, is what Johnathan King thought. This is perhaps because they were all terribly bored with his original single cover artwork which, though futuristic for the 1960s, does not provide us with any motivation to go to the Moon. On the remix we find a babe who seems to have been left behind as all that remains to be seen is her, and the moon. It seems even her clothes have gone to the moon too. Lunar! banner

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