Hold My Hand - Michael Jackson And Akon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Jackson Hold My Hand Original Cover Artwork of Michael Jackson Hold My Hand There aren't that many singles which are officially labelled as a duet, but this one from the late, great Michael Jackson And Akon falls into that category. Called Hold My Hand, it shows two people holding hands - see what they did there? All that the remix has done is to zoom out a little to see who it is that is doing the hand holding. And wouldn't you know, it appears to be two naked chicks (though the lighting is poor so you have to look hard to spot this).
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Girls Fall Like Dominoes - Nicki Minaj 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nicki Minaj Girls Dominoes Original Cover Artwork of Nicki Minaj Girls Dominoes Two things are true to say. Firstly, most of the covers from Nicki Minaj's singles require no remixing, being about as out-there as anyone else. Secondly, the only reason that the cover of Girls Fall Like Dominoes has been remixed is because in the AllBum.Art office, we stumbled across a picture of an even more scantily clad girl in the same pose and wearing the same colors. Hence the remix was born, though to be fair this is probably one case where the original is better. Still, nice to see a sexy milf in a pink fishnet stockings now and again.
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We Ride - Rihanna 

Original Cover Artwork of Rihanna We Ride Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna We Ride Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna We Ride
The third piece of remixed album artwork for Rihanna and it's a triple-play. We Ride was released in 2006 but was a bit of a flop for Ms Fenty. A lot of the blame for this can probably be laid at the feet of the cover itself. Yes, it is nice to see a picture of Ms Fenty where the only skin on show is that which would even be on show if she was attending church, rather than her usual outfits which are suited only for fetish clubs. The first remix does away with the picture of Ms Fenty altogether and shows 5 girls in the altogether who are clearly of an equestrian disposition. They clearly ride horses but given that they are naked other than some riding boots (and are holding strategically placed riding hats) whether they ride in other ways too seems open to very little debate. The second remix shows three babes riding bikes, whose outfits are only marginally more protective than those of their horse-riding sisters. Neigh!
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Beautiful Monster - Ne-Yo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ne Yo Beautiful Monster Original Cover Artwork of Ne Yo Beautiful Monster The only thing that can be deduced from the cover of Ne-Yo's 2010 single Beautiful Monster is that Mr Smith (a.k.a. Ne-Yo) believes that it is more important to see his pouting face on the cover of the single than a close up of the monster about which he is singing. Thankfully, we have managed to get hold of a close-up of the particular monster about who Mr Smith is singing and remixed the cover for you. Unfortunately we have had to lose the image of Mr Smith himself, but this is an acceptable collateral loss.
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Time (Clock Of The Heart) - Culture Club 

Cover Artwork Remix of Culture Club Time Original Cover Artwork of Culture Club Time Yes, you're correct. The original single front cover artwork for Time (Clock Of The Heart) by Culture Club, does show a clock with a heart on it. If that is not enough, it also has the name of the band and the title of the song. A bonus, you might think. The remix, then, does away with just the clock and instead we find a babe sitting on some stairs next to a clock. Did you spot the change of time? Alarm!

In Da Club - 50 Cent 

Cover Artwork Remix of 50 Cent In Da Club Original Cover Artwork of 50 Cent In Da Club In 2003 when 50 Cent released In Da Club, his first single, Mr Jackson (for that is his real name) was not that well known. Now we know him well for his hard hittin' hip-rap-hop blend of musings (for that is how we describe it). The thing is, the cover of the single for In Da Club (for that is how it is misspelled) has had the club itself airbrushed out. Thankfully the original cover still exists and in it we can see why Mr Jackson is so interested in 'da' club. It has a naked chick dancing in it (for that is what she is wearing).
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It's Different For Girls - Joe Jackson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joe Jackson Its Different For Girls Original Cover Artwork of Joe Jackson Its Different For Girls Continuing the remixes for Joe Jackson, today we discover that It's Different For Girls. Based on the original single front cover artwork, what's different is some slimy dude smoking a cigarette and looking altogether dodgy. On the remix is a girl for whom it is different. You have to examine her curves carefully to notice the difference, when you will discover what it is that is differentiates her from other girls who may not be quite so different. And it's not her earrings. Fake!

Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joe Jackson Steppin Out Original Cover Artwork of Joe Jackson Steppin Out Let's go Steppin' Out with Joe Jackson. On the original single front cover artwork we find Mr Jackson standing around holding his hand horizontally at chest level. Not quite sure what that has to do with steppin' or out, but that's the 80s for you. On the remix we find a babe steppin' out on a street. Her outfit seems to consist of her high heel shoes, a bow tie and collar, some panties and a coat. Not the most sensible steppin' outfit. Boulevard!
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Bermuda Triangle - Barry Manilow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Barry Manilow Bermuda Triangle Original Cover Artwork of Barry Manilow Bermuda Triangle Mythologically speaking, in the Bermuda Triangle, things disappear. That's the general thrust of this 1980s song by Barry Manilow. On the cover, though, the only thing that has clearly disappeared is Mr Manilow's fashion sense. What would be more convincing would be to see a familiar Bermudan view but with something having obviously disappeared. On the remix Mr Manilow has disappeared but so, it seems, have all the bikinis being worn by a triangle of Mr Manilow's fans. It is not possible to see whether there are other triangles which have disappered too, though it appears that some may have.
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It's Raining Again - Supertramp 

Cover Artwork Remix of Supertramp Raining Again Original Cover Artwork of Supertramp Raining Again With summer here, what better time than to focus on songs about rain! This 1982 song from Supertramp declares that It's Raining Again. The cover of the single, however, has to rate as a 'fail'. Not only is the band not visible, but the only thing to suggest any kind of rain is a picture of a hat. A hat, what about that? Not a cat, in a hat, but a hat, on it's own. All alone. So it's been remixed with a more rainy outlook. Sat, without a hat, is a cat (of a pussy kind).
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