Garden Party - Marillion 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marillion Garden Party Original Cover Artwork of Marillion Garden Party Let's join Marillion for a Garden Party. All you need to join is a jester's hat, a cucumber, a knife and a cigarillo. Doesn't look like the most enjoyable garden party ever. On the remix we find a babe with some fresh bread and a bottle of wine and some fruit, in a sunny field. Now that's the kind of garden party that we would like to join. The fact that she is in the nude does nothing to spoil the situation. Better be careful with that bottle opener. Basket!
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Murder In High Heels - Kiss 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kiss Murder In High Heels Original Cover Artwork of Kiss Murder In High Heels Murder In High Heels is what Kiss are singing about. And to illustrate what this looks like, we find the band members pulling silly faces on the original single cover artwork. But this is no laughing matter. On the remix is a babe wearing high heeled boots, and who appears to have been doing gun practice, though her protective clothing seems to be wholly inadequate for playing around with guns. She looks the type that could commit murder in high heels though, so beware. Cartons!
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Fly High Michelle - Enuff Z'nuff 

Cover Artwork Remix of Enuff Znuff Fly High Michelle Original Cover Artwork of Enuff Znuff Fly High Michelle Yes. There is nothing that says Fly High Michelle more accurately than the original single front cover artwork which just shows the band members of Enuff Z'nuff in their full, camp, 80s glory. Except, perhaps, the remix which shows a babe (whose name, for the sake of argument, we shall assume is Michelle), sitting at the door of a helicopter which will no doubt take her flying high. She might want to get some more protective clothing though, or, in fact, any clothing at all. Rotor!
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Watching You - Rogue Traders 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rogue Traders Watching You Original Cover Artwork of Rogue Traders Watching You Let's just cut straight to the chase for once, the original single front cover artwork for Watching You by Rogue Traders does not really have anyone to watch, or being watched. That is why the remix changes this as we can see both the watched and the watcher. The watched is a babe posing in nothing but her high heel slingback shoes. The watcher is standing behind her carrying a red rucksack. We're glad that is all sorted out. Spy!
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The Sun And The Rain - Madness 

Cover Artwork Remix of Madness Sun And The Rain Original Cover Artwork of Madness Sun And The Rain The Sun And The Rain. There is an obvious picture that should go with this but somehow Madness failed to notice it, and the original single cover artwork shows neither the sun, nor the rain, just some hastily painted clouds. The remix of the cover has been enhanced with a babe holding an umbrella which, being fair, doesn't show sun or rain either, but it certainly cheers things up so that the weather is somehow far less important. Protection!
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The Higher They Climb - David Cassidy 

Cover Artwork Remix of David Cassidy The Higher They Climb Original Cover Artwork of David Cassidy The Higher They Climb David Cassidy takes us to the star with his album The Higher They Climb (The Harder They Fall). On the original album artwork he illustrates this by being a giant, reaching for a star, standing on top of a group of people. The remix is much easier to understand as a naked babe wearing just her high heels is attempting to climb up some stairs, the hard way (i.e. not using the stairs themselves). She better be careful not to fall into that river behind her. Rail!
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Jump In My Car - David Hasselhoff 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Hoff Jump In My Car Original Cover Artwork of The Hoff Jump In My Car As much of a self publicist as David Hasselhoff is, we can't help but think that he would be cool with the remix of the cover of his 2006 single Jump In My Car. Yes, he is famous for jumping into a car (the camp Kitt) but is probably equally famous for his lethariosity (is that a word?) So having two busty topless chicks fill his tank and then jump into his car would almost certainly go down well with the self styled Hoff. What else might go down is, as many advertisements say, what ever occurs between consenting adults. Bang!
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Hold My Hand - Michael Jackson And Akon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Jackson Hold My Hand Original Cover Artwork of Michael Jackson Hold My Hand There aren't that many singles which are officially labelled as a duet, but this one from the late, great Michael Jackson And Akon falls into that category. Called Hold My Hand, it shows two people holding hands - see what they did there? All that the remix has done is to zoom out a little to see who it is that is doing the hand holding. And wouldn't you know, it appears to be two naked chicks (though the lighting is poor so you have to look hard to spot this).
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Girls Fall Like Dominoes - Nicki Minaj 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nicki Minaj Girls Dominoes Original Cover Artwork of Nicki Minaj Girls Dominoes Two things are true to say. Firstly, most of the covers from Nicki Minaj's singles require no remixing, being about as out-there as anyone else. Secondly, the only reason that the cover of Girls Fall Like Dominoes has been remixed is because in the AllBum.Art office, we stumbled across a picture of an even more scantily clad girl in the same pose and wearing the same colors. Hence the remix was born, though to be fair this is probably one case where the original is better. Still, nice to see a sexy milf in a pink fishnet stockings now and again.
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We Ride - Rihanna 

Original Cover Artwork of Rihanna We Ride Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna We Ride Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna We Ride
The third piece of remixed album artwork for Rihanna and it's a triple-play. We Ride was released in 2006 but was a bit of a flop for Ms Fenty. A lot of the blame for this can probably be laid at the feet of the cover itself. Yes, it is nice to see a picture of Ms Fenty where the only skin on show is that which would even be on show if she was attending church, rather than her usual outfits which are suited only for fetish clubs. The first remix does away with the picture of Ms Fenty altogether and shows 5 girls in the altogether who are clearly of an equestrian disposition. They clearly ride horses but given that they are naked other than some riding boots (and are holding strategically placed riding hats) whether they ride in other ways too seems open to very little debate. The second remix shows three babes riding bikes, whose outfits are only marginally more protective than those of their horse-riding sisters. Neigh!
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