The Sun And The Rain - Madness 

Cover Artwork Remix of Madness Sun And The Rain Original Cover Artwork of Madness Sun And The Rain The Sun And The Rain. There is an obvious picture that should go with this but somehow Madness failed to notice it, and the original single cover artwork shows neither the sun, nor the rain, just some hastily painted clouds. The remix of the cover has been enhanced with a babe holding an umbrella which, being fair, doesn't show sun or rain either, but it certainly cheers things up so that the weather is somehow far less important. Protection!
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Time (Clock Of The Heart) - Culture Club 

Cover Artwork Remix of Culture Club Time Original Cover Artwork of Culture Club Time Yes, you're correct. The original single front cover artwork for Time (Clock Of The Heart) by Culture Club, does show a clock with a heart on it. If that is not enough, it also has the name of the band and the title of the song. A bonus, you might think. The remix, then, does away with just the clock and instead we find a babe sitting on some stairs next to a clock. Did you spot the change of time? Alarm!

Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joe Jackson Steppin Out Original Cover Artwork of Joe Jackson Steppin Out Let's go Steppin' Out with Joe Jackson. On the original single front cover artwork we find Mr Jackson standing around holding his hand horizontally at chest level. Not quite sure what that has to do with steppin' or out, but that's the 80s for you. On the remix we find a babe steppin' out on a street. Her outfit seems to consist of her high heel shoes, a bow tie and collar, some panties and a coat. Not the most sensible steppin' outfit. Boulevard!
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Bermuda Triangle - Barry Manilow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Barry Manilow Bermuda Triangle Original Cover Artwork of Barry Manilow Bermuda Triangle Mythologically speaking, in the Bermuda Triangle, things disappear. That's the general thrust of this 1980s song by Barry Manilow. On the cover, though, the only thing that has clearly disappeared is Mr Manilow's fashion sense. What would be more convincing would be to see a familiar Bermudan view but with something having obviously disappeared. On the remix Mr Manilow has disappeared but so, it seems, have all the bikinis being worn by a triangle of Mr Manilow's fans. It is not possible to see whether there are other triangles which have disappered too, though it appears that some may have.
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It's Raining Again - Supertramp 

Cover Artwork Remix of Supertramp Raining Again Original Cover Artwork of Supertramp Raining Again With summer here, what better time than to focus on songs about rain! This 1982 song from Supertramp declares that It's Raining Again. The cover of the single, however, has to rate as a 'fail'. Not only is the band not visible, but the only thing to suggest any kind of rain is a picture of a hat. A hat, what about that? Not a cat, in a hat, but a hat, on it's own. All alone. So it's been remixed with a more rainy outlook. Sat, without a hat, is a cat (of a pussy kind).
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Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eurythmics Here Comes Rain Original Cover Artwork of Eurythmics Here Comes Rain There is no particular reason for having a bit of a run on Eurythmics songs other than they make good subjects for remixes. Here Comes The Rain Again is another melancholy performance from the band with a cover which is equally lugubrious, showing the band members sitting looking at a brown wall. No rain though - which is odd. That's why it's been remixed to show the rain, that's come again. And a girl, who seems to be enjoying it. Not so dreary after all, eh?

There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) - Eurythmics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eurythmics Angel Playing Original Cover Artwork of Eurythmics Angel Playing There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) was a top chart pop hit for British band Eurythmics in the mid 1980s. In those halcyon days, the art of producing appropriate (or inappropriate) single covers had not been perfected and we therefore see on the cover, an angel flying through the sky pushing a heart along for the journey. But is that my heart she is playing with? No, it's any old heart. The remix shows an angel that could definitely play with your heart if you let her: But Don't! She is much more dangerous than her appearance let's on.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Boys Town Gang 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boys Town Gang Eyes Original Cover Artwork of Boys Town Gang Eyes This version of Can't Take My Eyes Off You is a 1980s remake of the classic Frankie Valli song of the 1960s by 'Cisco disco dudes Boys Town Gang. But, yuk, what a single cover. The gang seem to be car mechanics and it is completely unclear why anyone would be unable to take their eyes off them, except, perhaps, members of the Village People. The remixed cover keeps the urban garage scene of the original, but replaces the oily dudes with some freaky femmes. Look closely and you will find many things that will draw you in to the remixed album art. Now, can you keep your eyes off it?

Dancing Tight - Galaxy Featuring Phil Fearon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Galaxy Dancing Tight Original Cover Artwork of Galaxy Dancing Tight Dancing Tight. What does the title of this 1983 single by Galaxy Featuring Phil Fearon bring to mind? Well, a babe in a tight fitting outfit dancing perhaps. No, that's not what Mr Fearon had in mind, instead a picture of him star jumping in a silly 1980s outfit. So we replaced Mr Fearon with Ms Tied-Up-And-Naked. Still no dancing or tight outfits but does that really matter after all?
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(Let's Get) Physical - Olivia Newton-John 

Cover Artwork Remix of Olivia Physical Original Cover Artwork of Olivia Physical At the time of it's release, Olivia Newton-John's single and video for the song (Let's Get) Physical was seen as pretty edgy. Some radio stations even banned it. Of course today, it is pretty tame. So we've edged it up a little and replaced the picture of the tame Ms Newton-John with a whole load of pretty girls getting physical. Why they are doing this in the nude is anyone's guess, but our good fortune.
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